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  1. Hi Fran. Thanks for the update. The level of detail looks fantastic and the body ride height looks spot on! Got that heavy, chunky look! Completely understand the reasons behind the delay in these uncertain times but hey, it certainly looks like it will be well worth the wait. Gives me more time to save up for the 3 on pre-order! Are we likely to see a ‘80’s Centre headcode 37/0 release in the future (preferably Scottish allocation!) Regards, Bill.
  2. This little gem arrived yesterday courtesy of Bill Hudson Books. Lots of history as to how the station came about and the changes through the decades. Well worth a read!! Cheers, Bill.
  3. Also work within the automotive industry and only agree that the industry is TLA stupid!! I was completely stumped when I 1st heard CHMSL when I 1st started in Automotive manufacturing engineering “Central high mounted stop lamp” The company I work for has published a TLA directory on our Intranet for new starters, there are pages of them!!
  4. Thanks for the info. Very useful to know. looking forward to seeing further progress.
  5. The stone work looks stunning. What paint / method did you use to get the effect? regards. Bill.
  6. Hi, I have used “Johnson’s Klear” when fitting Laser Glaze to locos. You can also use gloss varnish or Deluxe Materials Glue n Glaze. if you look closely at the glazing for the coaches, you can see a very slight bevel around the edge so in theory the piece of glazing will only fit in one way. hope that helps. Regards, Bill.
  7. Very true. Having neat, well organised wiring to start with generally means less problems later on. enjoying following the progress and looking forward to seeing it in the flesh at some point in the future. Bill.
  8. Looks great, very neat. Nothing worse than what resembles a rats nest on the under side of the boards! Cheers, Bill.
  9. Please ignore my last post. Found them and order placed!! Regards, Bill.
  10. Hi Eddie. Enjoying following the work you are doing on your coaching stock. Do you know which Railtec transfer pack number has the buffet sign for window of the micro buffet? regards. Bill.
  11. Evening all. 1st memories of a model shop for me would be the one near Hull Paragon station in the early 1980’s we were always taken in there as a treat on the bi-monthly shopping trip from the wilds of the East Riding. I remember the shop had centre island of glass fronted cabinets and shelves to the ceiling. There was also a layout in the toy section of either Debenhams or Binns next to the cafe on the 1st floor. In the mid eighties we moved to Leicester where I discovered The Signal Box in the basement of an old fashioned department store in Wigston. Here I got to know Malcom Godfre
  12. Looking forward to watching this layout develop. There is already an EM version based on the late eighties under construction and I am currently building GQS based in autumn 1985 in P4. (Very much a long term project) The track plan and platform configuration was very different in fifties to mid sixties compared to 1985 and different again compared to post 1986
  13. The HST services from GQS (normally at 0800 and 0830) were Kings Cross services that ran via Edinburgh. Cheers. Bill.
  14. A large logo 47/7 would be great as well to run with Oxford Rail blue / grey MK3’s!
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