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  1. Hello i need some advice.When the NRM released Butler Henderson in GCR livery i was a bit flushed and bought 2. I have been purchasing stuff to start my layout soon they are unused and when Mons was released i thought i might sell one.I have changed my mind and im gonna get 1 of them renumbered to 508 Prince of Wales .What i want to know is who is the best to carry out this work to professional standards it has to be that good. On another note could this model be made into a D10 easily as if im gonna do this i might go the whole hog as i really like The Earl of Kerry as well. Lastly when you put Butler Henderson and Mons side by side there is a lot of differance in Tender colour and handrails colour its strange but i like the subtle differances. Regrds ezza
  2. Agree my dream loco and one whos time surely must of come.Also anything post 1923 has little interest for me.
  3. Absolutely agree. Im youngish and i hate modern railways ,might have something to do with working on the miserable railway where new stations are a bus shelter with nothing pleasing to the eye ,with the constant smell of urine in the morning and the scourge of grafitti everywhere! In modelling pre grouping reigns for me! love railways in there zenith with the beautiful liveries and stunning architecture ,you can eat me if you think i am ever going to spend one penny on anything modern it sucks!BTW the next comment that connects your age with the era you model and holds this to mean that because you 25 you model the modern era i am gonna go mad ,There ought to be a site that caters for misery of modern era modelling, counselling might help a labotamy is what these people need so bloody depressing! There rant over .Regards E
  4. Yeah but its a toy who cares as long as its rubbishness doesnt carry over in model form.
  5. I buy anything in GC livery Zeebrugge was unexpected ,Mons ,Butler Henderson and now this please make something for them to pull ! J11 i would have another 2 of them .I have pre ordered the ROD and 4 of the Wagons with WW1 sheeted tank and LBSCR railway H1 in umber wow thats stunning,My GC pre grouping fix has been satisfied and after buying Mons and the Birdcage coaches my pocket is suffering ,but i will pay for pre group stuff but we desparately need something to pull .Scenecraft was a dissapointment for me though.
  6. Think ive done it ,thanks mate!
  7. Here Here 100% agree . Strange that younger modellers are expressing a preferance for pre grouping era and liveries.I think Bachmann are realising this .I too love the edwardian era and have loved the thought of having a layout ,but in the past they were too toy like for me (not any more) .And , when Bachmann made the GC buildings in scenecraft that was me hooked .I model GC but will buy anything (almost ) pre grouping as well .SECR Birdcage and Mons D11 were my latest purchases. Anyone who makes any GC rolling stock Barnum and others i am in for at least 20 to complete my collection .Now the RTR are superb and ERA 2 is getting popular im in for the long run!
  8. . Quite agree I am a younger modeller and I don't remember BR steam and really loathe anything in BR black and really don't care which emblem it has on for goodness sake. However, my passion in the hobby is pre grouping why model the railways in there decline model them in there most glorious zenith.just a thought.
  9. well first post .2018 100th anniversary of the end of WW1 somebody has to announce something apt?
  10. My first post and my first model layout is going to be one of the former GC stations between Nottingham and Hucknall.If anyone knows of any resource photos for these stations esp in late Victorian or Edwardian guise that would be brilliant .Early photos of Carrington would be great and Basford goods shed not too much to ask ! regards ezza
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