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  1. Hi all, The sandwich and Ashford Layout was sadly taken apart last year as it had started to run its course having been in operation for over 5 years. However, I am embarking on a new layout build called the Trent Valley Railway and the new layout topic can be found below. http://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/topic/141027-trent-valley-railway/ Thanks for all the chat, comments and support for the Sandwich and Ashford Model Railway throughout this topic. Cheers, Matt
  2. 'Trainspotting Live' It's behind you! Lmfao
  3. To all at Loftus Road, Thanks again for the opportunity to run my Electrostar alongside your Electrostar and wide of variety of rolling stock at the Diesel and Electric Show at Telford last weekend. It was a pleasure to meet and spend time with you all and see Loftus Road from a different perspective. Hope to see you all again soon in the future and enjoy these pictures from the day. Regards, Matt.
  4. Got mine today from Ian Allan Birmingham, still have a few left at the lowest price I have found at 114.95. Saves me the time and effort of renumbering so thanks to all for sharing. Regards, Matt.
  5. Be really top job on the electrostar. Cheers, Matt.
  6. Hi David, If you have already seen this then great but if you haven't it is useful for the parts on the Dover Yard and Sea Wall area! https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=I4Od3VCQbk0 Regards, Matt.
  7. The lights were a challenge but used leds with perspex tubing if i remember to let the light out. There is some considerable light bleed however due to the colour of the livery. On the topic of livery, looking very nice and clean, liked the idea of using sharpie for the lines as i painted mine on - very time consuming. The Bachmann couplings got tranferred out for some Kadee Couplings which looks alot better. Now for the transfers and i think i used craft computer paper and found a font as near to that on the side of the train and printed the lettering numbering off at 'the right size' - very scientific. Looking forward to seeing how the windows look on this with the southeastern livery (i forgot about that part and had already chopped up the windows!) and people inside maybe?
  8. Feel free to view my thread on my electrostar conversion and YouTube videos of my electrostar.
  9. Hi Andrew, David Will be great to see another 375 3-car conversion completed as at the moment I believe I have the only 3-car Southeastern Class 375 in OO Gauge. The only regret I had with mine was not doing the windows correctly so will be fascinated to see how it looks on a southeastern set. Can I ask what livery are you planning? And are you planning cab lights and interior lighting? Regards, Matt.
  10. The Layout has been in hibernation for around 7/8 months due to problems running the layout through Railmaster on a 7 year old laptop. So it was time for a change after Christmas and I purchased a new touch screen laptop to bring the layout back to life. Along with some Christmas present additions to layout in the form of some VSOE Pullman coaches and the acquisition of a Class 67 for £80 at Warley meant an enjoyable running session. The video for the VSOE Pullman Special is below: https://youtu.be/EAIbdsHGqKU With a much better operation through the touch screen laptop and improvements to the Railmaster software in the latest updates I plan to do much more running session videos and even a video on operating Railmaster on my touch screen laptop. Happy New Year from Sandwich and Ashford Model Railway. Cheers, Matt.
  11. March 2015 Running Session includes: Class 92 DB Schenker Class 92 GBRF Southeastern Class 466 Southeastern Class 375 Southeastern Class 395 Network Rail IOA Wagons Netwrok Rail IHA Wagons
  12. March 2015 Running Session includes: Class 92 DB Schenker Class 92 GBRF Southeastern Class 466 Southeastern Class 375 Southeastern Class 395 Network Rail IOA Wagons Netwrok Rail IHA Wagons
  13. Southeastern Running Session includes: Electrostar 375 Networker 466 Javelin 395
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