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  1. I think you may have mistaken the 08. it should be 08497. An Holbeck engine, 08437 was a Hamilton shunter.
  2. Retro Railtours nearly always have a call at Denton & Reddish south, on there tours.
  3. Didnt 2 Deltics do a bit of bridge testing, in the 70s on the Western region, somewhere around Didcot iirc.
  4. To be hope its strapped back. i would not be anywhere near that thing if its not strapped back.
  5. That seems a bit off. They lasted longer in blue, than they did in green.
  6. Agreed, surely the first Heljan 47s where the king of rot.
  7. Ive just noticed on my own photo above, that 1 of the windscreen wipers needs refixing (gluing) back on.
  8. A Quick bump for the thread. Sorry no dates or number though. Goodrington sidings & 1 from Paignton.
  9. Ha just like the late 60s Early 70s
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