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  1. Evocative shots Charlie, Thanks for posting them. From a decade before at Wood Green......................................... WILD SWAN, still with non-corridor tender. ABBOTSFORD. N2 going from Down fast to Down slow to stop. Piling it on! Yet another filthy V2. What's left at Wood Green today? No longer Wood Green, of course; now Alexandra Palace. Certainly no photographers. Regards, Tony.
  2. The best of both worlds? About 13 years ago, I built an EM Gauge A2 loco/tender chassis to go underneath my model of BRONZINO, so that the loco/tender body could be swopped for it to run on Retford as well as Little Bytham (the EM chassis is the nearer one in this shot, should anyone be unable to tell). It ran just fine, but I rather got the impression from the late 'master' that it was not fully 'up to standard'. I left it, but the next time I visited it was off the layout, back in its box. 'Not really needed'. 'Fair enough', so I took BRONZINO back, refitted her OO s
  3. More progress on the Gibson 'County' tank today......................... By reducing the width of the frames (by a mil' each side), it's given more sideplay on the rear pony. Initial road tests suggest 3' radius is a minimum for it to negotiate.
  4. Why not indeed Andy? It could be popular, but, from a personal point of view, I'm all right Jack! I built this from a Crownline kit (complete with resin boiler), and Ian Rathbone painted it. I must have had it now for over a quarter of a century. It replaced one I scratch-built in 1976. John Houlden created GREAT NORTHERN for his Gamston Bank, from scratch and DJH bits. It was one of his locos which I sold when he graduated to O Gauge, and Gamston went up in smoke. I can't remember
  5. Good morning Gordon, 'Does it matter if the holes in the rods are oversize, other than cosmetically?' Not in the slightest, if it works perfectly. Anyone who's watched an 'Austerity' clank by will testify to that. By the time you've weathered the rods, nobody will notice. Anyway, full marks for your perseverance. The first locos I built were rubbish! Regards, Tony.
  6. P1s Graeme, I know you've made a very nice one indeed. Which sees service on Grantham......... And, has run on Little Bytham, of course. I'm sure you've told me how you built it, but my memory crumbles! To the extent that I can't remember for the life of me who made and brought this example; assuming the class lasted into BR days. I've an idea it's tender drive, but who knows? I can't ever see a P1 being available in OO. There is a commonality of parts with a Hornby Gresl
  7. I'm sure they were. However, as far as I know, none has ever been available RTR. Might one ever be? The options are becoming more and more limited for the RTR manufacturers. Does anyone have any ideas as to what would be popular next? Regards, Tony.
  8. One omission from my RTR LNER RA9 types listed last evening were the P2s..................... Hornby's RTR offering from eight years ago. I believe the model is going to be upgraded with different options offered. I've asked this question before, but who would have believed that COCK O' THE NORTH could have turned into an A2/2? There aren't many RTR P2s, though there are at least a couple from Loveless in O Gauge......................... Atten
  9. And now, the post-Gresley types RTR. Who'd have thought a Thompson Pacific would ever be available RTR? Does this green look much different from the Hornby BR green A3? A Golden Age A2 in O Gauge. A Bachmann OO Gauge A1. And, Bachmann's rendition of TORNADO in OO. Two lubricators and rectangular axlebox keeps? Farish's N Gauge TORNADO. Round keeps to the axleboxes!
  10. I'm often asked by publishers to provide images of model locomotives...................... A recent request has been 'RA9 LNER locomotives, RTR'. It's been interesting delving into the archive. First, Gresley types..................... Hornby's original A1. A Hornby A3. Since Hornby's rendition of BR green has been a matter for debate of late, by way of a comparison the loco illustrated below is this one which I've renumbered/renamed. Tom Foster put on a coat of Klear (which brings
  11. Me again Gordon, Those instructions/drawings were produced long before the Markits De Luxe crank pins were introduced. They assume the older-style crankpins be used. At the risk of copping-out, I didn't write the instructions for the J50. Regards, Tony.
  12. Good evening Gordon, It sounds like you've got the De Luxe Markits crankpins. I much prefer the old-fashioned, solder on type. Now, a question.......... Are the wheels quartered at 90 degrees? I'm not insulting you by this question, but I once spent hours sorting out a pupil's loco chassis when I was a tutor at Missenden; only to discover that he'd set the cranks at 180 degrees! Next step - try the rods without the bushes. I'd be surprised if they don't run smoothly (as long as you've not opened out the holes too much). I think you've already done this. If
  13. I'm very ambivalent about flywheels, Gordon. There's no doubt they store up latent energy and, if a loco momentarily loses pick-up, that energy will often carry it over any 'dead-spot'. They can also 'smooth-out' a loco's running to some extent. However, in my experience, they present down-sides as well. Invariably, they increase 'mechanical' noise; this doesn't seem to matter to some, but I find it intensely irritating. A high-pitched whine or whirring coming from a steam-outline loco isn't realistic at all (that's why I dislike later-built Portescaps). 'Natural' mecha
  14. I think your arrangement is fine, Gordon. As John has stated, make sure you can get the body off once it's all together. Though the motor rear protrudes into the cab, it won't really be visible, but the armature end will be. I'd cut that off. How? Grip the armature as near to the motor as you can with a pair of snipe-nosed pliers. Then, using a carborundum slitting disc in a mini-drill, carefully cut off the armature's end as near to the pliers as possible (you'll mark them). Don't do it in one hit, because you'll overheat the armature shaft and potentiall
  15. With the tender up and running as a basic unit, this afternoon saw the J3 thoroughly layout-tested.................. It passed with flying colours on the MR/M&GNR bit (for which I'm building it). The temporary pieces of folded lead in the smokebox are just to aid stability, prior to the whole boiler being filled with lead on completion (no room for a decoder!). It's essential that any kit-built locos are thoroughly put through their paces at most stages of the construction. If any future problems now occur, it must be because of the latest
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