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  1. Tagging system for topics isn't working when you click on a tag

    1. Corbs


      You might want to post this in the site issues section mate as it'll easily be missed here.

  2. found out the CAN Bus has a dedicated railsync and loconet set up so can just use a small adaptor cable as can bus isn't widely used
  3. I may just be repeating something I misheard
  4. I think I heard about it when someone was talking about Freemo layouts on youtube
  5. yeah, when using DCC boosters all the boosters need to be the same amp otherwise the 5-amp booster will trip the 3-amp booster's short detection when a loco goes over the joint between them, or that's what I've been taught
  6. ok, resurrecting this thread from the dead, so, I know the reason for this, the Z21 and the booster are most likely running at different amps, as you loco crosses the gap it trips the over amp protection in one of the devices
  7. found a work around, some boosters can have a B-Bus connected from the Z21 and then generate the Loconet-B signal, or I can make a simple little adapter that takes the track power and feeds it into pins 1 and 6
  8. good bye 91108

  9. it'll have a 2 pin track connection, a RJ12 for LocoNet and an optional RJ12 for XpressNet at each end of the module
  10. we're using Fre-Mo N-re standards or T-Trak
  11. this is the explanation diagram I did, does this look right?
  12. I've already got a Z21 which has XpressNet and LocoNet connections for throttles and boosters, at one point I was contemplating suggesting everyone builds a LocoNet booster into their module so you only have LocoNet cables connecting everything as we're looking at doing something similar to Fre-Mo
  13. oh yeah I'll add the Digikeijs controller uses wifi to connect to a control app on your phone or it can use wired loconet controllers and accessories like occupancy detectors, plus it connects to your computer via USB for firmware updates and more control options
  14. if you want upgradability in the future you can't go wrong with anything that has loconet functionality, something like a z21 [very expensive at £370] or a Digikeijs DR5000 which is much more budget friendly at £160
  15. So I've started a sort of club and we've decided to do a N gauge modular project, we've been talking about how to wire the layout, anyone got any ideas, we're going to be using my Z21 and connect everything with LocoNet?
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