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  1. thanks great! really appreciate the help thanks
  2. now that is a good thread that I can follow for ideas. been using google images for ideas mainly, been really useful for someone who know very little about railways! Still, I’m getting there and fills the evenings in nicely!
  3. thanks! It has survived well! Was shocked that when I cleaned the track and powered it up, it worked pretty much ok! I have a knightwing fuel point kit so will run the fuel pipes along the ground and then over a small pipe bridge. Give me something else to build at least! Location will be as below. Will build the base out of styrene.
  4. So after a house move, growing family a d general life, I’ve started to get back into my small layout. First off is a fuel storage. It’s a bit close to the main shed which is not ideal and makes the roller shutter look odd. I’ll have a think about that, space is tight. Good to get the modelling bug back though!
  5. hi, its a small layout 1700X450 plus fiddle yard. its my first attempt so didn't want a vast expanse of timber to look at which would seem a bit daunting at first1
  6. Thanks, not looking forward to glazing!
  7. bit more of an update. unsure of how to make the roof detatchable so have to have a think about that!
  8. Thanks! really pleased with the mimic panel. i when for handbuilt track in the end although i didn't build the majority of the points myself. i did manage to damage one though and had to buy a couple of gauges and rebuild it so next time i think i'd have a go myself. the cobalt motors have been interesting to install, especially the 3-way turnout which need the oposing paths deactivating one of the motors but eventually figured out how to do it. i could definately of made thing easier for my first build but room is tight so i want to make sure i have plenty to do on such a smal
  9. right, its been a while since an update. started again in the new year and aim to keep going a bit more this time, not easy with work and young kids. Ive got the majority of the track laid and recently been concentrating on scratch building my depot shed out of styrene. beginning to think it would of been a lot cheaper to by the bachman one, but really enjoying building it so i guess thats the main aim! taking me a while to get things done as this is my first model railway everything is trial and error but slowly getting there! spent quite while messing about with electrics but got my he
  10. Well I think I getting there, plenty to work on though!
  11. BRealistic, the sides where done by arbrushing the sides with railmatch frame dirt then wiping off the excess with a cotton bud dipped in IPA. (the alcohol not the beer ) Then i use powders to give more depth, the front end was done by building up a couple of layers of powder then using the same cotton bud/IPA method to remove some powder, if you rub vertically the powder dissolves in the IPA to give the streaking effect. then seal with matt varnish.
  12. Thanks bernard, good to have feed back. I hadn't noticed the jumper cable beling reversed but now you mention it, it is pretty obvious! I will add buffer grease, and a few other bits and bobs. Do you know where i can get laser cut glazing? thanks for the comments/help
  13. to have a break from track laying/wiring etc I thought i'd have another go at weathering to try some new techniques. think i'm getting better but still lots to practice. i wish the glazing was more flush, I've fitted cab lights and it reallly shows up the glazing! all coments as always appreciated.
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