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  1. Thanks Nigel - I know that some decoders don't have an adjustmant available to CV5 (I think the Hornby TTS?) but that was obvious from the instructions. The card with the Bachmann decoder suggested that there was a range to work with, which is why I wasted my time. ESU decoders are my preference (reliable and adjustable), but sometimes it is a case of what will physically fit, what is to hand or what the shop has on the shelf hence there are a few in the fleet that I am not familiar with. Pete.
  2. I did wonder, although the instruction card suggests a range of 0-256! It looks like I have been misinformed...
  3. This is not critical, but an issue has arisen which confuses me and I’d love to know the explanation… I’ve been spending some time trying to regularise the speed of my locomotives so that all will circuit my layout in 3 minutes (so far as gearing will allow) at speed step 32 of 128. Most locomotive / decoder combinations seem happy for me to do this by adjusting CVs 5 & 6 but I came across a GWR 30XX ROD which I had fitted with the above decoder. It was circuiting in about two and a half minutes so I set about trying to slow it a little. A read of the CVs suggested
  4. Having looked through the publication I referred to above, I have not really turned much up. As others have said the trains seemed to run as sets provided alternately between GWR and SR. One example: 12:20 Cardiff – Portsmouth & Southsea (16:53) BTK > TK > Restaurant car > CK >BTK. If you want to run a few GWR coaches and can handle a 5 coach train this can be built from the 2016 tool Collett bow ended stock plus a Restaurant car from the Railroad range. A cheaper way would be to use the older Railroad versions of the BTK and CK and a second-ha
  5. I’m currently putting together a K40 full brake which has the same arrangement. There’s no argument that soldering in some scrap brass behind the apertures as Taz illustrated is the “proper job”, but being fundamentally lazy I have glued some Plastic to the back as I find it is much easier to drill out for the handles etc. Fine drills tend to skid around on brass when in my hands! Which ever way works for you…
  6. "Train Formations & Carriage Workings of the Great Western Railway" by WS Beckett contains some information on the vehicles used and thier operating company if you can weed it out. Much will depend on the specific location you are modeling (assuming it is specific!) I suspect some of these inter-regional services could involve fairly long rakes to be authentic, so you may need a good sized layout. It's something of interest to myself so I'll see what I can turn up. Pete.
  7. Reactions in chronological order: 1] Surprised – I was not anticipating a steam loco from Accurasale 2] Appreciative – It’s a GWR loco (just!) 3] Disappointed – A duplication of something that I was intending to purchase from another manufacturer 4] Impressed – Particularly the DCC and sound provisions, an on-board stay-alive feature is something we should have seen from all manufacturers before now. 5] Anticipation – It looks like this is going to be available very much sooner than usual after a RTR announcement. 6] Confused – is monogram actually the “sh
  8. There are pictures of 2796 in the link in my post above, as I say they look like 7' units to me but others may know better. Pete.
  9. Thanks Will. It looks like I have painted myself into a corner then with the 7' bogies that I have bought and I am going to have to let it masquerade as a lot 1441 vehicle. As these were built in 1930 and prior to the "shirtbutton" it looks like I have a bit of a repaint on my hands rather than just changing the number. Assuming that they would have come out in GW branding I can't see that they would have been in for a repaint before 1940, but as you say a photo is safeest if I can turn one up. Pete.
  10. Will, that is indeed useful and very timely as I have had a second-hand Lima Siphon turn up in the post this morning that is intended to be the “van” in the formation that I have been describing elsewhere. I was going to try to find out over the next few days what the Lima model most accurately represents for a quick re-number and it seems that you have just done all of my homework for me! Unfortunately that is where the good news for me stops, the cut-off date that I have been trying to work with is the end of the 1930’s so both of the vehicles with the “correct” plank
  11. Product : Quantity : Price 2808: LNER 60 FT TRUSS RODS (TURNBUCKLE) (OO GAUGE) : 1 : 5.70 https://www.dartcastings.co.uk/mjt.php#CarriageComponents-Underframes&Fittings Depending on the length of coach you are building you may want to shorten them a little. Good luck with your build. Pete.
  12. Well, I'm somewhere near finished now - thank you again to those that offered advice and suggestions. A Frogmore kit was used with a Comet chassis, the trussing came from MJT in the end. A Comet roof seemed to fit reasonably well, it has been sat on SRMW / Shapeways fishbelly bogies and I have painted it up in all-over brown as per the image I saw in the Russell appendix. It will be in the work tray for a day or so yet, the enamel paint in my box that was masquerading as matt black when applied to the corridor connectors turned out to be shinier than the satin that I u
  13. Yes, I may get in touch wil Allen, I have made he odd purchase from him in the past and he has always been helpful. As you say, the sides and ends are the main fight.
  14. That does sound a heafty price for a book or document, but as with everything an item's true value is what someone is prepared to pay for it! It would probably be OTT for my needs (as I say I am looking for credible rather than accurate) but I can see that it would have a value to an enthusiast more serious on the subject than myself. Unfortunately it is the same with the SRMW/Shapeways Siphon J. I had noted it when searching for 3D printed bogies but the price of it is beyond what I am prepared to reach to at the moment (about £120.00 for body, roof, chassis and bogies). I may go
  15. The time you have taken to look into this is appeciated. My one and only source has been the WS Beckett book which I have heard does contain some errors, but it is all I have to work with. I'm reluctant to copy a page as I would prefer to respect the autor's copyright but I've extracted the relevant bits in the hope that is OK. A note has been made of the model that I am intending to put into service, as usual any constructive comment is happily accepted. Shrewsbury-Paddington.pdf
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