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  1. Very nice, but i never knew Ravenscraig was just north of Glasgow ?
  2. Didnt see it on Saturday though. must be back on the move.
  3. I`m also in that lot, some where. Agreed a brilliant day, but sad.
  4. Yes, i wonder about that myself. I have seen a good few pics, of my old motorbikes, on other sites. With no mention of any details. I think its because they get past from pillar to post, on a site like Pinterest. That they just get lost in the realms of the web.
  5. Yes , Warrington But that part had lines on it , not too long ago.
  6. A bit of a weird sign, with 100 ton+ locos going over it .
  7. The York pic, had another class 70 on it yesterday as well.
  8. Why have you got your models hanging from the ceiling ?
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