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  1. Super photo (again) ....which provides for some great weathering features from the grills downwards.
  2. I've just rewatched my copy of Industry of Steam - Yorkshire which has a section showing 'Antwerp' shunting at Wheldale, these holes are barely visible ìn this film and I could easily have mistaken them for a filcker in the film if you hadn't drawn my attention to it, certainly not as obvious as in the You Tube film. Regards, Ian.
  3. I believe that there are still rails down (sidings and pointwork) on the site of one of the Rothwell pits served by the E&WYUR which were still accessible a couple of years ago and seen on one of 'Adventure Me's' You Tube offerings about walking the remnants of the lines. I used these as a basis for several walks last summer but was beaten by the last couple of lockdowns before I had chance to view these sidings for myself, maybe this year. Rothwell is the opposite side of Leeds to me and although I do drive past it every time I go to work in Wakefield I've kept my daily walks
  4. A little more info regarding the Eccles pit name, from Backworth by Elliot & Charlton :- "Between 1905 and 1906 a new pit was sunk on the original Backworth site about 200 yds north of 'Maude' pit. This was the 'Eccles' named after a company director Richard Eccles, and was 1,440 ft deep making it the deepest pit in the Northumberland Coalfield. Coal production began here in 1907. The pit was not connected to the Maude as it was separated by a major fault and the two pits produced coal separately until closure."
  5. Well Pete, I think we will all look forward to another 2 weeks worth of photos and wish you and your family all of the very best. Thankyou very much for letting us into your most excellent railway empire and I for one will look forward to any future projects you find time and space for.....even if it is on the wrong side of the hills. Kind regards, Ian.
  6. .....and I reckon that I could manage a 3mm version if you are in the mood Mike, please ? Regards, Ian.
  7. Hello Robert, Really liking the brake van, I have 2 on my own WB at the moment (although they've been there for a while now) that are at the handrailing stage. I didn't fully understand your reference to the foil wrapper on first reading last week but having now re-read it I understand, presuming that this is the Society plastic kit and not the ex F&S etched one. Very brave if I may say so.
  8. If it makes you feel better whilst I knew the locos were from the Backworth system I also didn't know what the Eccles monicur referred to and so out of curiosity googled it .... google also came up with the Manchester link, tried again and got Eccles near the border with Scotland ! Luckily my Backworth book was literally within arms reach in which I found the photos. Still not understanding the Eccles connection I had to have another look, it seems to be the name of the individual pit name, there is also a Maude pit in close proximity. My interest in the area comes fro
  9. Having consulted my copy of Backworth by Elliot & Charlton and looking at the other photos in the Flickr group I would say that it is the crossing of the B1322 south of Backworth Village. P.37 has 3 views looking back from the other side of the crossing and you can see the immeadiate fan out of sidings and the loco servicing equipment. Regards, Ian.
  10. I've also suffered with this until I noticed the little grey camera rotation symbol in the bottom right hand side when you are setting up to take the photo which tells you which way up the phone thinks the camera is, this is very sensitive on mine and depends on how you are holding or moving the phone around. There must be a way of turning this Auto-rotation feature off, which I haven't looked for, I just keep an eye on the symbol now and wiggle the phone around to get it the right way up. Regards, Ian.
  11. Thanks Mark, I'll have a look for these. Regards, Ian.
  12. Sorry for being a bit late to the party but I have just bought my first PFAs for use as Wiggins Teape reeled paper carriers and will also be getting some more for Alcan aluminium ingot traffic. Am I correct in thinking that these are standard PFA/KFA wagons fitted with a pre fabricated flatbed unit on which either the paper or aluminium ingots sit ? I can find lots of images of them with loads on but only glimpses behind locos or distant views across Glens of them unloaded. I know that they feature on some of the Telerail dvds being loaded but iIRC the film is taken at
  13. Well that's saved me an email to Lenny !! I was also thinking that a WD kit would be nice, so that's that covered ....and I love the Clan ....need to get some OT in to pay for it all, though ! Regards, Ian.
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