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  1. @Compound2632 thank you for your comments. Thank you for the numbers very much appreciate it I have plucked some from the Atkins I am after pictorially recorded wagons in particular as my original brief is to model definite service numbers then if not possible to use randoms from the series.
  2. @MrWolf no not at all, no hijack just really pleased to share the thread, this is exactly what I was hoping for thread that others would join in.
  3. And boom here it is.......................................................... A cheeky little one planker that will be in GWR red to go with the others, just to make @Mikkel smile and to go with the two new cattle wagon kits that are on the way. I plan them to be red as well. That should finish a nice little train, although I will have to make up a short toad at some point to properly finish.
  4. @AlfaZagato Thank you. I am hoping they build nicely but they are on the shelf at the moment as I need to touch base again with railway items. Whilst waiting for paint to dry got brave and finished the transfers for the Devonport military wagons. Happy with the results a little weather (long time later than now) will help no end. Oh and left with this after the Cyclops build. I have some buts to finish of the crane body to make and the job parts with be required but for the sprues who knows what to do?..........................................
  5. Last chance to view all the additional pieces to create the loco before primer coat. Additional detailing added all using plasticard this time. Rivets details on. Will add the copper top, safety valve, whistles and cab glass once finished in black.
  6. @AlfaZagato I had investigated a colour match from the 'Air' range directly against Railmatch Loco Green in the bottle without finding even a close match. I feel the 'Colour' range will probably best suit but may still need a mix and of course will need thinning if spraying. I am still looking though when I have access to shops as I prefer to spray ready prepared colour, my colour mixing (I feel) varies too much.
  7. Yes. I think the tool box on the shunters wagons are deeper than the Cambrian one as there are two on the single wagon. Careful cutting means you can keep the strapping on all four sides. Remember though the prototype had a metal tool box I am using the wooden one to produce slightly different minor details one to my previous build, so if I keep it I do not end up with double vision.
  8. Thank you. Not that brave I have a stash of Archers mixed rivet transfers.
  9. @MrWolf the pony is a Cambrian C37 Gloucester Bogie kit. I have left most of the parts off and made my own. Rivets now added and waiting finish spraying. Looks better when completely finished, honest. As for the loco itself coming on nicely. Footplate extension now firmly in place, rivets added and coal bunkers installed. Surprised myself by creating the rounded corner and making the nice fluted lip. Not that it will be noticed once complete and painted. Need to drill out holes near the cab for the brass whistles but other than that re
  10. You could compromise and tie the trees up with wire
  11. Welcome to rmweb . Interesting plan, good luck with your project . I am sure you will have many supportive followers that can assist with the odd dilemma, as you have, thanks .
  12. No just mainly from memory of my previous Hercules build. The pony is a Cambrian diamond body with extra plasticard to form the reinforcing plates. I used pictures from Russell books for the Hercules tank build.
  13. Getting closer. Most of the major construction complete so just some details to add to the loco and then the crane element, oh and rivets! May even get it finished before the plates arrive. One of my favorite jobs is handrails or (to come later) guard and guide rails
  14. here we go a little more bashing and bodging and it is taking shape, possibly. not fixed as yet to ensure crane location is at it's easiest whilst allowing to add the internal coal bunkers and details.
  15. Some progress today. I had forgotten how fiddley the Cambrian travelling crane kit is and I'm not even making the whole thing. Junior has been in action again! Chassis reduction to accommodate the rear bogie. Surprising how an afternoons work appears so little when captured in a picture. How to attach both the bogie and the crane so they clear everything and any opportune is always an area that needs a lot of consideration so that is what I will be doing for a while as the filler for the dome area and roof harden off. For your consideration and comments as always; (picture a little
  16. Thank you, I think the dome removal was more luck than judgement though. Used a junior hacksaw slowly. @Mikkel Shhhhhhhhhhh its a secret. Don't tell anyone but I am thinking bash building another pannier crane tank.
  17. So the plan was for the pannier to be my stealth project with potential for selling rather than building for myself but I am enjoying it more than I anticipated so we'll see. Besides the nickname of stealth is more inline with streamlining anyway. Switch it around. Progress is steady; Pannier now 'naked' readying for filler. Handrails removed, various detail fixtures removed, transfers removed and rear buffer cut away. Cab windows cut and filed square rather than round. All removed items have been salvaged as best as possible, just incase another project calls. Although preformed h
  18. Don't forget the bash stuff as well that is especially good.
  19. Few hours later we have a nice little 1907 Gloucester type 15' WB 6.5 plank open wagon from Cambrian complete with aquarium plant weight for added weight. The body is still separate from the wheelbase for ease of painting. Lovely casting details inside the wagon. I have another kit and two for the 16' so may put these into service next year .
  20. Of course I will be finishing the male and female Mk IV heavy tanks as well
  21. Finally plucked the courage to complete the WW1 Whippet tank transfers (Firefly and Fanny Adams). I say this only as the red and white markings are complete single transfers and was for me a little daunting as if it is wrong the whole job is ruined. I think I got away with it and very pleased with the overall job. Plenty of Microsol to soften the large transfers helped a great deal. The transfers supplied I feel are a little over scale but I have nothing else and after some inking they have settle in nicely. Well at least to my uneducated eyes. Sadly the light has reduced the actual depth of s
  22. Nice work Chris looking really good.
  23. I have used the same method as @Ben Alder works a treat. When I ran out of wine I used kitchen foil and foil sweet wrappers (Christmas sweets). Kitchen foil can also be used for representing very thin sheets of metal, if you are very careful and don't need them in high traffic areas. The painting is key though.
  24. Your first was excellent. Keep well and warm, best have a wee dram to ensure full recovery.
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