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  1. Great Job on the build and the weathering. Really like the outcome and certainly not over done.
  2. I see, apologies for misunderstanding. The neoprene I have is a little too thick for my requirements but I can see how this would certainly aid any future plans.
  3. The mainline track here is raised and has a very visible shoulder so I am using the cork to lift the mainline and to provide the shouldering. The neoprene is too thick to do this alone but would also mean the yards would transfer a lot of noise when. I Alison plan to 'plant' all of my building structures so the neoprene can provide this base with ease. This is why I have covered the entire baseboard.
  4. It has been a while since I last updated this site although I have not put down this thinking cap nor the scalpel and file. I have been researching the glue issue for holding the cork to the neoprene as it would be pointless to have such a good noise reducing layer only to be negated through using the wrong type of glue to hold down the cork/track. For some reason a spray formula came into my head, reducing the risk of a lump or two as well as time saving and better, more even coverage. I have come up with a neoprene based spray adhesive, in the hope it will not react with the neoprene base layer. https://www.diy.com/departments/diall-general-purpose-spray-adhesive-500ml/3663602709350_BQ.prd Careful reading is required for the sprays as I discovered some are a foam based type rather than the more liquid spray. The one I have chosen when tested it sprayed like very sticky cobwebs, slightly yellow in colour changing to translucent. The dried glue seems to have slightly elastic qualities and in my uneducated mind this will help with the sound reducing properties. On testing it works very well although sticks firm very quickly, like a grab adhesive. I have left it over night to check on reactions seems to have worked a treat. Will proceed with this for the cork layer and the track as well although this stage and the entire project is now under severe threat! The loft space has been viewed as being a potential room conversion! Now although this initially sounds brilliant (which it could be) It will mean the destruction of all that has been built thus far as I never intended for the layout to be removable nor mobile. As you will have seen the construction was more of a build the space rather than build into the space. Additionally to convert the loft into a room just for my pleasure seems very selfish and hedonistic as well as wasteful to the existing layout, although deep down I would love it. Some serious negotiations will be required, more serious and on a much higher level than those insignificant 'Brexit' discussions as well as having to be concluded in a much tighter time scale. Anyway along with the two wagons and the recovery paint job I now have a warflat on my work bench! This one is from Matador Models and has been good fun to put together just need to work out the D links for load chaining as I have Cromwell tanks for loads but also hope to have these removable. Another 4 flats ordered to complete a five wagon train that I have found hauled out of Calne.
  5. Wow this loco is proving a real labour of love but your efforts are really coming to fruition as you have a beautifully finished loco. Fantastic work Mikkel.
  6. The same primer from the same spray can in the same environment with similar (if not the same) angles gave me this. Well not exactly the finish I was hoping for however it has worked somewhat and once final livery is applied it may not be noticeable at all, we'll see. First time right for these two wagons. The spray can is faulty though so it will have to go as I primed myself a number of times this afternoon as well as those wagons and loco.
  7. Thanks Mikkel have got it patch stripped back and hopefully the respray will work rather than having to take it all back like you had to. I'll pop the result on my thread so not to highjack your blog. I have had that loco for a number of years. Originally purchased as a 'to complete' project but only just started. Luckily (or not depends how you view things) the only other half finished project in the bottom drawer is a twin railcar set with the additional middle coach. The project is not so much the build but the incorporation on appropriately sized, directly lighting for the cabs. Another skill set to learn, lol. The hobby just keeps giving.
  8. Been a little distracted from the layout in recent weeks whilst thinking about what glues to use for the track, track bed and ballasting, still thinking but in the meantime the Beast from the West has had a little more work completed on her; Ready for priming although a little nervous now as this happened at the weekend ; Currently stripped back a little and rubbed down ready for a patch of primer to (hopefully) cure the problem. Respray today, fingers crossed!
  9. Hi Mikkel, Sorry to hear of your problem but an excellent and well controlled fix. Ironically after reading this blog I primed a bottom draw find and only have this happen! This is primer from a spray can. I had previously cleaned the loco. The only thing I can think of that is different to my normal spraying conditions is slightly cooler, but not cold, weather and possibly spraying further than usual but again nothing of any great distance. Maybe I did not shake the can as much as I should have. I am think about using some stripper for plastics on the effected areas and then respraying to see what happens. Great modelling as always.
  10. I have also tried many types including blue top Gorilla but none have had great self life or really been good enough consistently to recommend until I discovered Powerbond glue. This has been in used well for many purposes (including fixing the the get on the rubbish bin) and has l lived for 2.5 years in the fridge, with a plastic film between screw cap and bottle as recommended by the vendor. Top glue in my option and exceedingly strong. Applied with a cocktail stick or directly from the bottle, depending on the task in hand.
  11. Nice job, excellent spacing between upright supports as well.
  12. Many Happy Returns Tony, hope you have a lovely meal.
  13. Excellent build and step by step direction. Very helpful thank you.
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