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  1. Also this behaviour could scupper Hornby in the future with other licensing deals as companies are less likely to work with those who try to bend around IP law
  2. As someone who is educated in TV and film (I have a certificate) and one module of my course covered IP and such… SK’s gibberish is just that gibberish it’s like making the Optimus prime and saying “it’s a truck that existed” and then sticking a label of “inspired by the transformers”…. Hasbro would be breathing down your neck
  3. I’d love to see a new class 90 and class 700 EMU, otherwise I’m not sure what locos or units there are gaps in the market for.
  4. (Hopefully not a double post) I know I’ve been asking, well also for a class 90 to round out the n gauge electric locos…. Also have the class 700 on my wish list…. Just in case someone needs some ideas. also my wallet can only take so much punishment.
  5. Will any be making their way into shops?
  6. Will definitely be getting a set or 2 of the urban lights ones
  7. I’m just going with masts, portals and headspans, no conductive knitting
  8. Hi all, the title says it all, I’m planning to try making some masts and gantries. Has anyone got any diagrams for various masts and such used on the ECML so I can make 3D models. I plan to be able to print without supports for the register arms.
  9. Contemplating how to weather all the ballast to make it a cohesive whole, currently there are 2 different tones of ballast, I plan to add OHLE portals and masts, cable trunking, relays and signals.
  10. So I’m slowly working some more on the layout, got some new acquisitions over Christmas and a couple of months back I did some major repairs to the platforms as you can see from the photos, next job is to work on the new fiddle yard and get the entire layout setup so I can get it all lined up and working together smoothly.
  11. Well the title says it all, if I remember correctly back when the OO class 91 was a possibility there was talk of an N scale model as well, we know how the OO one went but have had no word on the N scale one.
  12. just ordered mine, kind of annoyed though as I originally asked my local shop to reserve one back when they were announced and apparently not they're not getting any due to the fact the class 92 was announced before Accurascale [or the shop, they weren't clear] had a trade account.... or something weird like that. Anyway I'm really looking forwards to when I can finally have the big beastie in my hands.
  13. the Class 08 is a diesel shunter, it's notorious for it's lack of space for a decoder even though it's a relatively large shunter
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