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  1. My first DCC sound fitted loco's arrived recently - the recently released class 31 in green and the 8F late crest. I'm blown away by the addition of sound even though I'm only running them on DC on a test loop of track. Both loco's are silky smooth at slow running straight out of the box. However, I've noticed that my 8F is behaving like it has 2 and a 1/2 cylinders and I'm getting 5 beats per revolution and so it sounds like it's running faster than it actually is. I'm not complaining, just an observation, and it doesn't worry me as I plan on running them on DCC to get the full benefit o
  2. I’ve just been out for my first cycle ride for 2021 on New Years Day. My ride takes me along the Booralong Road which runs virtually parallel to the Great Northern Rail line for the first 8 miles or so north of Armidale. First stop was at the rail crossing at Waraine Road 7.5miles out of Armidale, looking East back to Armidale: Not much to see here as the line is so overgrown but you may just be able to make out the tops of the rails. Then looking west toward Black Mountain and Guyra: You can just make out the cutting between the line of trees.
  3. Hi Laurence, Thanks for sharing your video of the abandoned Great Northern Rail line. I actually live in Armidale, the last open station on the the line, but often pass many of these locations when cycling (Dumaresq Station being very local on my regular cycling route) or when journeying North to Queensland. I always look at the line with sadness when I think of its abandonment but in reality I think it would need too much of an upgrade to be a realistic option of reopening the line - the whole line of track and every bridge would need to be replaced and I’m not sure tha
  4. What a lovely looking layout! This is the first time I’ve come across it, don’t know why I haven’t seen it before now? Great work on the scenery and especially the Loch. It looks very interesting to operate too. regards Hector
  5. Hi JimSan, Nice video explaining your plans. While it will be nice seeing your trains run through a nice country setting will it not be operationally limiting doing away with the fiddle/storage sidings? Just wondering how many trains you intend to run on it? Regards Hector P.S. Jeez, you’re putting that poor little loco through its paces - can you slow it down a bit?
  6. Hi Michael, What a great idea for a layout! Love your work on the tunnels, bridge and viaduct. Some very neat looking work there. What plans do you have for the station end? Regards Hector
  7. Hi Fezza, Thanks for your comments. Is your modern 1990s GCR version a layout in progress? I’ve had a look around but I can’t find it. Or is this just an idea that you’re toying with at this stage? Regards Hector
  8. Hi andyb, Although I have not yet commented on your Charwelton - into the 80’s layout rest assured I’ve been following the updates with interest! An interesting concept for sure. I’m still not sure about the demolition and simplification of the station buildings but that’s modernisation and progress I suppose! Best regards Hector
  9. I agree Pete, I never realised how satisfying it is to build something from scratch until I gave it a go. A laser cutter and 3D printing certainly would make things easier for me and enable my building to be somewhat more accurate and a lot neater. For the time being I’ll have to settle on my faithful scalpel and ruler! I’m not sure I have the patience though to build my structures a second time even if I have learnt lessons along the way! Time will tell. Regards Hector
  10. Hi Richard, I’m surprised I haven’t come across your Dettingen before now until you replied to my post on my own layout, it being GCR and all. I’ve just read the first 10 pages (might take me a while to read the other 53 pages)! - and I really admire your scratchbuilding of your buildings - I wish I could get as much accuracy and detail into my 2mm buildings. I also really admire your scratchbuilding and kitbuilding of your wagons and locos. This is something I’ll have to tackle once my buildings are complete as I have a K3 kit waiting to be built onto a Farish V2 chassis for my
  11. For the benefit of those who may not be following my topic on the Layouts section, here’s a few picks of my latest efforts, the Charwelton (N) platform canopy. More pics and descriptions on my Construction link below: A quick mock-up to see how it looks on the platform: And here’s the original: Regards Hector
  12. I agree, your buildings are extraordinary Grahame. Well done. I am very envious of your building skills in such a small scale! Regards Hector
  13. OK so, having procrastinated for several months for fear of possibly undoing all the good work I did on the booking office, I thought I’d use the many hours being spent at home during lockdown to get on with the platform canopy. The roof has utilised Scalescenes asbestos sheet paper while the ornate supporting brackets are from a Ratio platform canopy kit which was purchased purely for the brackets only. Bear in mind that these are extreme close up shots, which can highlight the minutest of errors but from normal viewing distances these are not noticeable. The booking office is only 32mm wide
  14. When laying my curves I used a 3rd radius Tracksetta to get the inside curve laid to ensure a smooth curve. As there was no 4th radius tracksetta in my pack I then ‘borrowed’ some of the kids 4-stud square LEGO bricks and butted them up against the outside sleeper edge to act as spacers. It was then an easy job to bend the outside curve round the bricks to get the perfect gap for N-gauge, ensuring a smooth curve and that even with mk3 coaches they wouldn’t bash together when passing on the curves. I dare say a similar packing item could be found for 00? regards Hector
  15. Here's the latest construction for my Charwelton in 'N' station buildings. Ignore the roof, it's only temporary while I build the platform canopy. It also needs the capping stones at the top of the end walls after the canopy has been added: Hopefully, anyone who's been to the preserved section of the GCR, partcularly at Quorn or Rothley stations will recognise this building, but just in case you don't here's a link to a picture of the real thing circa 1951. Hector
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