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  1. Yep. Their must be miles of old rail in Healey Mills alone.
  2. Also inside the 1971 edition. but i do like the front cover better. Notice, decimal on the cover & old money inside.
  3. My machine eats them. another 1 went yesterday, no where to be seen.
  4. i wonder if it was on the same day has my pic. 4-8-73, it looks like the other end of the loco
  5. Its a wonder they didnt get me in the pic, from the other end
  6. Definitely 2 different oranges (Seen better by the naked eye really)
  7. Healey Mills, just dont look the same any more.
  8. They seem to work a bit quicker at that site, than they did on the Kings X video.
  9. Looks like its having an operation Midland Rd 5-6-21
  10. Only because i have a full size one, in the garage.
  11. Does this mean, next year you`ll have a pic of a 33/2 instead of GBRF, on your posts and be renamed Slim Jim. Good luck by the way.
  12. i was out on the motorbike 1 Sunday morning. when i needed a pee. so i pulled up at this little cutting, at the side of the road. And thats when i noticed this little narrow gauge track. And a presto, there was this headlight coming towards, in the distance. i got of the track fairly pronto. I never knew anything about it before that day. i think that was about 1980 or so.
  13. All of mine are either on the track, in the fiddle yard or on a makeshift shelf.
  14. Any updates would be welcome. Due in 2019 ?
  15. Not having to much of an interest in the Ethel units, more mid/late 60s early 70s for me. Looking at a couple of my old shots from May 86, i noticed names, badges, plated over grills, differ between these 2.
  16. Very nice, but i never knew Ravenscraig was just north of Glasgow ?
  17. Didnt see it on Saturday though. must be back on the move.
  18. I`m also in that lot, some where. Agreed a brilliant day, but sad.
  19. Yes, i wonder about that myself. I have seen a good few pics, of my old motorbikes, on other sites. With no mention of any details. I think its because they get past from pillar to post, on a site like Pinterest. That they just get lost in the realms of the web.
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