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  1. No. 7 is definitely GNRI. Most likely an A or AL class. The roof in the right background was unique to the concrete roundhouses at Portadown and Clones.
  2. Alexandra Road is still in regular weekday use for the Tara Mines ore trains, 2-3 each way per day. These are the brown bogie tipplers in the pictures above.
  3. Definitely T&D. 4 of the locos were used later on the Cavan & Leitrim Railway.
  4. +1 for Wembley Central. When someone decides to build a shopping center where once there was no more than a bridge it’s doomed to failure. See the medeieval London Bridge for example.
  5. You’re right, I’d forgotten about 323 saloons, and the second car on lower deck is not the same as the first one on top. I must try harder, lol.
  6. First car on top and the second on the lower deck look like Mazda 323’s. Is the third one on the top deck a Mark 4 Cortina? The rest seem to be Polska Fiats. I should have recognized the 125P badge in the first photo.
  7. I've seen some cheap rebrandings but that takes the biscuit. Edited to fix spull shucker.
  8. There's a similar image of a Fail To Stop Incident (probably not called that) at Dublin's Harourt Street terminus in the early 20th Century.
  9. death wasn't a punishment for their trespasses, it was a consequence of their trespasses. If they weren't there then nothing would have happened
  10. The Loughrea branch in Galway was worked for a while by G Class 0-4-0 diesels on passenger services into the 1970's.
  11. The Mk 1 BCK and BSK conversions were indeed steam heat and lighting genny vans. There were later Mk 2 and Mk 3 ETH and electrical services genny vans built new for CIE / Irish Rail
  12. Ah, that's odd alright. The stops seem to have been moved even further from the access since I was last down that way. Thanks for the pictures.
  13. Tralee was originally a through station. once the line to Fenit and the North Kerry line were closed a bufferstop was put at the platform end, allowing trains to still use the train shed. Later the goods yard was converted to an additional car park, accessed through the site of the buffer stop. The new arrangement moved the bufferstop further down the platform, as shown above.
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