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  1. Hi Kevin The second series of Tatlow - LNER Wagons Southern Area has the photo of the wagon in Gareth modelled on page 219, page 220 has the LNER pic you probably saw with NE in end panels. . There are also many photos in GER Journal of locations with this style lettering on the cattle wagons. No idea why the lack of symmetry! Cant find a photo to share legally on RMWEB unfortunately but Gareth has captured the look excellently. Cheers Jon
  2. Its an error on the etch the third roof is incorrect(actually a copy of first). David is going to get a sheet of replacements etched to replace these and will send them out when ready. Regards Jon
  3. I believe as originally built 5 compt 3rd had 3 oil lamps and half height partitions smoking was discouraged AFAIK. Later on by the time of the diagram book post 1900 gas lighting and separate smoking provision introduced the 2 / 3 split for compts and ventilators on the 2 smoking ones. David measured surviving coaches in the later condition and his 2mm coaches have the roof configured for lamps and ventilators.
  4. Give David Eveleigh a call he has No 1 and 417 class etches if you like Johnson locos. Jon
  5. Certainly was an excellent show and congratulations to the organisers - my first visit to Ely and well worth the 2 hour drive each way in the heat! Fen End Pit is outstanding and well worth the best in show acolade. The other layouts were a good standard and variety (scale, gauge and location/era) and provided plenty of entertainment. Also its a good venue with the show well laid out and with plenty of parking (useful for us strangers). I will be looking out for next years details. Cheers Jon
  6. Hi Guy the NRM Stratford works drawings includes: 10717 Steel Underframe for Fish & Fruit Vans R45 Class 1½" to 1' general arrangement of channel steel underframe 21'4½" with 13'6" wheelbase My comment: tracing torn but complete 6.1.99 R45 34M SX10717 (2 fiche) I dont have this but assume it should contain the detail you need. Regards Jon
  7. I'm actually mainly modelling early GER in 2mm fs. I like coaches with no brakes and oil lamps! Which makes building easier. We're looking at 2mm Sinclair era coaches for etching next.
  8. Not very good with this! The sundry van drawings are in tatlow historic carriage drawings npcs. Are the Peter k etches actually available? Noting David Eveleigh does both single and double door versions in 2mm
  9. Hi Gerry Excellent layout especially with the GER stock. Apart from Furness look at Ragstone models and Powsides between them a large range of GER wagons are covered. Connoisseur Models do one van as well. Cheers Jon
  10. Gryff I think its a simple answer : for David to test the concept of providing etches to put on Ratio GWR underframes and produce a carriage as accurate as possible then since the 1st and 3rd are 26 foot with 15 foot 3 inch w/b which means taking a GWR brake 3rd (30 foot long 19 foot w/b) removing 16mm from the centre of the chassis gives 26 foot with 15 foot w/b - simple and not far off. More bodies fit on the etch sheet making development more cost efficient as well. Good demand and feedback for these first coaches makes it worth producing the GER Brake 3rd which will require more underframe surgery as it is a 22'8" underframe with 13'6" w/b. Or is there a commercially available cheap chassis similar to the ratio ones with a better length vs w/b for the Brake? I model early GER in 2mm FS so dont know the 4mm market very well. Regards Jon
  11. Justin if you have access - John Watling published an article in GER Journal 93 including a drawing of a turntable at Sudbury plus some good photos of of other turntables. Regarding the buffer stop I think a similar one was at Tollesbury pier station - its a poor photo but looks to have the front suport curve. Jon
  12. Certainly have all been built may even be some more than on the list. Think they are being made available soon.
  13. L&Y wagons should go a treat with my saddle tank and Tin Tab (when finished!) so will be watching progress with interest
  14. Justin In Nigel Digbys bok on the M&GN there is a photo of the E&M design at Holt but its the wrong angle to tell how spacing is done - but perhaps the angle is deceptive and the buffers hit before the wheel can rise up? I have yet to order mine so will be interested to see how its done. With rail fixed inside both running rails the gauge wil be very narrow! Could you build the stop on coppercald and just solder these supports using a track gauge to give the clearance from the running rail? Another thought - might these be in docks and the uprights are check rails bent up? Cheers Jon
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