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  1. I got an unopened Cambrian one recently on Ebay, so worth keeping an eye open there.
  2. My layout is set in Dorset, in the Poole/Bournemouth area in the late 50s/early 60s. I really like the idea of running a few 6-wheel milk tankers, but did they ever stray into this area, or would all the SR traffic have been routed via Salisbury?
  3. Thanks for that Jason - the photo is really useful. I assume from the caption to photo in your link that, prior to 1960, DS55907 would have been S55907 and would probably have been in freight grey. Since my original post, I've discovered that Hornby did a version in BR grey, numbered S55926. But I'm going to go with your 55907. Repainting it also gives the option of filling in the unsightly holes where it all clips together! Thanks again for the info, Peter
  4. I was just about to ask the same question! So my thanks as well for the replies above. Think I might add the sheet sheeting at the bottom (presumably a thin sheet of Plasticard would look right?) and paint in departmental livery. How high up the side did the sheeting extend? Regards, Peter
  5. Does anyone know which of the E4s went to France during the First World War? I believe that twelve were requisitioned and used in France between 1917 and 1919.
  6. I've now been waiting nearly 8 months for my order, despite the fact the website says that it has been delivered. When I 'phoned I was told that it would be sent in a couple of weeks, but I was told that last time I 'phoned (probably in March or April), so I'm not hopeful.
  7. Personally I wouldn't buy anything from Modelmaster again. Their website said that payment for my order was received on 31st January, "processing in progress" on 2 February and delivered on 19th August. Which it wasn't and still hasn't been delivered. And I've not had a response to my email asking what's happening. My advice is to avoid like the plague.
  8. Thanks, John. That's really helpful. All the photos I could find of 30093 showed an early crest, but thought I'd check before taking the plunge! My grandparents lived near Poole and, when I was a small child, we used to go to a cafe on the quayside. I remember the tramway in operation, but was far too young to remember which crest!! Many thanks again, Peter
  9. I want to renumber a Dapol B4 to represent number 30093, which seems to be the loco most associated with the Poole Quay tramway. Does anyone know if she every received the late crest, or was she withdrawn still with the early crest? I've bought the late crest Dapol model because it has the right shaped spectacle plates, whereas the early crest version doesn't. From what photos I can find, I'm pretty sure that I need to change the crest as well but thought I'd check on here to see if anyone knew differently. Cheers, Peter
  10. I've also tried brake fluid and it did work OK, but I had to re-apply a few times on thick paint. For some reason people seem to paint Mk 1s in strange colours, usually applied with a dusty trowel!! I've picked up quite a few like this really cheaply over the years. I've always used Model Strip on them and it works really well, even where the paint is quite thick. Repainted and re-lined they come up remarkably well. Interesting what someone said about Mr Muscle. I've used this (very carefully) on a couple of very old rifles. They were packed in grease which, over a period of abo
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