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  1. that pinned topic still isn't all that clear, for example, are you using Xpressnet or Loconet for handsets on the DCC system, you can't expect everyone to just stand around one point where the DCC system is, you need throttle and booster bus.
  2. well seeing as Hornby are the only port of call for buying the class 91 now it seems we're either going to have to put pressure on Hornby to deliver a top quality model, with top quality DCC [21pin] or we're going to have to be ingenious and fit our own 21pin sockets and rewire the lights!
  3. now to update you all about what's happening with the layout, I've got legs to build, an overhead lighting box and a new fiddle yard as I found the previous owner had left solder in the point work on the fiddle yard and it keeps derailing trains I'm trying to reverse. I also fixed the show side point motors and need to replace some old HM point motors as they've seized up. Also in other news Oakwood lane will be appearing at Market Deeping's Stamford show.
  4. @RBE just an idea, could you possible press ahead with the mk4 and DVT to beat Hornby to the market and possibly gain the capital to make models wirthout the deposit funding? yes we're getting a Hornby class 91 but we're not getting the stock to go with it! I'm not expecting a reply just wanted to voice my idea.
  5. Right what was actually decided and what are people actually using? I'm in the process of building a relatively large mainline terminus station and will be making it modular, I was originally going to go with the Fremo standard and use one of their end plates, bit seeing as this discussion is here I'll ask. Also the standards listed in the standards topic aren't very clear.
  6. @RBE can we have conductive couplings so the DVT controls all the coach lighting, it'll be nice to have DCC lighting on the train, would be better to have it from the DVT as the class 91 might be coupled directly to the DVT and run blunt end first.
  7. feels like the class 91 doesn't get much love

    1. truffy


      Au contraire, it appears to be getting a little too much love of late ;)

  8. yeah, a bit of an odd one this, you have Bachmann, Accurascale and Cavalex all pushing the envelope with DCC functions and high detail electric locos and Hornby just seem to be content to produce mediocre models with only basic functionality in comparison.
  9. I think I'll be keeping my order with Cavalex, though might just buy one of these just to compare, exciting year ahead.
  10. right so update time, I'm looking at rebuilding the baseboards so they're a bit deeper and the mounting faces match up in a modular fashion
  11. thank's me and a friend have been working on the code and we've been able to make it work
  12. it's alive..... hey Deev, just a query, how do you get your code to remember what position it's set to? and did it ever get posted to github?
  13. yeah I'm currently using tinkercad, I'm scrapping the GUI side of the project and just hard coding the colour values now, was able to fix the relay cycling issue, it was accidentally set to pin 13, now I just need to have some sort of simple cross fade between colours
  14. after some fiddling I've got the start of some code, still need to make a fade function and work out why pin 3 won't cycle on the 2nd digital write.
  15. I'm going to use an old computer PSU to power the lighting and I have been contemplating using individually addressable LED strips
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