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  1. Are those extended axles that you've used and Romford wheels, Pete ? If so can you remember where you got them from as I've heard of them mentioned or quoted but I've never actually seen any for sale. I have a chassis that is long overdue building. Regards, Ian.
  2. The diesel depot at Fort William is called Tom-na-Faire, this might help you find a few more photos, etc that are on the web, there are certainly more than 3. When I get home at the W/end I'll see if I can point you in the right direction as I have a list of useful West Highland Line websites or photo sites. Regards, Ian.
  3. I'm thinking that they may be OCAs with snow built up on the uprights and the 'wooden' effect that I thought that I could see isn't what I thought (afraid that I can only see them on my phone at the moment.) I'm always on the lookout for wagon types seen on the WHL. Returning to Rob's original question regarding earlier types of Alumina wagon to the PAFs (?) I thought (and has already been mentioned) that BR Covhops were the immediate predecessors during the 70's with Presflos and LNER Alumina wagons before these. Regards, Ian.
  4. Pretty sure that there is a drawing for these (PABs) in Santona's Modelling the BR Era book, afraid that I'm on my jollies on the I.O.W so can't double check. Just as a matter of interest can anyone confirm what the first two wagons are after the two 37s taken in the winter, please, wooden bodied Tubes maybe ? Regards, Ian.
  5. "Anybody got a quartering jig in their pocket ?"
  6. I had somehow totally missed that one but came across it and ordered it whilst looking for more information on this new one, should receive it by the end of the week. Thanks for the extra info regarding the future release, can't wait. Regards, Ian.
  7. Morning Duncan, Love the STV wagons (as well as the others) and by coincidence I managed to grab these two shots whilst passing Oakworth on the KWVR yesterday to help me with the two that I have on my work bench (along with all of the others !) Obviously in a 'preserved' condition but still showing signs of a wagon that's spent a lot of time sat waiting in a siding. I wish that I'd raised the camera a little higher to capture more of the internal detail, maybe next time. Regards, Ian.
  8. Yes, sorry Chris, the small amount of information came from the advert in Bylines, nothing on the website as of yet, I probably didn't write my post very clearly. The title is The Somerset & Dorset Railway and a line of type on the cover stating 'Bath to Bournemouth. Including Evercreech Junction to Burnham on Sea and the branch lines to Wells and Bridgewater.' I'm as intrigued as you are. I hope that someone on here may have a bit more information or will see something more in the near future. Regards, Ian.
  9. Just a little "heads up" for fellow S&DJR followers, a new book by Derek Phillips is being promoted in this months Railway Bylines (June 2021) from the Irwell Press stable, new for June. No more details and currently nothing on the Irwell website other than : A4 Hardback, Approx. 350pp, iSBN 978-1-911262-33-9 Price : £.TBA Regards, Ian.
  10. If you wish to use a person's RM Web moniker in a reply just type the @ symbol immediately followed by the first few letters of their moniker, a drop down box will appear containing all the RM Web users with an alphabetically similar moniker which you can either scroll down through or add more letters to your selection to narrow it down to the person you are looking for ie @bécasse or @phil_sutters. Hope this is of more use than any advice I can offer regarding the 03s and wasp stripes.
  11. There's hope for my 7mm Bachmann Brassworks "08" yet with it's dodgy roof profile !
  12. Excellent Mike, thankyou for the detailed explanation. I know that I've occaisionally looked at the European locos on the second hand stalls at Society events but have usually ended up dismissing them having not seen the potential that you have and not wanting to get drawn into yet another distraction of modelling a continental railway. As I've said already, excellent in my opinion. Regards, Ian.
  13. Hello Mike, Any chance of a below the footplate shot, please, very interested to see hoe you've adapted the chassis. It certainly looks the part, living close to the Middleton railway in Leeds I'm fairly familiar with their two Hudswells which I love to see when they are allowed out to play ! Regards, Ian.
  14. That looks superb, Ken, thanks for showing us the build. .....now, what could I use one for ? Regards, Ian.
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