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  1. It sure does, I know exactly where that is. Thanks!
  2. Crikey, it was much more common than I had imagined! Did Mallard ever do freight etc? I would be very surprised if she ever had. I'm also a fan of the Q1. Did these often, or ever, leave southern metals?
  3. Thanks, looks like it could be a good day out. I know Castlerock isnt very big but can anyone tell me exactly where the hall is that will host the layouts?
  4. Ah now that sounds interesting, I might pop along to that if I get the chance! Do you know if there is an admission fee? Thanks
  5. Just wondering if there are any other railway enthusiasts or clubs here in N.I. I am in the Limavady area. Keen to learn from others as at 31, I am quite young at this game!
  6. A real wealth of knowledge here, thank you all kindly. Its nice to have a few to aim for. Particular interests now are the Stanier 8F, Black 5(how did I forget that), 9F and a good collection of 0-6-0's. Reminds me I once had a Hornby J94 and thought highly of it. A few other names I am not familiar with but will research all suggestions. I guess I also learned something too, those photo's of the A4's on freight are remarkable. I wonder how Merlin would feel about hauling some wagons for me!
  7. Thanks for the advice gents! 9F most certainly on the cards sometime but I do like the notion of all those 0-6-0's rolling around. I didn't know the ratio to 4-6-2's was that large though, thankfully I have a soft spot for Panniers and I believe Bachmann do a nice model of it!? Yes I have read about the big express engines doing freight work to earn their keep. Obviously the Britannia's would be no shock and I can live with the idea of the A3's and Bulleid Pacifics doing it also but surely the A4's were never relegated to this, were they?
  8. I am in the process of building a fleet of loco's. At present I have: 3x A3's 1x A4 1x Castle 1x M. Navy 1x Britannia I want to add a few smaller passenger/branchline loco's but as I am sure you can see I have totally neglected freight engines and, tbh, I don't know much about them. I will add a 9F at some point but what were the main freight engines working the rails in the late 50's and early 60's. I am not modelling any specific area so all suggestions welcome!
  9. Great to see some other Model rail enthusiasts over here, I am from Magilligan and grew up close to the line! I have been in Coleraine station many times and that is a very good representation of it, great work!
  10. Well I gave it a go and it now works perfectly! Just required a little adjustment and all was well. It also seems to be showing improvement running forward, subtle as it is. Definitely a valuable piece of info gained. Thank you both very much!
  11. Guys, thank you both very much for your replies and possible solutions! I am going to sit down with it tomorrow night and test it. I am wondering if I run it with my other A3, Manna(which runs perfectly in both directions), will this possibly show if the problem is the loco connection as opposed to the tender? Thanks again, Chris
  12. Ok so I have a Super Detail A3 (Doncaster from 1999) which runs fine forward. In reverse though, it jerks and stutters. Its a tender driven loco. Does anyone have any idea as to what could be causing this issue, I can't find much online. Thanks, Chris
  13. I have recently started using this oil on my loco's and I am quite impressed with the results. It seems to be a really good quality oil originally designed as a friction eliminator for high powered cars. Has anyone else tried it? The applicator makes it easy to apply but it can run a bit if not careful. Here is the stuff I mean http://www.team-zx1.com/Micro-Lube A very interesting demo (maybe a little extreme for our needs)
  14. Regarding the Deoxit, if applied to the axle area's of the chassis, is it necessary to oil this area as well? I like the fact that it adds extra conductivity but how well does it lubricate? If oil was added would this hamper the conductive abililty of the deoxit? Hopefully I have made sense!
  15. Ok guys I will give it a second chance and try all of your suggestions. I guess there is more satisfaction in getting it up and running again! I will contact Bachmann about the axle spacers, I have always found their customer service to be 1st class! Sorry Julian, I totally missed your post. I shall try that product, your experience with it is very encouraging. Thank you all again!
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