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  1. I've also processed some shots taken last year and earlier this year, all with a diesel theme................ A Brush Type 2, seen on Durham Street (Scarborough & District MRC) in O Gauge. And, another layout from the prolific Scarborians (is that a native of Scarborough?), this time in N Gauge; Scarlington. It'll be appearing before long in the RM. Another N Gauge layout - Sandy Bay; in the next issue of BRM. And yet another N Gauge layout featuring some diesels - Falahill, on the Waverley route. I'll dig through some more, more-recent shots and see what might be suitable, and of interest. I'll also look through my archives. Certainly different from photographs of Little Bytham.......
  2. With the lockdown situation, I, like many others, have not been able to 'carry on as normal'. Normal, in my case, being the taking of photographs of model railways; at shows, in clubrooms or in the modeller's home. That said, I'm still asked to provide pictures. Recently, a request has come from BRILL, which now comes with a modelling supplement each month. The request this time was for some model diesel shots. I've included the following................... A pair of WR hydraulics, kit-built in O Gauge, standing on 82G from the Warley MRC. And another O Gauge WR hydraulic, this time the pioneer WESTERN ENTERPRISE; again, kit-built in O Gauge; this time seen guesting on a South Wales colliery layout. It belongs to Terry Yeend of WMTC. And a diesel-electric in OO - one of the trio of Bulleid-designed (he was in charge at the time) 1-CO-CO-1 heavyweights built for the SR. It's running on Alan Birkinshaw's Feniton.
  3. Thanks Dave, I think I'll just keep on taking pictures of LB, though maybe not as many as of late. Most observers seem to like them. Regards, Tony.
  4. It's a possibility, Andy, And one I haven't given much thought to. As you suggest, I could look at prototype shots (I've used all those up at LB itself), and attempt to make-up the sets shown in those. However, one thing I heartily dislike is the repeated handling of stock. In the days when much of Bytham's stock went out to exhibitions to run on Stoke Summit or Charwelton, on return (despite its being very sturdily-made), there'd usually be a knocked-off detail (bogie footboards being particularly vulnerable, even those soldered in place). This was an inevitable consequence of exhibiting, and accepted as a tiny price to pay for having had so much fun. Grated, there wouldn't be much 'transportation' involved in my shuffling stock around on LB, so I might do it. Of course, many of the trains are 'dedicated'; that is built-up to represent an actual formation, complete with carriage destination boards. Muddling those up might be fun. Anyway, I'm diverting my attention in the next week or two to more loco-building. Regards, Tony.
  5. Good morning Steve, This is the board which Ian Wilson made for Bytham's main line box (both ends). He generated it on his computer, and then just printed it out. It's not in relief, but that can't be noticed. The 'box was built by Bob Dawson. One thing which has intrigued me is the colour of the barge boards in BR days. Some GN boxes had them cream, but some were green. Just out of interest, Ian also made a full-sized replica in wood. It was a Christmas present one year. One of the originals is in the Tobie Norris pub in Stamford. Regards, Tony.
  6. It's probably a very sensible idea, Tony. The number of pictures I've taken of LB has increased considerably because of lockdown; there has just been more time, even though I've been squeezing-out locos at a much-greater rate as well. Has this reached saturation point then? Of course, when I set up for photography, it's pointless taking just one picture. So, I end up with several. It's the same when they're processed - it's wise to do several at the same time, having 'boiled up the chemicals'. Anyway, this is the last picture taken using my latest 'gadget'. Class A1 60146 PEREGRINE (Crownline/Wright/Haynes) heads the morning Hull/York combined express. The picture for the day, then. Regards, Tony.
  7. That's a thought. Then, flip the image in Photoshop. I'll see what can be done, but it might be wise to limit the number of pictures I post. Regards, Tony.
