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  1. Hi Headstock Thanks for that, if the changes are worth it I'm not against a little hacking though repainting after changing the dome is perhaps a little nerve racking. I'll make my mind up when it arrives, I'd like 6 but if it's too much work I'll be equally happy keeping 5 Thanks Rhys
  2. I have pre ordered Edward Thompson and Thane of Fife and dependant on my financial position when they arrive they may well be joined by a Sun Castle. Thane of Fife may or may not be renamed as Wolf of Badenoch Rhys
  3. That's the one I've pre-ordered. Whether I can rename it or not I'm still getting it and looking forward to it. I'm also trying to decide whether to get Edward Thompson or Sun Castle. BR green is more useful to me but Apple green is so pretty (and pretty is winning) Rhys
  4. I'm fairly certain, from what I've gathered above, but would just like to double check with those who know better than I. Neither of the A2/2 are appropriate for representing 60506 Wolf of Badenoch? Thanks Rhys
  5. Does anyone know of any conversions kits or parts suppliers that could supply the extended smokebox and belpaire firebox? I picked up a badly damaged 2-4-2 very cheap and with all the other restoration work I thought I might as well go all out but I can't seem to find anything Thanks Rhys
  6. I have been told in the past that I have the patience of an angry rhino that's absolutely wired. But I was rather hoping to get mine in time for my birthday (sunday), never mind, I know it'll be worth the wait! It looks stunning and I'll struggle to wait until monday!
  7. Hi Tom I only discovered this thread this morning and intend to read it cover to cover as it ties perfectly with ideas I've had of my own for a number of years! I love to see realistic Sudrian modelling! I don't wish to hijack your thread (and apologies if this has been raised before or if I'm going to far OT) but I have a question for you. It's made clear not only in the stories but the source books too, that members of the Hatt family are very shrewd business men who have a distinct preference for steam locomotives. Do you think that in steams final days, Sir Topham (as controller of the North Western Region) might have seen the decline of steam and taken the opportunity to request the transfer of a number of the BR standard locomotives to supplement his, by now well aged, fleet? This provides a selection of young, modern and less labour intensive steam locomotives, saves them from the now obvious fate of scrapping and delays any major influx of diesels for several more years. I'm really looking forward to seeing your layout and more of your North Western locomotives! Thanks Rhys
  8. WD0-6-0

    North Quay

    Hello everyone I'd like to say that North Quay is not dead. If anything the theory of it all has expanded massively. It's likely to undergo a name change to North Dock as I'm now aiming to add a second pier structure and construct a dry dock. I have chosen to move to more of a ship repair based dock site rather than a loading and unloading facility. The vessel in dry dock is likely to be an approximation of a 1920s-30s motor yacht around 50 metres in length. (I'm a final year hydraulics apprentice in the super yacht industry so I'm modelling what I know) In addition to that, the layout is no going to be U shaped with the addition of an upper level. This upper level will include a colliery branch and a branch line station. I have a rough sketch but will provide a more detailed drawing in the coming days. The docks is accessed via the only surviving section of my late grandfather's layout recently uncovered in the loft. It includes a sloped tunnel entrance allowing change between the upper and lower levels. So I think im mad to include a colliery branch, a main branch and a dock all on one layout... I've got a room to put it in and the last piece of furniture blocking the construction has sold so in theory baseboard construction can begin in the new year. Sorry about the delay (and the 1000 page novel I've just dropped on you) and I hope to have some progress to share soon! Thanks again Rhys
  9. Finding this debate fascinating though through having to go to work I've not been able to keep up with every page. I have to say whether you post to applaud or berate the model Hattons must be loving it because no publicity is bad publicity. Personally I'll be ordering two sets, one NCB set to compliment my ratio Midland boogie coaches on a forthcoming colliery layout and a GNR set to follow my Single around another layout. I know they're wrong, I know the roof profile will be the most obvious jar for me compared to real GN stock but im not going to build anything better in the next few years and these will look great from a distance Thanks Rhys Just spotted the "boogie coach" I'm gonna leave it in because it amused me
  10. I usually paint them because it's cheaper (most models already have paint, brushes and tape afterall) but transfers are neater. In this case it doesn't matter as they're covered in filth. First off I undercoat the buffer beam in white, then I apply the yellow. I cut several thin strips of masking tape and apply them at equal spacing. Then I apply the black, it takes me about 1-1.5 hours per end. I cheated and only photographed the front end as I haven't done the rear buffer beam yet. If I was leaving it pristine I would probably buy the transfers but seeing as its covered under a heavy layer of filth its (many) imperfections are hidden
  11. I think this looks a tad more appropriate for the Coal Board than a pristine loco. Buffer beams have been wasp striped, copper cap blackened and otherwise filthed up. I've removed the Ryhope markings and will be getting number plates done to make it the No.4 for my future fictional Colliery layout.
  12. Hi Corbs What a great loco! It really captures the look of the of the class, very handsome! Its inspired me to use your method and build a very similar loco, if you don't mind, can I ask by how much you reduced the length of the tank? Do you have any advice for constructing the cab? Thanks Rhys
  13. I'm quite a fan of old fords and the Escort family in particular, someone mentioned seeing a mk2 Escort on a lorry a few posts back, my own mk3 was on it's way to me also on a lorry at about the same time. Because of that I've collected a few of Oxfords mk3s, one of which ive converted into a mk4 1600 Sport. (The photo is poor and harsh on the paint and details. It looks better in person albeit not as detailed as an oxford release) I hope oxford will consider expanding the Escort family further after the mk1 & 2. Just the 4, 5 & 6 to go Does anyone know of a 3rd party manufacturer who does 00 or even ho scale aftermarket wheels for cars? Thanks Rhys
  14. WD0-6-0

    North Quay

    Hi Steve You're right, the answer was staring me in the face the whole time! I think I might buy a second crane, one for regular lifting and one for bulk materials such as coal, I think I'll fix the bulk crane permanently in once place and leave the original as a travelling crane. That's next month, got to sort the railway room out first so I can get the boards up permanently. Thanks Rhys
  15. WD0-6-0

    North Quay

    Looking for a little advice, I have a small amount of NCB stock that I'd like to be able to run on North Quay. I'm wondering what excuse I'd have to do this, the only thing I can come up with evidence for is having a Staithe for loading coal into ships but I'm not sure where I could put that on the layout as it would require a structure to raise that track by 30mm? Perhaps on the pier in the outside edge facing away from the viewer/operator? Are there any other excuses to operate NCB locos and internal user wagons on a quayside system? Track only roughly laid out in a representative fashion. Thanks Rhys
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