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  1. LAst football match I ever spectated., AFAIR, would have been a match at Villa's ground during the 1966 world cup! One of the World cup teams was billeted at a hotel near Sutton Coldfield at the time....again, as far as I can recall. I was but a lesser spotted teeny ager at the time.....Entry tickets acquired via my school, I suspect? Or maybe the BoySprouts?
  2. On the topic of 'football', and school, I managed to get around the topic, and what it entailed, when asked what 'team' I supported, I replied, ''Brechin City!'' That usually confused them, or else, shut them up.....seeing as Brechin City rarely if ever won anything [and no longer exist as such, I believe?], , nobody bothered trying to engage me in a pi$$ing contest. I had issues back then, anyway..and managed to get myself expelled from the posh, all-boys, fancypants ancient grammar school that was my first secondary school. Expelled with the forecast of not likely to achieve any O level passes at all... I attended another local , but 'mixed' grammar school and achieved good grades in 9 O levels...All in less than 18 months. Girls added a whole new dimension to school for me. Then I left!
  3. Small talk, in other words? But then, I've long since ceased to play any sort of 'social' game!
  4. There's a huge difference [ in my world, maybe not that of others?] between 'superficiality', and 'trivia.' Trivia..is, or can be, somewhat subjective, really. What may be trivia to me, probably isn't to others {The rest of the world, perhaps?} Superficiality, to me, implies an 'attitude'.
  5. Same when discussing, [nowadays, having a conversation'.....whatever that's all about? What's wrong with calling it an argument??] politics?
  6. Which brings up the topic of railway modelling, and how admitting to having such an interest is perceived by the hoi-polloi [general public, etc]? Still not got the same kind of cache as fishing, or Saturday afternoon football? I get the modern equivalent from my neighbour..when commenting to me 'how come you know so much about these things?' Especially when I fix his old car? I think there's far too much superficiality surrounding 'knowledge'' these days?
  7. I have often found things to be the other way around. Meaning, I frequently found myself handicapped by the rest of any 'team' I happened to be involved with. Something that has been with me all my life. Experience has taught me that anything involving a 'team' was frequently aligned with the concept of 'lowest common denominator'... Not a good 'team' person, me.... Maybe I have never really been forceful enough to put my views across? Reverting to the concept of ''letting the rest get on with it?'' Or , maybe, I could never really be bothered? Lacy fare?
  8. My cross-country episodes centred on running around Sutton Park..... I found the tracks of a miniature railway one day... Got into trouble when I innocently asked about them.......to be harangued for being ''off-route''.. In less than ten years, there came the Royal Marines.....Brought a whole new aspect to 'cross-country''....
  9. The purpose of motorways is to allow the slowest and most cumbersome of vehicles the quickest route between A & B. It's about time everybody realised that, and stopped using them as racetracks?
  10. My issue with fish n chips lies mainly with the stuff they cook it all in? Still , cannot be any worse than the average kebab of a night-time? The only so-called 'fast' food I really enjoyed, I cannot find any more....Even in Morrisons [a supermarket I am most reluctant to patronise] That was, the freshly roasted belly pork that a Bridlington butcher used to sell. Crisp crackling, really tasty...far superior to a corned beef sarnie come lunchtime [10 o'clock in the morning sometimes, for me as a bus driver!] About a three or four inch square, best purchased whilst still fresh & hot. As far as I was concerned, rabbit food could remain as such!
  11. No more nasty chemicals than in any of the pre-packed, pre-ordained, meals or foods we see being hungrily snapped up off every supermarkets' cabinets every day?
  12. HAs anybody priced up the various veggy-based products currently being advertised on TV? Pulses do take a deal of preparation. Big bags of spices, etc are also costly enough, when one factors in the expense of travelling to these outlets, parking, etc? For one person they also don't make sense from a storage viewpoint. I now avoid tomatoes due to their acidity. Not that I don't 'like' them.... But, at the end of the day, there is an expense involved when 'stocking' one's kitchen cupboard. What's all this veggy lookalike thing all about, then? Why make a vegetable look like a piece of chicken?
