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  1. The gate works for me, Rob. Enjoying watching how you build up the atmosphere. Regards, Ian.
  2. My local model shop are open for mail order but are also offering a click and collect service (similar to car dealerships) where you can pre-order and pre-pay for an item and arrange a pick-up time for a minimal contact car park handover....might be worth asking if that's possible. It's similar to the way parcel delivery people are handing over items at the moment. Regards, Ian.
  3. 3rd Aug 1986 was my 18th birthday, afraid that I had other things on my mind ....hic ....but nice to see what I missed that day ! Great photo.
  4. You can get click and collect from Frizinghall M&Rs at the moment if they have what you want, Barry. Just order and pay over the phone (don't forget your model railway club discount) and pre-arrange a pick up time with them; ring the bell on the door when you arrive and they will bring your stuff down to the car park for you for a minimal contact handover. Apparently you can get the same service from car garages at the moment, as my old X-Trail gellopi is cream crackered I'm trying to find another ....but I don't fancy parting with XXXX k £s having not been allowed to see or sit in it
  5. Thanks Grahame, I was trying to work out if after the undercoat you had sprayed the whole building in the darker colour (ie the main brick colour) then over sprayed the lighter (mortar) colour which you then 'wiped' off again to leave it in the recesses whilst re-exposing the darker brick colour on the raised areas, before adding a few weathering washes..... or you'd sprayed it with the lighter colour and then picked out the individual bricks with the darker colour. Your method of application definately looks effective. Regards, Ian.
  6. Hello Grahame, You've probably explained this before ....but in what order do you paint to get from the first (undercoated) picture to the second (bricks and mortar) picture, please ? Apologies if you are having to repeat yourself. Regards, Ian.
  7. 03060

    Farish Due Soon

    Have just collected my DBSO and West Highland Line 6 coach set from Frizinghall M&Rs (pre-arranged non-contact car park collection only at the moment) .....expensive trip out but can't wait for Santa to come now on Christmas morning !!
  8. Rob, have you seen the Heljan news for the Mexican Bean class 104 to be released ? Which might be just at the edge of your timeframe.
  9. Don't think that my postman was too impressed with my Road and Rails order !
  10. Morning Rob, Can I ask where you get the 5gsm weights from, please. A chap in the 3mm Society used to use something similar but he worked for a tyre fittìng company; it always seemed a well measured idea as opposed to just cutting strips of lead sheet. Regards, Ian.
  11. Morning Rob, Well ...after 3 days of scratching I finally found the still image of the wooden clay wagons in transit on the WHL that I knew I had seen somewhere ! Having searched through a lot of my WHL material Ì found it in OPC's 'An illustrated History of West Country China Clay Trains' by John Vaughan ! Plate 184 is a 1/2 page image of (surprise, surprise) 37 021 with at least 19 wooden bodied clay wagons in tow heading North through Crianlarich on 22nd June 1981 ...obviously this is where the Train Formation mentioned in previous posts has come from, although I can
  12. The addition of the buildings certainly brings out the size of the gasholder, I don't think that I'd realised just how big it is. Very nice. Regards, Ian.
  13. These are some photos that I've just taken up in the loft on my currently dismantled 3mm S&DJR layout. Whilst I don't think I used tin foil in this instance the basis for the scenery is just carved polystyrene, possibly with some cardboard extras and covered with Polyfiller which is then moulded with a pallette knife or tool. Painted with match pots from Wickes. I agree with Rob, you are not far off with what you have so far, maybe the Polyfiller would make the difference with some more prominent rocks built up from your current base materials. It all looks a lot differen
  14. I'm just comparing photos in Book Law's 1st Generation Scottish Diesels and Ian Allen's BR North of the Border, the first being a 1960's photo and the second being from 1982 and strangely the later photo makes the rocks seem much more jagged, maybe it's just the angle but the two scenes don't look quite the same although both are taken before the road 'improvements' took place. Other than looking at the Scenecraft moulds have you considered trying to create the vertical bits using cardboard formers covered with tinfoil, then Polyfillered over which I'd earmarked as a potential method for
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