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  1. The 'ultimate' in model representation? Mind you, it is in 5" Gauge! I really must get down to the task of properly sorting my model railway photographic collection........................
  2. And, some more....................... Have you ever seen these last two images Tony (Geary)? I took them at York, years ago. Are they yours, or commissions?
  3. I mentioned in my last post about sorting stuff out. What I've found this afternoon are some outstanding examples of O Gauge locomotive modelling................ Please, enjoy these for what they are.
  4. A lovely image, Andrew, Thanks for posting it. Somewhere, I have the studio images I took of your complete 'South Yorkshireman' train. I'm sorting through lots of stuff at the moment. Regards, Tony.
  5. I remember Martin building the MOK EE Type 4. If memory serves, the bodywork was erected just like the real thing. It first ran on Biggleswade (in OO), was immensely powerful but rather slow. I assume it's just been re-wheeled/re-gauged and (if it's still a bit slow) its lack of pace is not a problem now. Either way, it's one of the finest models of an EE Type 4 I've ever seen. Regards, Tony.
  6. Good evening Andy, They're Plastruct I think (is that the commercial name?) of the right section. The tie is metal and the signs themselves are printed paper. This is the one on the Down island platform. They're double-sided. Just coming into the shot to the left.............. And one of the real ones; this one on the Up island platform. Regards, Tony.
  7. I'm always experimenting with my model railway photography. This afternoon has seen a few more of them, using two different camera and two lenses.............. Nikon D3 with a 35mm Nikon lens. This type of train was the type I mentioned earlier; probably a summer Saturday extra, made up of anything which could turn a wheel. Most of these are Comet kits. The loco is the prototype model for DJH's A2/2 kit. I built this from a variety of DJH parts and some scratch-building, over 20 years ago. Ian Rathbone painted it. Soon,
  8. What a fantastic resource this thread (indeed the whole site) is. My most grateful thanks to all those who've responded to my question about that fantastic GE Section express.
  9. Good evening Michael, Sandboxes? South Eastern Finecast. Lots of different types as spares. 4F ones will suit most. Regards, Tony
  10. Good evening Andy, How common was 'British Railways' above the running-in boards' names? I'm not familiar with that arrangement. This is one of Bytham's. Regards, Tony.
  11. I don't think both rakes are exactly the same, though the service probably is. Don't be deceived into believing the extra doors have not been added. They were probably on the opposite side, and just in one of the cars. Otherwise too much space was lost for dining. I'm not even sure if all the ex-Streamliners got the extra doors. The Silver Jubilee cars don't seem to have them. Regards, Tony.
  12. I don't know Jamie, Hence my question. It's the six-wheelers which are the most-interesting. Could they be ex-GE? Someone out there must know. Jonathan? Graeme, Graham? Andrew? Please................... Regards, Tony.
  13. A request, please............. I'm assisting Irwell in writing captions/additions to captions for the forthcoming 'Book of The B17s'. Most, I can add my scribblings to, but this one has me beaten. Apologies for my poor-quality scan, but I hope it shows the train well enough (which is what I'm asked to comment on). The shot was taken in July 1932 and it shows a Down express at Stratford. The first two vehicles look like six-wheelers (the leading one a clerestory). Anyone know what they are? The third car looks like a ne
  14. Good afternoon, Andy, Ian Wilson made the bespoke running-in station name boards for Little Bytham. I'm sure he'll make you some (at a modest price). Presumably GRESLEY JUNCTION? And/or JUNCTION FOR.........? Ian also made the supports (in plastic/wire). I assume you'll make those yourself? How many? Regards, Tony
  15. Many thanks, And my thanks also to the likes of Archie, who shot the video. I suppose I'm so close to Little Bytham that I'm acutely aware of things that might be incomplete/incorrect (though what I mentioned has subsequently been attended to). I'm delighted with the 'sound-effects' on Little Bytham (other than the occasional 'whirring' motor/drive). They're entirely natural and not contrived in any way. I think they're assisted by the fact that almost all the locomotives are made of metal, as is much of the stock. That fact, with it all running on metal w
  16. Good morning Andy, As Robert has indicated, the trains you mention were photographed at Gainsborough Lea Road on Sunday diversions (your dates are correct). They have appeared before, but discussions tend to be cyclic, and, at the rate this thread travels, hundreds of pages ago! I, too, have no idea what the workings are (but the same train appears in other images I have; this time on the main line proper). This is where I'm more inclined to use prototype pictures to make-up my trains for LB, not just being reliant on the CWNs (which represent an 'ideal').
  17. Good morning Richard, And, here is that self-same modified Bachmann 'Dub-Dee'.......................... Universally-christened 'The Flying T*rd', it's in typical 'Austerity' BR standard grime. Perhaps not quite as filthy, here's the DJH example I built/painted/weathered for Norman Turner; one you'll have driven on many occasions on Stoke. I built another to run on Little Bytham................. Which your lads might well have driven. I'm very fortunate to no
  18. Good morning Steve, Your 'association' is confirmed by my experiences (though I'm sure burnt smokeboxes were attended to on other regions), 'spotting at Chester. It was common to see Black Fives and 8Fs with gleaming 'faces', when the rest of their appearance was very grubby. Regards, Tony.
  19. Thanks Stephen, I'd always assumed (in my ignorance) that the the smokeboxes had been replaced, though the effect is the same. As is often the case, a chance remark led me to delve into the photo collection.................... A clean loco, but note how the smokebox has discoloured (through priming?). The self-same 60112 as shown above, but this time with heroic weathering. There can hardly be any paint left on the smokebox, and look at that leading bogie wheel. At least someone has attempted to clean the number, or som
  20. Good evening Baz, Geoff Haynes and I looked at lots of 8F pictures with regard to weathering. Quite a common feature was evidence of the smokebox having been replaced at some point. I recall this feature as a trainspotter, where a loco would present a shiny black 'face' on approach, resulting in our believing it was ex-works, only to find that the rest of the paintwork was shabby. I suppose it all comes down to observation. You're a dab-hand at weathering, and observation of the prototype is always essential. Of course, regarding smokeboxes, the opposite c
  21. Many thanks Archie, What struck me most in the video was the incomplete point rodding and the way-out-of-scale MR/M&GNR girder bridge. Regards, Tony.
  22. I've taken a picture of them as well, Graham. I assume that's the actual number of Ivo's Bentley? Did they capture views like this from their vantage point? They'll have needed a step ladder or two to get this one! It was certainly a popular spot for photographers.................. As you have replicated............................ I took this last picture at the Warley Show (as you know). I assume the 8F now has a front coupling, cab glazing and lamps (and a crew)?
  23. Fascinating. Many thanks for showing us. Regards, Tony.
  24. Thanks Stephen, I'd have a bit more in the respective tenders. During Little Bytham's period of representation, most of the A4s had double chimneys, and so did a few A3s. As with the Thompson/Peppercorn Pacifics, this made them lighter on coal. There are many pictures of A4s arriving at Kings Cross on the 'Lizzie' with enough coal left to probably get halfway back to Edinburgh. Northbound locos would have their coal piled up so high that Gasworks Tunnel acted as the 'loading gauge'. Regards, Tony.
  25. Thanks Graham, I really don't know. What about Derek Cross? Isn't he, and his friend, Ivo Peters, on your layout of Shap? Derek Cross used a Linhof Teknika plate camera. A very serious bit of kit. Regards, Tony.
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