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    North-West Australian Iron Ore Railways (Hamersley Iron/Mount Newman) (current 'CEO' of the Consolidated Shales Heavy-Haul Railway) - South African & Australian Electric Locomotives - The South African Sishen-Saldahna Bay (OREX) Line and Richards Bay Coal Operation - The Queensland Coal Operation - Industrial/Steelworks (Current 'CEO' of RHYDWYN FAWR STEEL) - BR(WR) Diesel Hydraulic Locos - BR(SR) Class 33, 73, & Booster-Electric Locos - BR and Pre-BR EMUs - Bulleid Loco-Hauled Coaches - Thompson, Stanier (Porthole), Collett, and BR Mk1 Coaches and vans (Permanent 0 scale layout now under construction) - The London Underground Pre-1969 (possible future 00 exhibition layout under construction) - Stewarts Lane, Kensington (Olympia) and the West London Line 1948-1983 - The 'Woodhead' Route 1952-1981 (Builder of the former Fisher Street-Victoria Bridge MR 1982-87) - Signalling Worldwide (30 years experience in the British signalling grades on the West London Line and in Cornwall, and, former Manager at York IECC (now retired!) - Electronics - Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Interlockings - I'm afraid, I'm not really a steam enthusiast , and apart from the Class 444 EMUs I'm into absolutely nothing British after 'sectorisation' in the early 1980s!.......... These days if anything, I consider myself to be more of an 'operating' person!

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  1. This is the best I can do for what you've supplied
  2. Are you referring to the 'Lindbergs' on Merseyside?..... They looked like the GEC compartment units! :-)
  3. There were two sidings on the down side on the eastern side of the level crossing opposite the box. They formerly gave access into a goods shed - The Chacewater cement train sometimes detached a few 'Vanfits' there! :-)
  4. Bullhead is much quicker and easier to change in an emergency! :-)
  5. A 'Relief' Train which was put on at short notice, and not advertised to the public - A common thing in times gone by! :-)
  6. HAXBY?......Well I never. - My daughter lives only a couple of miles from there - Here's hoping you will allow me to see my old station in miniature once you're settled in! :-)
  7. Most definitely the 46s - I signalled several 46s down there in the 80s -'Don't remember any 45s though! :-)
  8. That must have been for maybe only one or two seasons, circa '65-67 - I don't remember it! :-)
  9. They never normally got beyond St Austell, although I do remember them turning up empty in both Truro and St Blazey yards! :-)
  10. The only 'Motorail' through Camborne was conveyed in one or two GUVs at the Penzance end of the overnight sleeper train! :-)
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