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  1. Took possession of a cheap Hornby decoder so I can convert the turntable to DCC.
  2. A small update....the turntable is being constructed!! And finally I have built the sidings for the coal merchants.
  3. The pic of Sheffield Park that you are getting ready.....what is the large shed building on the left? I like it.
  4. I am speechless. The tree.......... ........it's just superb.
  5. Gulp.....and to think at this point in time I am building myself up to attempt a scratch built engine shed......
  6. Jaz.......that tree and your step by step guide is THE NUTS!!! I am loving your work. Cant wait to see more
  7. Those buildings look excellent......and some of them are spectacular in their size! Are they all destined for the new layout when it's finished??
  8. Hi Sasquatch, I am really excited my the prospect of this new build you will be doing. I CAN'T WAIT in fact! Please make sure you keep plenty of pics coming. Loving the work on the room so far too
  9. Hi Kal & Jaz, the main problem with trying to expand space is that the main framework of the layout will be in the way of the stream. Dag nam it.
  10. Blimey...maybe you've unwillingly created a new super strength composite to rival carbon fibre?!!!
  11. Hi Kal, Thanks for the kind feedback. I am really happy so far with how Goathland is coming along (based on the limitations on space I have). However, one thing I am slightly disappointed about is that I have underestimated how much space I have used up in getting all the buildings in the right spot. It is becoming apparent that in front of the goods shed, I am going to have no space to include the stream so I am a little miffed and need to rethink what I can do about this.
  12. Hi all, Just a few little updates to show you. I have finished the ramp up to the lime/coal drops in Goathland station: The yard area is getting there now in terms of track etc....just a few bits left to do like the turntable etc: I put the brewery in place to get an idea of space etc... And finally it was time to get the track cleaned......again!! That's it for now....most of the update is not visible such as wiring and point motors. I am still finding the odd bit of track that needs tweaking when running trains so want to get all the testing fully done before I attempt too much scenery or ballasting. Cheers Ian
  13. A really newbie question so apologies: What material do you use for the grass? I know you use static grass but what do you put down as a base before that? Is is Flock?
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