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  1. I've purchased a couple of Dapol Imperium 3 8 function decoders and fitted them into the Hattons class 66. These give you independent marker and tail lights and independent day and night headlights, if anyone is interested in DCC fitted only, rather than sound. Obviously there's no control on the cab lighting. Tony.
  2. I've finally got around to carrying this mod to my three class 73's. I just did one bogie on one 73 at first to see how well it worked. Ran the loco without the mod, then did the mod to one bogie and ran it again. What a difference it made with just one bogie. So I did both bogies on the first one, then did the mod to the other two. Faultless running now, no stuttering or needing a push to get going and the slow running is spot on. Thanks very much Temeraire for the details. And best still, it doesn't take that long. Probably spent longer re-assembling the brake mechanism on one of the bogies, which fell off, than actually converting one loco.
  3. What about flashing tail lamps, adding that extra bit to your wagons. See links below.
  4. Yes, emails for packing, posting and a link for the Post Office tracking. The emails from the Post Office to say they had the parcel, when it was being delivered (within a 1 hour slot) and lastly, one to say it had been delivered (which I knew!).
  5. It doesn't mention it in the spec, but will the headlight be wired separate to the marker lights, so it can be switched independently if using DCC? Hope this is the case, so it saves messing with the wiring at some stage. Thanks Tony.
  6. Fran, How will the snow ploughs be attached? Will they be linked to the body or attached to the bogies, so the move round when the loco goes around a corner? Please say to the chassis, as the Bachmann 37 looks daft when the snow ploughs move with the bogies. Tony.
  7. Check the direction of the coach and on the controller. The rear lamp needs to be at the rear of the coach, so the direction is important. Change the direction and it should work. Tony.
  8. Andrew, The blue/grey are the FO and the intercity are TSO. Tony.
  9. I've got both blue/grey and intercity coaches and have compared both. I think it's the black roof that highlights the problem, as it doesn't show on the blue/grey version. As for the floor and glazing problems, the coaches I have don't have this, so not sure why this appears to be an issue. Tony.
  10. Peter, I haven't messed with any of the CV's just in case something goes wrong. It would have been good if Bachmann had provided a list of them and what they do, so we could dim the lights or change the function keys around. Might email them and see what they say. Will let you know if I get a response. Tony.
  11. Peter, I've programmed my coaches as though they were a loco and it worked. Coach on the program track, read CV 3 and then programmed a new number. Also read back CV29 to see what it was set on. Must say I was surprised and expected errors, as I assumed it was a function decoder that has been used. I use Lenz DCC system by the way. Tony.
  12. Harry, Sorry for the delay. All I did was cut an oblong hole in the chassis base, to suit the Black Beetle motor, ensuring there was enough clearance for it to turn. Then took a strip of brass long enough to go across the hole. I drill a hole in the centre of it to take the screw to secure the motor. Then located the centres of the bogies and soldered the brass piece to the chassis and carefully bent it upward slightly, so the chassis was parallel with the track. It was a simple as that. If you need a photo, then let me know. Tony.
  13. Harry, Mine is fitted with a Black Beetle motor, but it's been such a long time I'm not sure how I fitted it. If you do want to go this way, let me know and I'll check how I fitted it. Tony.
  14. Francis, See my post in the DCC section on the Dapol Imperium decoder. There's a link to the CV settings that have worked for me. Tony Here's the link .https://www.tcsdcc.com/Customer_Content/Technical_Info/Tech_Manuals/Comprehensive%20Programming%20Guide.pdf
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