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  1. Where is the McDonalds kit from? Really could do with one of those!
  2. Took a picture of 009 at Paddington today looking patchy as anything with mismatching vinyls and with two names at the First class end? Anyone know why this is? Was as the correct way around though, 5 80X at the time and only one was incorrect
  3. Bumpkin

    Dapol 142

    Has anyone noticed the NEM Scharfenberg couplers? I hope Dapol release these as spares to convert units like the GraFar 150 etc
  4. The whole magazine gives a nice summary of the stock TPE are getting and rough dates for their arrival. https://issuu.com/transpennineexpress/docs/together_issu
  5. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s-hPBnKaz_g Brief video by Network Rail on what the RHTT does and how it performs.
  6. Great video showing off the new 800s and the depot in Bristol by Geoff and Vicki at 'All The Stations', well worth a watch! https://youtu.be/K2Azm_YmTW8
  7. Just seen one pass through Norbury with two 66’s as power. Working 3W90 I think?
  8. If I want to amend my order, what is the best way to do this?
  9. Surely if Crossrail services were to go towards Dartford they could use the existing third rail. I remember reading it was in the design spec that the class 345 would be able to have the provision to retrofit the units with 750v DC. With a core running pattern to Abbey Wood, could the Dartford trains not just be a 2tph on the existing SE lines after Abbey Wood?
  10. Is there as of yet any plans as to what the packaging is going to look like? Are the carriages going to be individually boxed as per Farish's style of multiple units or more of a bookset like Kato or Dapol? Thanks, Connor
  11. More details can be found on the Global Rail website. https://www.globalairrail.com/news/entry/first-brand-new-gatwick-express-carriage-on-test
  12. The first image of the new Gatwick Express stock has been released. Personally I'm not sure on the livery choice on this stock. Looks a bit Deutsche Bahn to me. Won't these reduce capacity from the current 5 car Class 442?
  13. If the tilt mechanism was incorporated them I feel that the best option would be the route of the adding it to the mouldings as this works well on the Hornby model and wouldn't cost that much more as opposed to a fancy pendulum used in Kato's models. In my opinion this seems like the best course of action if the tilt is to be incorporated.
  14. How come it won't have the tilting mechanism? It's been achieved in N gauge before by the likes of Fleischmann in its ICE-T and by Kato in numerous EMUs. These all look fairly decent when traversing curves. After all, the tilting mechanism is what stands the Pendolino out in the UK rail network.
  15. Can I ask what you used to make the departure screens?
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