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  1. I don’t suppose you’d be kind enough to PM me a copy please?
  2. Only thing I may have been tempted by was the Class 117, but not at that price.
  3. That’s very informative. Thank you. So I’ll take that to mean BSOs (or BSO(T)s) will not have been seen in the West Midlands. That solitary declassified FO in the Provincial pool, any idea what sort of services it would have worked? Thanks again
  4. Hi all, and Happy New Year. I’m interested in adding some of Hornby’s Mk1 BSOs and FOs to my rakes of Mk1 coaches for a bit of variety. My area of interest is around Birmingham from 1988 to 1994ish. By this stage was there anywhere in the country where BR was still regularly using the Mk1 BSO or FO? I know a lot of the FOs were transferred to InterCity Charter services, but I’m looking more at regular passenger duties, if there were any. What sort of services were these coaches used in please? Thanks in advance.
  5. Ugh - that will be more models to sneak past the wife then. Thanks for that.
  6. Hi there - I’d be interested in Locomotives & Coaching stock 1990 and 1994 please?
  7. Sorry I’m a bit late to the party. I paid £260 odd Or whatever it was for an APT. Natwest helped me with a dispute using their online form and they reclaimed my money. I was just outside their time frame but they still were successful. Was quite looking forward to having an APT-P so hopefully someone else can release one successfully.
  8. 32-764 “Northern Princess” is discontinued. They have 32-764A “Solway Princess” now. You could always have one in Northern Belle livery and one in DRS livery as well. I think the variety adds a bit of visual interest.
  9. The *TSO* does. But the Mk2D and Mk2E FOs are essentially the same barring the bump stops which have been removed on the Northern Belle set anyway.
  10. The photos on Hattons DEFINITELY show them being the Mk2E tooling. Apart from bump stops (removed on these anyway I believe) is there any difference between a Mk2D and Mk2E FO anyway?
  11. It’s a shame they didn’t tool the oval door windows.
  12. The only flush glazing I have come across is the SE finecast stuff. They do it for the Lima Mk2 non air con too. It isn’t plug and play - you need to file out each window aperture slightly to get it to fit. The roof will still click in place. The door glazing is part of what holds the roof on and is quite flush. You don’t need to replace that and that should be enough to hold it.
  13. Hi All, I’ve purchased a new Bachmann POT at a very keen price using the eBay discount code last week. Sadly it’s come damaged with some parts loose in the box. The retailer doesn’t have any more so if I return it I won’t be able to get another one for the same price. The corridor end step and gangway end has come off but that’s all very straight forward. 3 of these metal bars came out of the box too and I don’t know where they go! Any suggestions please?
  14. Some excellent advice in here, thank you. With respect to lamp irons I plan on cutting some staples in half and using those.
  15. If you take your coupon and receipt to customer services they usually just give you cash in exchange for the voucher. Done it two or three times.
  16. Hi all, I’m looking to detail some Lima tooling Class 101s. Could anyone point me in the right direction of some buffers I could use please? Thanks
  17. Is all well at this model shop? Hadn’t seen Martin in a few months and had a day off so went down. Shutters down and no answer from the mobile number? Thanks
  18. Top Cashback have £2.50 extra Cashback off this weekend. They’re also offering 2% Cashback on eBay purchases at the minute. Defo worth signing up if you haven’t already. Would be grateful if you could use my referral code, there’s a £5 Tesco voucher in it for you at the moment if you do: https://www.topcashback.co.uk/ref/sub39h
  19. Hi again all - sorry to ressurrect this thread again but I noticed in the top photo that Dave has very kindly provided that the FO in the shot is a Mk3B. Was this still being used in the set in 2014-2016 time? I can’t make out the running number. Thanks again
  20. That’s incredibly helpful, thank you. What do the letters and numbers in the brackets signify though please?
  21. Thanks! So have they all been renunbered to SOs then? And are all carriages 2+2 seating? I’ve not seen a single photo of the blue grey set with Chiltern with the RFM in the rake - just 6 ordinary TSOs.
  22. Thanks for your replies guys. I’m most interested in services from 2014 to 2016 as that’s when I used to travel between B’ham and the Midlands on a regular basis. Good to know the set occasionally ventured toward b’ham. So in this period was the RFM not used then? And was there no first class service anymore? Interesting to see a Mk3b FO in the consist in the photos from @Davexoc. Thanks again
  23. Hi all, When did Chiltern operate it’s blue/grey Mk3 set from/to? Did it always stop at Banbury or did it ever go on to Birmingham? What was a typical blue/grey rake? I’ve read it’s 3x TSOs and 2x FOs. Does that mean no buffet service? What was the RFM W&S coach that Hornby released? Was that fictional? Thanks
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