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  1. Hello Nigel, I'm thoroughly enjoying following the build. Are you still intending making the etches available at some point, please ? I am the custodian of Mark Haynes old Hemyock Road layout so I could genuinely find a home for one of these little tanks. Regards, Ian.
  2. AUGUST ?? .....take your best Midgy cream !
  3. Good Colour 3/4 photo of an Austerity in what I would say must be in Pepper's colours at Redhaugh. Forgotten how to do links but found it by googling 'British Oak Disposal Point' and looking at the Facebook page, not too far down in the posts. Hope this is what you were looking for. Photo from flickr by Dereck Phillips 1.
  4. If you have Gordon Edgar's British Austerity Saddle Tanks book at your disposal then there are colour photos showing the roof hatches as described above ....open p.45 and 106, closed p.124 and 125 (or 4 and 5 pages from the back ...as there's a complete lack of page numbers in the last section !) Looking forward to seeing the finished loco.
  5. Thanks, this is what I am seeing from the evidence in all of the pictures. Have also just found a thread on here by Ruston concerning different types of wagon tipplers (for coal depots and power stations) which shows a model of this type of tippler in action. It gives an added dimension to the shunting operations at the very least. Thanks for all of the replies. Regards, Ian.
  6. The wagon arrangements in the first few pictures taken at Coralls Wharf suggest that they did as alternate pairs of wagons are white stripe to white stripe. I take your point, time is money (and I'm a Yorkshireman ) I'd always assumed that wagon lift tables were single wagon only. Cheers, Ian.
  7. Thanks montyburns56 , Another great picture, it does answer the question in that the positions of the buffer stop blocks are both at the tailgate end of the wagons which 'suggests' the tipping direction of each mechanism, ie into a central point. I wonder if the wagons were arranged end to end and shunted on in pairs to suit this type of tipper ? I'll check back through some of the other photos both in this thread and the 16ton Mineral thread. Much appreciated, Ian.
  8. 03060


    Obviously you've worked on this because it's a Friday. Back in the 80's, whilst working on the presses at the Yorkshire Evening Post, I remember the job being stopped because the SOGAT '82 FOC (Father of the Chapel) couldn't get a fish for his dinner on a Friday in the canteen....teddy out of pram....but he got his fish ! Your counter is making my mouth water just looking at it....great modelling. Regards, Ian.
  9. Another general question ....the wagon behind the one being tipped is the other way around and the ones in the rake entering the yard are all mixed up, so, was there a wagon turntable somewhere or did the tipper work in different directions ? Have wondered this before having seen earlier photos on the thread. Regards, Ian.
  10. A few more of particular interest : p.36 of Colin Maggs's Last Years of the S&D has another good photo of the turntable area this time without any locos in the way and so shows the shunters huts and lamp room. Also by Mr. Maggs, S&D Life on the Bath to Bournemouth Line, p.46 & 47, including a shot from the North Junction signal box showing the loco serving pit and another from within the 'North' sidings (those between the Junction and station.) p.56 to 65 in Splendour of the S&D Railway (Alan & Christine Hammond) all taken around Evercreech Jcn with one view (p.59) looking towards the entrance into the North sidings. 2 useful views in Ivo Peters collections taken in 1953 (depends which versions you have.) Regards, Ian.
  11. Hello Jerry, Book Law's Somerset &Dorset Remembered Part 2 has a great colour photo of the turntable in use with a St. Cl.4 2-6-0 being turned on p.20. Pages 18 to 24 cover the Northern end of Evercreech Jcn which may be of some use. Also some nice clean colour shots in Michael Welch's S&D Sunset p.53-60, with a good view looking Northwards down the junction minus any trains but showing the track and signal layout to good effect on p.59....good luck with all of the telegraph wires ! Will look steadily through other publications and report anything worthwhile. Regards, Ian.
  12. Hauling wrongline or at the rear of a Northbound train ?
  13. A b&w photo of these 3 wagons taken from the other direction appears in Tom Noble's book The West Highland Mallaig Extension p.109, dated 31st May 1985. I'm ecstatic to have found this thread as I have just bought kits from the NGS to help recreate them, so a colour photo and the thread's information is invaluable. Many thanks for posting. Regards, Ian.
  14. For a good example of a large rectangular purpose built garden shed housing a large 00 layout look up Mike Edge's Wentworth Junction thread on here, this might help you to visualise both the type of shed and realistically what you may be able to fit in it. As you have a blank canvas at the moment it might help you decide whether this is going to be right for you. Mike is very amiable chap (and a very experienced professional modeller) whom I'm sure would offer some practical advice if you PM'd him. Good luck with the venture. Regards, Ian.
  15. Simply....Superb Ed, thanks for posting. Regards, Ian.
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