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  1. Very sorry you've got a belly full.
  2. Any news on Derby Model Railway Exhibition - 9th & 10th May 2020?
  3. Interesting track plan. What's the large rectangle at the far right?
  4. Mookie

    Bachmann G2A

    I've been researching the LNWR 0-8-0s and was looking at the Bachmann's G2A. Apart from the increased boiler pressure of the G2A, is there any significant exterior difference between the G2A and G2? I was interested in just changing the decals of the G2A to make it a G2. Kind regards, Mookie
  5. The person I would contact is Michael Hoskin, of The Churchill (8F) Locomotive Company (45160). What he doesn't know about 8Fs isn't worth knowing about. He was involved with the repatriation of the two 8Fs from Turkey, subject of an episode of the documentary television series Monster Moves in 2011. I think he might be involved as a key member of the Vale of Berkeley railway. Might be worth contacting them for contact details. Kind regards, Mookie.
  6. There was a great little article on how someone had converted a LMS brake and composite coach into a push and pull coach. Shame it wasn't a detailed 'how to', as I would of bought a copy.
  7. Not at the moment. it's on the back burner. But I will pick it up one day.
  8. Brilliant! I have about 6 of these waiting in the wings. So I'll be following this blog with great interest.
  9. Just listened to Episode 5 – Brilliant. I know little of LNER engineering, apart from the famous locomotives of Gresley. And I, like so many, believed that Thompson was the villain. Especially after seeing Tony Wrights BRM review of the Hornby P2 . A great Youtube listen. Kind regards, Mookie.
  10. Love those Birmingham New Street and International photos. Apart of my old stomping ground, in my day. Never seen an 86 double header though. Thanks.
  11. Hello Mikkel, A great layout. Looking forward to reading the rest of your blog. Is there a reason you positioned Farthing where it is? Judging from it's location on the map, it positioned around Patney and Chirton station, on the Stert and Westbury Railway. Kind regards, Mookie.
  12. Hello Mike, I've photographed the instructions to give you an idea on how easy it is to use and maintain. Unlike tradition airbrushes, the needle is only in the tip. You can change to ends, for different tasks and as you may see from the instructions, you can drop them in cleaning fluid with the different size reservoirs/cups. I don't expect to you to read the small print. I purchased all this kit just under 30 years ago as an graphic art student. I was into Photorealism and wanted to spray a underwater mural on my bedroom wall. Which I never finished. Still I did do a collage project, which was marked 99%, with the quote from the lecturer "Could of done better". After that, along can Apple Mac computers and the airbrush was put away… until now. It's so good to get it out again and put it to some use. Kind regards, Mookie.
  13. Started on applying the sleeper Grime, used my Aztek airbrush. Much easier to use and clean than traditional airbrush, with it's large detachable reservoir. I might need to apply an other coat, then spray the other two boards.
  14. I like the Sprat & Winkle couplings, but I've opted for the bulky Kadees at the moment, just for convenience. I'd be interested to know what wheels you use on your rolling stock. As I suppose you have magnets under the tracks. I find on my layout, the magnets attract the metal wheels on some of my rolling stock, so for a temporary fix, I use foam on the axles as a brake.
  15. Sorted out my airbrush kit, from my Art College days (25+ years ago). Over the years it had been pushed back and forth from loft to shed and back again. Can't believe the acrylics are still runny after all those years of hot summers. The compressor and the traditional airbrush works fine. Haven't test the Aztek yet, but I can't see there'll be a problem. The track has been sprayed with Halfords primer, cleaned and tested. Just awaiting the airbrushing of sleeper grime. A nice job for the weekend.
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