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  1. Thanks. Appears my order of 'current' kits will not be fulfilled. Thanks another waste of a half executed project and those already purchased items ready for the wagons.
  2. Does anyone know if Matador Models is still supplying please? http://www.matadormodels.co.uk/ Their website suggests they are and attending shows but having placed an order and them not having any forms of contact other than post I am unable to follow up. Just seeing if anyone else had any recent contact/orders. Thank you for your time.
  3. Wow how long is that fence! There's some other serious products available at Fawley, lol.
  4. Excellent, thank you will hopefully finish my Matador kit.
  5. Mikkel - Your wish is my command lol; https://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/topic/150484-chippenham-my-work-bench/
  6. With the suspension of the Chippenham Mainline Layout Project; the link is in my signature bar below, I figured, for those who have an interest, I would start a 'work bench' topic to run along side or at least in replacement of, whilst the future of the layout project is debated. There have been a number of specific projects but also a considerable number of general kit building exercises. These have been documented, flirtingly, through the existing Chippenham thread but maybe we can discuss and evaluate in more depth here. I will have a variety of kit types and from varying eras, so maybe something for most Great Western fans/modellers. Please do comment, message if you prefer not to post, I will not be offended as I like to get things modelled as accurately as possible. Additionally and more importantly I would like this thread to develop and expand to aid other modellers with ideas and references/links to smaller suppliers; for those specific and more detailed parts required to make the model that little bit more realistic that are not available in general model shops. I, as many I am sure, have found modelling at times quite frustrating, not knowing where to get some small detailing part or a replacement etch as well as not being able to just pop out and get a pot of paint as our disappearing supply shops dwindle. I do intend featuring both plastic and metal (brass and white metal) kits as well as scratch construction for the buildings associated to my dream project. I have completed a substantial amount of historical research regarding the station and surrounding buildings and acquired a number of books/photographs. The local History Centre has provided me with the sight of some plans drawn up by Swindon Drawing Office so I have near accurate dimensions that I scaled to 4mm, (ish, I am not very good at modelling but like to get things as detailed and accurate as possible). Here's a couple of pictures of my latest kits finalised as far as possible before sourcing transfers for the wagon and thus completing the weathering. As I mentioned before I have a variety of models belong to a wide time frame; This will make up a five wagon train that was picture travelling from Calne to Chippenham. These are the subsequent building exercises that need completing with transfers and then weathered and a couple of loco projects (the Beast and a bottom drawer find); These will need completing with the same shackles and chain as featured on the War Well (thanks to Castle for the pointer on them); Oh and transfers many of you will know me from my previous threads and my despise for applying transfers. It is my least favourite thing of this hobby (including ballasting), followed very quickly after by painting. Well I hope you enjoy and find the entries useful and/or interesting. I will try to put the posts frequent but please do not be put off by a lack of daily updates as I am a very slow modeller and I am even worse with the computer.
  7. Hi Callum, Your weathering is fantastic what methods do you use please. I see you have the citadel wash, do you use a 'dulling' varnish after as I know these can be quite shiny? Thanks for any advice.
  8. Morning, nice set of pictures. Happy Christmas and Happy New Year. Best wishes.
  9. Happy Christmas and best wishes for the New Year. Thank you for sharing your builds and projects.
  10. No46

    Little Muddle

    Happy Christmas and Merry New Year. Thank you for sharing your lovely layout and fantastic pictures as well as being a source of inspiration over the year.
  11. And to you Sir have a fantastic festive period and beyond.
  12. Sadly not yet, still waiting but Santa said I have been naughty so don't think they will appear. Hope you have been a good boy and can delight us with more exceptional modelling in the New Year.
  13. Brilliant thread Castle, thank you for sharing. Fantastic modelling and interesting story telling. Also thank you for the notes for various products and suppliers, a gold mine of help and reference.
  14. Awesome. A wonderful selection of vehicles with fantastic details and painting. Thank you for sharing your builds, knowledge and skills. Happy Christmas to you and your family Mikkel. Happy modelling in 2020.