  8. Good morning Tony, You say that you have a long way to go to match the 'quality' of Little Bytham, but that's only in time. A fair bit of what runs on Little Bytham was built by you, anyway, and (if I may be so bold?) the standard of your modelling in O Gauge is higher than it was in OO. So, by the time you've finished your layout, I'd venture to state that it'll be of higher quality than LB, at least with regard to locos and rolling stock. Another significant factor is that you're doing all yours yourself. LB was built by a team (of which you've been part); a highly-skilled team at that. OK, a team working together, pooling abilities and trading those skills in the main, but still a group effort. I have the greatest admiration for those who do it all themselves. Yes, the wedding 'incident'. I was taking pictures of a friend's wedding, using a Pentax 6X7 (as I always did for weddings) and one of the guests thought I was into espionage. 'Yo'm (I think that's right - the West Midlands' equivalent of you are) a spy!' brought absolute hoots of laughter. It would be difficult to find a less-suitable camera for spying. Regards, Tony.
  9. Good morning Rob, Probably, but that might be down to partisanship more than anything else. Annesley was an ex-LNER shed, so interlopers from a rival railway would be viewed with suspicion. Anyway, both those 2-8-0 classes paled into 'insignificance' when the 9Fs arrived. The O1s on the Tyne Dock-Consett run suffered the same fate. Railway history is littered with locos being loved at some sheds and the same type being loathed at others. The Brits are a case in point; anywhere on the ex-GE thought them the best steam locos they'd ever had, yet anywhere on the ex-GW (with the exception of Canton) hated them. Ex-LNWR sheds didn't like the Midland 2Ps, yet ex-G&SWR sheds drove the pants off them! Occasionally, locos arriving from elsewhere were viewed with deep suspicion, until their true capabilities became known - the double chimney A3s on the Settle and Carlisle, for instance - then it was realised how much better they were than that which had gone before. The opposite, of course, could be true - the Scots on the ex-GC for example. Granted, they were run-down and life-expired by this time. The LMS Black Fives did better. Regards, Tony.
  10. That's a wonderful 'box Steve. The only observation I'd make (not a criticism) is size of the 'border' around the letters. Either the name board itself is too big or the letters too small. I'll have a word with Ian Wilson (Pacific Models) and see what he can produce for you - complimentary, of course. Regards, Tony.
  11. That's very kind of you, Steve, I'll have a think what future pictures I can take. Anything you'd particularly like? One thing I am noticing is that, even though there might be 50+ trains to take pictures of, and near 200 locos, repetition naturally occurs. Regards, Tony.
  12. I think it's widely accepted, even by those who have sympathy with Thompson, that his 'people' skills were very limited. It's on record that his dealings with union members were often fraught with tension. It's also interesting that he fragmented Gresley's team on attaining the post of CME, scattering some to far-flung places on the LNER. Interestingly, Peppercorn brought them back together after ET's retirement. It's been discussed on this thread time and time again, and the for/against camps are probably too entrenched now. Most authors have not been too kind to ET, and his big engine legacy was to produce the poorest Pacifics ever to be built for the LNER. Perhaps it's best to remember him for the B1 - arguably, and certainly at the time, the most-useful all-round loco the LNER ever had. Regards, Tony.
  13. Last two from the 'far side' for today....... Class A1 60128 BONGRACE (DJH/WRight/Rathbone) has charge of the Up 'Yorkshire Pullman'. There is coal in the tender, honestly. Because the lighting isn't as strong on this side (I'm hard against the Down kick-back sidings getting these shots), then, even with pulses of fill-in flash, the pictures are a bit 'flat' compared with what I'd normally expect. In some ways, they're almost contre jour, which is not a feature I have much time for. That said, I think they do illustrate details which are normally unseen by visitors, and I'll try some more in due course. Finding new angles to illustrate the railway is becoming more difficult, and I don't want to bore folk with repetition. Any ideas, please?
  14. A most creditable achievement, Jamie. Thanks for showing us. Regards, Tony.
  15. A couple more.................. This time a B1 (Replica/Comet/Wright) on a stopping service. The green line in the background is the protective 'barrier' to the fiddle yard, with its top edge slightly-softened. I think it works, but only up to a point. That said, I'm not putting a backscene on the inside of the layout. I think it's been worth the experiment so far, but the views (because of the lack of backscene) are limited.
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