  13. These days, eating more food of a plantish nature, at a basic level, is down to cost....or, rather, income, IMHO. The trouble with vegetarianism and veganism these days is the sheer cost of the food, in an easily assembled [IE making some sort of palatable meal?] lies in the realms of the comfortably off, financially. Like, saving the planet...fine if you can afford it, a real pain if living on a minimal income! I have no real idea why there is such an almost antagonistic feeling towards so-called 'fast' food? After all, it has been around for many hundreds of years, all over the world! [If not, thousands of years?} Another description I have heard it called is 'street food'... By extension, we can posh it all up by extending fast food into restaurant food.....in respect of the fact we know, sat at the table, very little about what has gone into that gucci plate of stuff thrust in front of us? In return for an astonishing amount of money[The cost, to me, of an average restaurant lunch or supper, especially down south, would in fact feed me comfortably for more than a week!] As for 'processed' food? Pot noodles are but the tip if the iceberg.....We also need to include sausages [which may, or may not, contain any animal products?]....bacon, etc. Mushy peas? Pickles purchased [or otherwise?] from supermarkets? FAst food is the world's answer to feeding those populations that, due to their [chosen or otherwise] lifestyle, cannot go out and feed themselves [foraging in Hyde Park?} Good old fish n chips? Fast food if ever there was! Then there's the whelk stalls, jellied eels, cornflakes, gucci health foods packaged to appeal to those with more money than they know what to do with... Crikey, there's even a Nandos advert appearing at the bottom of my screen as I type...[I am not too sure what Nandos sells, or why it is so popular?] Unless one has the means to have a fire burning locally sourced burny stuff...maybe outside in one's garden, then buying or scrounging raw food materials and creating a meal is actually a more expensive way of feeding than one might imagine...and, apparently, it will get worse. Electricity? Gas? Factor in the sheer cost of buying a stove to cook on? The anti fast food brigade were also noted for shunning microwave cookery before.....Yet that has possibly got to be the cheapest way of cooking food these days[aside from the fire outside?]? On the meat side of things, I had an aunt [once] who developed severe arthritis in her hands/fingers...a bit of a bind for her as she was an artist of sorts. She discovered that by excluding red meats from her diet, the effects of arthritis became less pronounced.... Personally, I find these days I eat more in the way of vegetables than I used to......a symptom of older age perhaps? Also a means of 'surviving' on a very restricted income. But, i still eat meat......as & when I can afford it.....locally sourced, ie from field to fridge...rather than anonymous supermarket trays... I pay almost double the price for a chicken by buying locally from a farm butchers'....so I know where & when the raw material came from. None of this stuff being imported from foreign climes, then being repackaged and sold as ''British'.... Due to the cost of my preferences, I try to eke the chicken out through my dietary week a bit more than I'd bother if I'd bought from Tescos [as an example....chose mass retailer of choice] It takes time & effort though....and a lot of onions. But then, luckily, I don't have to be anywhere else, doing stuff for others in return for a meagre pittance...
  14. They don't need to be anything else, now they have the unfettered access to tech?
  15. I cannot see BJ refusing a knighthood[of the Garter variety]? Oh, wait a moment, BJ isn't a member of the one-time Labour government, is he? Personally, I don't know what all the fuss is about? Especially when I get informed of all the ''work-related'' junkets that the private sector jobs-world gets up to? When all I would ever get from 'work' would be a stale marmite sandwich? I mean, how comefolk get to swan around in brand new electric cars......obtained on the 'business?' When the money could be better spent helping to offset our tax burden?? Also, exactly what are plant-based meatballs made of?????
  16. Drones? If Amazon can do it, why not Network Rail? The problem I would fear with wheelchair user ramps would be.......coming down the other side? Bring a whole new interpretation to ''Zoom?'' Do modern electric boogies have dynamic brakes?
  17. The trebuchet idea would be cheaper, and all-weather too. It may take some effort to find the effective range, etc, however. The idea that people with disabilities will stay away during foul weather is bound to be proved incorrect.....the very first time the helicopter is grounded. Maybe local children could be employed to operate a sedan-chair service? Got to be more appealing than sending them up chimneys?
  18. Such a pity for me as a singly of pensionable means [not a lot]...I doubt I spend much more than 50 or 60 pension-quids a month in Lidl...usually around the 50 quids region. I don't actually 'shop' in any other soopahmarket...but I do use a local farm-type butcher...
  19. I've had a set of these for a few years now. The frame round the perimeter is thin ally, and not too deep. The surface is very thin MDF, so not at all rigid as a building surface. hey could do with thicker ply tops really, but the perimeter ally isn't thick enough to trap ply. But, as supports for a layout baseboard they have their uses...just don't sit on them.
  20. Would there be a market for a grapnel, and rocket line thrower, with electric winch? Maybe Stannah could be prevailed upon to come up with a public-safe device to electrically haul wheelchairs, etc, up & over? Continuous belt maybe, on one side? Decades ago, I had nearly a year dealing with crutches. I found ramps to be more tiresome to negotiate than stairs, to be honest....But I was a lot fitter then. Thus far, nobody has mentioned the option of tunnels?
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