  15. Update; Full suspension of the layout build as it is becoming more likely that the layout will have to be dismantled for a loft conversion annoying however in the long term could be something brilliant (somewhat selfish I know). Does mean that my backbench can be cleared of those midpoint builds. I tried finishing off the painting of the beast and a couple of wagons with Rail Match rattle can paint and all failed. The connection between the can and plastic nozzle appeared to be misaligned or broken. Having had one squirt in my face whilst trying to find out why it was not working I decided to stay well clear and unfortunately had to waste the new a fly full cans of paint. Won't be buying any more of those! So looks like I will not be updating this thread for a while unless I start on the main station buildings in preparation for the restart. There is a possibility of starting a work bench thread as there are still plenty of kits to build especially as I have ordered some more war flats from Matador Models (I think they are still trading!). Wishing everyone Happy Christmas Modelling and thank you for your interests and comments on my threads. Be back soon.
  16. Great Job on the build and the weathering. Really like the outcome and certainly not over done.
  17. I see, apologies for misunderstanding. The neoprene I have is a little too thick for my requirements but I can see how this would certainly aid any future plans.
  18. The mainline track here is raised and has a very visible shoulder so I am using the cork to lift the mainline and to provide the shouldering. The neoprene is too thick to do this alone but would also mean the yards would transfer a lot of noise when. I Alison plan to 'plant' all of my building structures so the neoprene can provide this base with ease. This is why I have covered the entire baseboard.
  19. It has been a while since I last updated this site although I have not put down this thinking cap nor the scalpel and file. I have been researching the glue issue for holding the cork to the neoprene as it would be pointless to have such a good noise reducing layer only to be negated through using the wrong type of glue to hold down the cork/track. For some reason a spray formula came into my head, reducing the risk of a lump or two as well as time saving and better, more even coverage. I have come up with a neoprene based spray adhesive, in the hope it will not react with the neoprene base layer. https://www.diy.com/departments/diall-general-purpose-spray-adhesive-500ml/3663602709350_BQ.prd Careful reading is required for the sprays as I discovered some are a foam based type rather than the more liquid spray. The one I have chosen when tested it sprayed like very sticky cobwebs, slightly yellow in colour changing to translucent. The dried glue seems to have slightly elastic qualities and in my uneducated mind this will help with the sound reducing properties. On testing it works very well although sticks firm very quickly, like a grab adhesive. I have left it over night to check on reactions seems to have worked a treat. Will proceed with this for the cork layer and the track as well although this stage and the entire project is now under severe threat! The loft space has been viewed as being a potential room conversion! Now although this initially sounds brilliant (which it could be) It will mean the destruction of all that has been built thus far as I never intended for the layout to be removable nor mobile. As you will have seen the construction was more of a build the space rather than build into the space. Additionally to convert the loft into a room just for my pleasure seems very selfish and hedonistic as well as wasteful to the existing layout, although deep down I would love it. Some serious negotiations will be required, more serious and on a much higher level than those insignificant 'Brexit' discussions as well as having to be concluded in a much tighter time scale. Anyway along with the two wagons and the recovery paint job I now have a warflat on my work bench! This one is from Matador Models and has been good fun to put together just need to work out the D links for load chaining as I have Cromwell tanks for loads but also hope to have these removable. Another 4 flats ordered to complete a five wagon train that I have found hauled out of Calne.
  20. Wow this loco is proving a real labour of love but your efforts are really coming to fruition as you have a beautifully finished loco. Fantastic work Mikkel.
  21. The same primer from the same spray can in the same environment with similar (if not the same) angles gave me this. Well not exactly the finish I was hoping for however it has worked somewhat and once final livery is applied it may not be noticeable at all, we'll see. First time right for these two wagons. The spray can is faulty though so it will have to go as I primed myself a number of times this afternoon as well as those wagons and loco.
  22. Thanks Mikkel have got it patch stripped back and hopefully the respray will work rather than having to take it all back like you had to. I'll pop the result on my thread so not to highjack your blog. I have had that loco for a number of years. Originally purchased as a 'to complete' project but only just started. Luckily (or not depends how you view things) the only other half finished project in the bottom drawer is a twin railcar set with the additional middle coach. The project is not so much the build but the incorporation on appropriately sized, directly lighting for the cabs. Another skill set to learn, lol. The hobby just keeps giving.
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