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  1. Good evening Bernard, Did the Midland ever have elevated coal staithes? Ian Wilson has arranged the coal staithes on Edenham to be elevated, so the bottom doors would have to be used to discharge coal. I suppose I could argue that the side doors on the wee wagon would be closed to prevent spillage, either on to the boardwalk or on to the heads of coal merchants below. Regards, Tony.
  2. Good evening Sandra, I think SPARROW HAWK has a Trix body; as does MERLIN and MALLARD (though where 60022 is now, I don't know). Whichever A4 bodies Roy might have used, as runners (with his mechanisms) they'll be superb (which surprises me when you say 60018 derails). I'll have a go at making and fitting an EM Gauge chassis underneath one of my SEF A4s, and, when restrictions are lifted, we can see how it looks (and performs) on Retford. I doubt if there'll be any problems with haulage capacity............... Regards, Tony.
  3. Is it a feature of the Hornby A4 that the tender rides too high up? I don't believe any A4 tender had the top pillar on the vertical handrail so much higher than the corresponding one on the cab. It's true, on those tenders not fitted with the extra strip at the base of the soleplate for the pre-War stainless steel adornments, the loco's valance was lower than the tank's base, but nowhere near as low as on the model above. Incidentally, at least one of the LNER A4 models shown of late has the stainless steel strip attached to the base of the tank, not below the solebar
  4. Probably, But he's an Olympic gymnast! Regards, Tony.
  5. When Ian Wilson (who doesn't read RMweb) and I exchange Christmas presents, we like to give each other something we've personally made/modified. This year, the little item below will be one of his presents from me. His little OO layout, Edenham, has coal staithes which allow the fuel to be discharged by gravity, from above, into bunkers below (rather like the NER used). This will be (obviously) a static model, designed to sit on the top of the staithes. It's a Bachmann 16T mineral wagon (fitted?), with bott
  6. Good afternoon Steven, You're right. I don't know why the gap is too big. I'll shorten the hook. Regards, Tony.
  7. Having had the SEF A4 just about 'assassinated', perhaps some critical comments might be made about the Hornby model above. The centre lamp iron is lower on this one as well. If the lining accurately follows the shape of the valance, then something is clearly wrong above the slidebar supports. The LH front buffer is pointing at the sky. The tender rides too high up, with the obvious misalignment of the vertical handrails and those on the cab, plus the front cover being higher than the cab roof. The wrong angles of both the slidebars
  8. Good morning Andrew, It could be my building of it.................... I think it's fair to say that the Hornby A4 is more accurate in body-shape (however, there's something about the lower front end on this which doesn't entirely convince - why, I don't know). The boiler bands are also far too prominent (I thin them right down on the cast body shell). It's the mechanism which lets this down (look at the weird angle of the slidebars). I renumbered/renamed this one (ex-60031, I think), and we used it (as seen here) on Stoke Summit f
  9. I'll try slowing down the shutter speed next time, Al. I probably asked this before, but how fast (in scale) was your 'King' going? I usually have mine going past at over 90! Regards, Tony.
  10. Agreed John. I painted this Parkside O Gauge 12T van with Halfords red primer, dusting a light coat of Burgundy red at the same time (two-gun Tex!). It's a bit bright at source..................... But after Geoff Haynes toned it down........................ Excellent paint all round. Regards, Tony.
  11. Very impressive! Regards, Tony.
  12. I'm sure I've asked this before, but has anyone else tried model panning shots?
  13. Thanks Richard, The panning shots are very much trial and error. The best seem to work with a shutter speed of about 80th of a second, with the iris wide open and the loco doing about a scale 90. The ASA is set at 400, and trust to luck and the shutter on burst-mode. Regards, Tony.
  14. The latest SEF A4 is now just about complete and ready for going off to Geoff Haynes for painting. The hardest part of erecting the motion was cleaning up the lost-wax castings for the crossheads/slidebars. In fact, probably 90% of the time spent in putting them together. The lubricator drive was fudged from spare valve gear frets, and is probably over-sized. That said, when weathered it should be better, and it won't fall to bits (unlike some Hornby ones I've seen). It's also just attached to the chassis, not to any part to the body. The dri
  15. Good afternoon Roger, I use Halfords rattle can car acrylic primer straight from the can on any model I make (which I'm painting), whatever the material used; with complete success. I also use the appropriate colour (Ford Burgundy red or satin black) straight from the can as well. I tend to use red primer for maroon-painted carriages, and grey primer underneath anything black. An excellent product in my opinion. Regards, Tony.
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