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  1. i had a bedford cf, started as an 1800 then i put a rover V8 in it, it went quick but drank fuel as i did not change the diff ratio, lol.
  2. hi ovbullied thanks for compliment all the conversions are in stock, just not with the base vehicle models https://sandsmodels.com/product-category/20mm-172-ww2/20mm-172-ww2-ww2-20mm-conversion-kits/page/9/?orderby=date if you can't find them just email me [email protected] and i can sort them out for you thanks shaun
  3. hi thanks for the nice comments. wargamers have very little worries about mixing scales as we have generaly plenty of room, but i can see a situation where a train has bridges and other trains to pass by, we thought long about what size to call our models and the vast majority are 1/72 especialy the later ones but some of the earlier models are slightly smaller, sort of in between 76-72 scales. i do not like the description 20mm as most of our figs are 23mm tall but it is a well missused term in gaming circles. what i would say is that we can always measure a model for those who are interested and then you can decide whether to buy or not, i have seen pics on here showing some of our models on carriages so that also makes it easier to judge. sadly i have little info on how, when or where certain vehicles were transported if at all but i do know that if ww3 went hot a lot would have been tried to get to the south coast by rail but in war plans seldom survive long a few well placed bombs would have put the entire south east rail net work out of action. the saxon 4x4 apc was designed to be driven by the TA from uk to germany by road (except for the channel) asap so may not have even used the rail network at all. a lot would have gone to marchwood port in hants then got onto ships. thanks shaun
  4. glad it all seems to fit, the difference is very small on the smaller vehicles, our warrior will be too large as it has the gulf war extra armour moulded on it. looking forward to seeing what else you chaps have done with our models, thanks shaun
  5. andy, many thanks for the post, chqs in the pots lol, lol. i never thought railway modelers would get into army trains in the cold war! but i was wrong there, shaun
  6. hi just added my name to the forum we make military vehicles for 00 gauge https://sandsmodels.com/ if you put in rmweb into the coupon box at the checkout you will get a 10% discount thanks shaun s&s models uk
  7. hi all found your site after a customer mentioned about suitable vehicles for British army cold war vehicles and accesories. i have had a look and have found a few pics and references to our range so i thought i should join and keep an eye out for our models as we like to see what people think ect. we make a massive range of cold war vehicles including gb ones from light l/rovers to chieftain bridglayers so we are more than likely to have what you need. whilst these are designed for gamers and are generaly simple metal & resin kits they are accurate enough for most modelers and with a few added details make nice models. we are a web shop only and due to high demand we are a little slow in getting larger orders out but we have been going since 1986 so have been around the trade for a while. our webshop is here:- https://sandsmodels.com/ and i have added a discount coupon to the shop for a 10% discount on any order for those forum members to use the code is rmweb putting that in the coupon box at the checkout will give you the discount on the purchase. please feel free to mention models which you feel may be of interest in the future as we are always looking at new models although we do have lots more to release. any questions please ask as enquiries are always welcome, [email protected] thanks shaun s&s models uk
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