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  1. Railway modelling has been quite an emotional rollercoaster over the past couple of years. So many projects come up then quickly get scrapped. Th problem is that I push myself to build a layout that I have in my head but then I find myself not enjoying it or face an obstacle and that'll be that. I've built some layouts that I am so proud of, Chalk Lane being my first and Leahurst Green being the largest so far, but I feel as though I can't get the motivation to build one from start to finish. The enthusiasm quickly dies off and any project that gets started gets scrapped very quickly. This is the case for a layout that I've been trying to build over the past few months using bits recovered from Leahurst Green and it's been getting nowhere. So the decision has come to take a long break from the hobby, put everything into storage and come back to it when the time is right. A lot of factors have come into this decision: Time, money and motivation - all limited at the moment. Work has taken up a lot of my free time and has done for the past 5 years. Money is limited due to multiple house moves and a wedding to pay off. Motivation is just non-existent, the job has made me tired all the time and I rather focus on other things. Space - or the lack of it! The new house is substantially smaller than the last place, we relocated quickly, perhaps too quickly! This is only a temporary place until we can find a more suitable place, hopefully with a good spare room for a decent sized layout. My mental health - I was diagnosed with depression after losing my job as a trainee signaller, it was quite a big hit and still is after just over a year and my current job as a bus driver doesn't help it either. This plays a big part in why I don't have the get up and go with the hobby and why I get quite irate when things go wrong. In short, I can't keep forcing myself to engage in the hobby as it makes me not enjoy it, The main part of the hobby is enjoyment and if there is none then what is it? I think a break will do me a world of good and I can come back to it with a much better outlook and with some proper motivation! In the meantime, I will enjoy looking at other people's layouts and projects on here and on Twitter, there's no end of fantastic projects that you people have done.
  2. Selling an SLR to fund yet another train. This is dedication! :laugh:

    1. marc smith

      marc smith

      OOOo, what are you selling?
      Don't be tempted to sell everything.... I'm sure you've got plenty of trains ;)

    2. Stevethomas6444


      Was selling my Canon EOS 1000D plus a Tamron lens. It was sat gathering dust for a few years and needed a clear out. Sold it quite quickly and the funds will go towards a train or two :) 


      One can never have plenty of trains ;) :laugh:

  3. Bit uncertain on whether or not to get Dapol's 73109 in NSE when it comes out.

    1. chris bales

      chris bales

      My GBRF one did not run to good. But with a bit of TLC its getting better

  4. The overtime and selling off some of the lesser used models has paid off quite nicely. Got my fourth EPB and now craving to build a scaled down Addiscombe. Shame about the lack of room in the new house....

  5. Doing a minor stock clear out due to the lack of room in the new house and to fund a few other things (again!).

  6. They are Bachmann's Concrete Lamp Posts (44-542) that have been painted and has one light removed. Cheap(ish) and effective
  7. First time in a while that I have decent time off work. I knew going back to bus driving was going to consume my life but not on this scale! Anyway! 2 weeks off and have been making some progress on Leahurst Green Scenic break now in place. This will either be painted or have a backscene fitted in the future. Work is slowly progressing on the carriage shed with one wall now covered with corrugated iron sheets and weathered. Next will be to figure out how to do a pitched roof! The area near the signal box will be a bus parking area for a nearby bus station. Spent today ballasting 70% of the layout, it was a horrible task but it's worthwhile. It is now drying and I hope it sets right. While running the trains last night, I failed to notice a rather large obstruction on the line.......
  8. Selling off two locomotives to shrink the loco fleet and to fund something that I've been looking at for a while.

    1. Tim Hall

      Tim Hall

      What, you're going Z gauge?

    2. 46444


      009 I think...Bachmann Baldwin if I’m not mistaken?

    3. Hroth


      Sounds like the NRM...

  9. Slight update on Leahurst Green. Laid and ballasted the abandoned siding, this will look more overgrown in the near future.
  10. I have played with that idea when planning it but I opted for an additional siding as it is based on Addiscombe
  11. Hello Mike, I've ballasted before adding 3rd rail on my first layout, Chalk Lane and had no problems with it I've added some 3rd rail on this one from the spares I had from a previous layout but not added any more until I get more code 60 rail.
  12. It has been a looooong time since the last update! For those that might have the misfortune of following me on Twitter, you may know that Leahurst Green is now at a good stage of construction I haven't put any updates on here due to the computer being problematic but now that it is partly fixed, I can post updates a bit more often. Started construction just over 3 weeks ago when I purchased three 4x2 Plywood boards with timber framing, this is the first attempt at building a ''proper'' baseboard and it has actually gone well! The layout rests on 4 Ikea 'Lerberg' trestles, an idea I got from a fellow railway modeller on Twitter and the overall construction is sturdy - much to the surprise that I actually did it! Track laying was a pain in the rear as the Peco track pins are flimsy and many decided to buckle even though I was tapping them gently with a hobby hammer. After 3 days of swearing and quite a few track pins on the floor, the track was finally laid. Prior to track laying, I sprayed the track with RailMatch Sleeper Grime to give it a more realistic look without the tedious task of painting the rails in a rust colour. You may notice that I used Peco trap points for the Platform roads, this is simply to avoid wiring in isolating sections for the double slip and it works quite nicely Next up is the 3 road carriage shed. The basis will be Balsa Wood construction and then eventually be covered with corrugated iron sheets. The scenic break will be a footbridge in a heavily wooded area (They do exist in SE London! ). The footbridge is a Ratio kit which I found to be more suitable for the setting. I almost opted for a road bridge but having done a few in the past and never been overly happy with them, I opted for a simple footbridge instead. I also purchased Bachmann's Kent Coast signal box which was a bargain and looks more suitable than the tiny Hornby SB that I will use for a future project. Station platform is Balsa Wood construction with Peco edges. The terminus end is from the Capital Commuter train pack, I like to re-use as much as possible from previous projects and what not. Hattons did a bargain on Bachmann low-relief flats and couldn't say no to it as it will help with the SE London setting. At this moment in time, I have ballasted the Platform 1 road and aim to get the rest done slowly. That is all for now
  13. Got the Networker going again after spending a while as a dummy unit. Might look into getting another 466 to pair up in the future.

  14. Contemplating making a change to the carriage shed idea from being a 2 road shed to 3. Good for stabling more stock but could potentially cram the layout with too much track, hmmm...

    1. Captain Kernow

      Captain Kernow

      It's your decision, but quite often, it can be a case of 'less is more'.

  15. Ordered Railmatch Sleeper Grime spray paint to avoid the tedious task of painting the rails by hand.

    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. 3 link

      3 link

      Air brush is much better and a lot more accurate than a rattle can....

    3. Stevethomas6444


      Yeah I had one of the cans before and it clogged up after the first use. Going to do it all in one big lot then it avoids the headaches if it does clog up afterwards.

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