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  1. Got a few from Trains4U recently, they're superb wagons, really nice when paired up with the excellent class 92, just need the double deck variant and more of the open wagons for my collection.
  2. I'm surprised no one is talking about the "new" Hornby DVTs and their problems

    1. steveb860


      You could of course start or resurrect a thread, outlining the problems , then perhaps people will join in.

    2. vaughan45


      Medical DVT's are always a problem

  3. just hoping my DVT is fine, though talking to John today it seems it is ok, this does stink of foul play on Hornby's end
  4. ok so, phase 1 of the rebuild is now complete, the scenic side is all aligned and not longer causing trains to derail, next job is building the 2 fiddle yard boards and rewiring the controls, but for now here's a photo of Oakwood lane out in the sun
  5. planning the rewiring of the layout and the new controller trolley I'm going to be building, see attached word document for my ideas 2147225869_Adamswiringplans.docx
  6. Ok major rebuild time, I'm doubling the size of the fiddle-yard and moving the backscene further back to fit a village into the scenic side of the layout, so here's the new plan.
  7. what's going on with the clubs function on the forum?

    1. AY Mod

      AY Mod

      It's not fully functional yet, something for the future so please don't try to create anything (again).

    2. Adamphillip


      Rodger that AY, will keep my inquisitive mind well away for now

  8. Ah, that link didn't embed the video into the post
  9. A Japanese youtuber has been looking through Kato's new models room at the Kato HQ and here are the body shells for the class 800
  10. I would have made them magnetic, was this ever on the table?
  11. just decided to tot up how much a full 225 set would be and you're looking at around £550 for a full rake plus class 91, which isn't too bad considering what you'd pay for some DMU models
  12. Good to see that this topic has had a breath of new life breathed into it
  13. Without a light meter not really, it'll very from strip to strip as they're only cheap LEDs
  14. From what I understand they still make trips onto 3rd rail lines from time to time
  15. so it's been a while, and I haven't really done much to the layout as due to the current world situation, I've been unable to get to the club to work on things in a decent environment. Current job that need completing are, new higher capacity fiddle yard, install new alignment dowels, relay track on baseboard joints and rebuild the station platforms. Also latest additions to the layout is a Caledonian class 92, some IPA car haulers and a regional length eurostar.
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