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  1. Mine had one of those too. I think it fits in the liquid reservoir vertical tube shaped space.
  2. Hi Mel, I just sent you a scan of the rest of the booklet by PM. Hope you find some CVs you want to tinker with :-)
  3. Hi Mel, I have just sent a scan of the rest of the manual. the first few pages have colour. The rest is black and white. Tom
  4. Have sent you PM with a scan of the function page for now. Can send rest tomorrow if you still need. Have fun with it. Tom
  5. I can look for mine tomorrow for you
  6. I think there is a dialogue box that does allow you to do exactly that when you load changes onto the chip. If you use it I suggest you do 2 other things. Save a version that you know works before you change defaults, perhaps the factory default, so you can overwrite your new planned default with the original default if anything goes wrong. Second, istr that the button remains clicked so there is a risk of doing the same thing next time without intending to, so I suggest unclicking it explicitly once you are done. Good luck !
  7. I almost certainly have some too, I am also in Ontario. Can you describe or post a photo and I will see how many I have. I see BR60103 is in Guelph which I guess is closer for you. Tom
  8. I would also suggest reading John's (Hayfield's) thread. I have found it full of practical how to information.
  9. I have done many of that type. I use the long box mount offset types 21 , or 31, or 141. Mounted over the existing post in the existing box the length is good. I also introduce a slight bend at the mounting end of the shaft to lift the coupler head to standard height. The closure box clip does not quite hold the pivot up and flat so I use Kadee 10 or 15 thou fibre washers on the post between the coupler and the snap on coupler box lid. Hope that helps. Tom
  10. What are people using for insulated joints ? I have tried 2 ways so far but would love something in between. The existing Peco code 75 flat bottom insulated joiners recommended by Peco look so big and out of place compared to the new nice metal ones. The Exactoscale H shaped ones are very fine. They are great when hand building on a template but I find a bit delicate when laying track on the baseboard.
  11. If am assuming you want to use them in an analogue way and not DCC ? The power to the drive motor is normally left on, so not stud and probe as Sol says. However you don't have to leave the power on. I am using Peco passing contact lever switches for mine. However it only works if you hold the switch in the contact area for the entire duration of the turnout throw. I am running mine on about 6v DC and it take about 5 seconds to complete the throw. A little higher voltage would lead to slightly shorter time. You could do that with stud and probe but may not be the most convenient.
  12. I suspect you know that there are some weathered ones currently available. Tom
  13. The Dapol fruit wagon does measure 78 mm over headstocks and 44 mm axle centres, so a foot longer than the Y10 dimensions given by Miss Prism above, and 6 inches shorter wheel spacing than the Y10.
  14. That looks promising. Many thanks for the link, I will try that. When I search for latex glue here I get glue for making latex clothing which is an entirely different hobby :-)
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