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  1. Hi - Just signed up - can see the mags but what happens next here ? Many Thanks,
  2. Scarcity sells - If in the Catalogue year in year out why buy it today ? However in the forever catalogue days the choice was a bit limited compared to now, so I suppose whether I like it or not, it's the down side from having all sorts of interesting models.
  3. Enjoy my model - ESU Loksound V5 decoder South West Trains project. How do you stop the trailing lights from pulsing or flicking ?
  4. Enjoy my model - ESU Loksound V5 decoder South West Trains project.How do you stop the trailing lights from pulsing or flicking ?
  5. Really strange but after several CV8 resets and upgrading the ECoS to the latest software it was fine.
  6. Really strange but after several CV8 resets and upgrading the ECoS to the latest software it was fine.
  7. Hello and thanks for taking the time to help, My Bachmann OO Class 150 factory fitted with a Sound Project and ESU chip - ran OK using my ESU ECoS controller except the trailer carriage flickered - well pulsed and were dimmer than the front driving unit. When one side of wheels was removed from the track they became brighter but still pulsed. This was over the whole layout. I tried my old ZTC and surprising this was much better. So I decided to do a factory reset of my ECoS and a CV 8 reset on the loco and then problems began. My ECoS cannot find
  8. Be great to see - Yes the advertising seems low, but I suspect crowd funding projects need to get to a certain tipping point when they become self advertising and that's not achieved yet. I'll be honest I checked the web and though I'd missed the boat - be nice if there was a little bit more regular updates to how life is at DJ models if upfront non refundable cash is required. It seems to be the same though from a number of small suppliers that have our big dreams in their hands - British Finescale's website is miles out of date too !! Without going too off subject, it is a matter that I t
  9. A few tips - as if looking on eBay etc I've seen a fair number of old stuck models reboxed in the latest boxes! Loco's Pool and Early China have solid wheels and the bogies are have tiny wheels on. Latest loco's have see through spoked wheels. Other clues DCC ready, fitted etc will be more detailed versions. Coaches, Mainly the BR standard coaches as things like the Staniers are all modern tooling. - Poole, Early China - Sides looks flat, basic under frame detail. - New coaches much busier under frame and just look finer, the MK1's generally have added wire details at the ends and onto the
  10. Quick Question - I have a sound version of this fab model. With sound on or off there is an audible motor / chip noise when power applied - yet on the video's I've seen the model appears silent (just rail noise) plus the DCC Sound chuffs when sound is on. Anyone else with a sound version able to comment. I'm using a ECoC command station set at 16v so shouldn't be any controller system issue. I've tried adjusting various CV's too but no difference. Thanks for your comments.
  11. Yes - My Sterling single had an issue and was returned to Simon for clarification / rectification. In the mean time Locomotion sent me another model but it was not Sound fitted and am still waiting for Locomotion to confirm when the original and fixed model is going to be returned and the extra one returned. It is a pitty the logistics have been an issue because it is a fantastic model but it is a lot of money to have these issues - and not only that it must be costing a lot for locomotion to resolve and I'd prefer them to be investing in new models 8^)
  12. Missed the deadline but have ordered a sound fitted one with the current / original tender as it looks as if a few spare ones are now about to filter into the shop. 8^) 8^) 8^) Just need this pay day to add the Dynometer and my little heritage railway / museum will be up and running again.
  13. Hi, I am an apple user and just about to try and connect my iPad, laptop and iPhone upto my ECoS. What VNC viewer software do you use? There seems to be a few out there but knowing one that works would be great 8^)
  14. Really enjoyed your Ashburton model at Railwells - Hope you do not mind the photo. Knowing Totnes very well, I've always enjoyed your Totnes model too, didn't 'click' that they were both by you.
  15. A couple of photos from the recent RailWells show - nothing flash, just my iPhone. Finally had the chance to get them onto the laptop and a quick tweak. Two very different but enjoyable layouts, even though one is N gauge and generated a lot of discussion around the 2mm stand, both certainly inspiration for my own and probably a few other peoples modelling adventures.
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