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  1. Dear Sir, I don't think I have posted in your thread before but I have followed your superb workmanship through three 'versions' of Greenfield with utmost admiration. Having seen the last even better product arise from the ashes of it's predecessors. I do not weep but eagerly look forward to what is to come. I sincerely hope that you will derive enjoyment in building this next masterpiece and that it satisfies your need for both a photo background for your individual masterpieces but also your desire for a scene through which to watch your trains go by. I hope that I may live to see it fulfilled.
  2. Just a warning! I used to get under my layout to do wire soldering until the time came when having got under, I couldn't get up again
  3. Thanks Andy. I will watch developments eagerly.
  4. I have only come across this layout now, thanks to the posts this month having brought it to page 1 of Layout Topics. I have read through from page 1 over the last four days and have admired and been enchanted. Congratulations on producing such detailed and real 'diaramas'. It's a place I would love to have visited and 'Train Spotted" . I have no doubt building it has brought great pleasure to in it's creation as it has to me following it's development. A REAL GEM!
  5. I've just read in ER's that you have run trains., Where's the update with pics?
  6. Motters said "Anything you want to share?" or hide?
  7. I thought that Mrs. BoD was the primary maker of lists Has she run out of things she wants you to do? Lucky boy. The answer to your quandry is to incorporate both the shunting puzzle and the depot into the loft layout. Simples. PS. Why does the spell checker query my spelling of 'quandry'?
  8. It is now a YEAR since BoDs last post. Do you think he is still doing shunting puzzle?
  9. Come on Robert. last update was the 26th June. Isn't it time for Thomas to get his hands dirty slapping plaster around to create countryside? I'm waiting to see a train shunting!
  10. Update please Peter. Isn't 'Harry' old enough yet? I do know that there is an awful lot going on in your life just now, but have you abandoned this project altogether? After all, it's two years since your last update1
  11. Oh WOW, Now I'm green with envy. Oh I much prefer open windows to A/C! How else does one stick ones head out and get smoke in ones eyes and smuts on ones face and the smell of coal smoke! Thanks for the pictures.
  12. This eager watcher just wants to see some of your steam outline locos with prototypical rakes going round and round. Here's cheers to your renewed interest. Good luck!
  13. Having worked with a five year old in building his layout, which also included some train travel, exploration of BIG steam locos and rides on miniature trains, I am very pleased to share your modelling and live ventures with a younger Thomas Ivor. Good luck with the continuation. I have book marked this thread so as not to miss any developments.
  14. Very happy to see progress being made Robert. Well done and also thrilled to see Thomas taking part. I hope that his and your interest continue.
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