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    1980’s Scotland, currently recreating Glasgow Queen Street as was in 1985 in P4

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  1. Was informed by a local model shop owner the other day that Bachmann have dropped the mid range option (sound fitted but no working fans or fancy windscreen) for future Class 47 releases so only DCC ready or SFX options will available. Can any one confirm if this is correct? Cheers, Bill.
  2. Only just come across this topic. Absolutely stunning modelling (and photography) Thank you for a couple of hours enjoyable reading. I do like the story that goes with the cameo photos which draw you in even further. Regards. Bill.
  3. Hi Simon. Looks incredible and from reading the posts on here, it has been very well received. I’ve not had the chance to travel to Wakefield to see HLJ due to work commitments, but looking forward to when the layout goes on display in the Midlands. Out of interest, how many visitors did you have through the door at Wakefield? I know it would be difficult to put an exact number on this but what proportion of those do you think would be railway modellers Vs general public? Regards, Bill.
  4. What great photos! Interesting that the signal box at some point has been replaced with a austerity / wartime design. Thank you again for sharing the photos and plan.
  5. Really enjoying this topic. I grew up around Hull, Holme on Spalding Moor and Patrington before moving to the East Midlands in 1986. Would love to see any photos of the stations and Patrington and Holme on Spalding Moor if anyone has any? Regards, Bill.
  6. Looks great! The sectional concrete roadway looks very effective. Where did you get the raised concrete walkway and Portakabin from? Regards. Bill.
  7. Same here, looking forward to centre head code Scottish headlamp 37/0’s being announced. That is going to get expensive!!
  8. Looking (and sounding) great John!
  9. Nice video Rob. The 37 sounds fantastic. What sound chip / speaker combination are you using? Cheers. Bill.
  10. Hi Flood. intrigued with what you have to show us? I also have a couple of mint boxed Jouef MK3’s to off load. Cheers, Bill.
  11. Hi all. Had a call from Trevor’s wife this morning to arrange a refund. It is looking highly likely that the Gauge O Guild will taking on The Dingham range. Regards Bill.
  12. Hi Marc. Very interested in your couplings. I did have an outstanding order with Trevor. We were discussing the pros and cons of Dinghams yesterday as a couple of people in our group use them and I planned to use them on my current project (4mm) From the discussion, the main drawback seems to be size of the loop which it looks like you have already addressed. Please do keep us updated with progress. if you need anyone to test out prototypes, I will be happy to help! Cheers, Bill.
  13. Very sad to hear that Trevor has decided to stop trading due to ill health. I do wish him all the very best. Will follow the replacement for Dingham couplings thread. We were discussing Dingham couplings at our local workshop group meeting yesterday, a couple of the guys that use did mention that the loops could with being a little bigger to give a little more tolerance. Bill
  14. That’s a great tip off on the Halfords paint! The stone work looks stunning. Cheers. Bill.
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