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  1. I also found this image on the web and it looks as if that chimney stands untouched.
  2. I agree with what you said about the diameter and yes, it was probably cut down at some point. Here;s the original
  3. Disused canal side factory at Alperton now demolished. Its purpose was uncertain.
  4. Every day when I drove past Scunthorpe steelworks I used to promise the four queens (blast furnaces) that one day I would model them even if they didn't look anything like them at all (which of course, they never did). For the most part it appeared that I followed the principle of the original builders which in effect was to stick anything anywhere and hoped that it would produce steel but all this in a 20ft garage as opposed to half of Scunthorpe!
  5. Something like this maybe but double tracked of course thus making an interesting cameo.
  6. How about a level crossing instead. So much simpler.
  7. Other small structures could also include small water tower, a pair of lamp huts, food kiosk etc.
  8. Thatching with heavy duty knitting wool glued down close stranded with neat PVA, trimmed then coloured with Polyfilla stippled with Colron wood dye of an appropriate shade.
  9. Not quite sure myself it was just built to fill a space with no specific reason or purpose for being there as you do!
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