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  1. Intersting topic on twisting cables. I should point out that twisting cables will not help in any way. The principle of twisted pair relates to a 2-conductor system which form a circuit, and are intentionally twisted together. In data transmissions this is done so that any unwanted Electro Magnetic influence affecting the cable is induced onto both conductors in the same circuit equally. The signal reciever uses an differential amplifier or filter which then only lets through intended signal and cancels out the interferance. Twisting multiple cables together of differnt systems is only likley to compound the problem as they are more likly to impart an unwanted signal on another cable. Regards Andy
  2. Such a shock to her the passing of Owen. A great friend and wonderful modeller. Spent many hours operating Ynysybwl Fach at shows with both Owen and John up and down the country. Can't recall Owen with a controller in his hand that often. Usually found around the front of the layout talking to friends or explaining the operation of the pit and its features to Joe Public. RIP my friend. Andrew
  3. Hi, Can you tell me of your TOF2 WD TOP FEED is the standard version or the GWR version please. I'm looking to change out the GWR top feed on a Bachmann model from the GWR to the standard WD type Many thanks Andy
  4. Patriot EC Trench 45539 finally painted an lined. Fun putting the orange lines on this hot humid weather. All Fox transfers Next stop the weathering booth
  5. Turns out it was the wing rail that had become detached from the frog baseplate. The wing rail just happened to be the one with the wire on it from the point motor switch. All fixed now
  6. I hear baking soda is a possible alternative
  7. I will PM you with a list of bits I have that you may be able to make use of
  8. With controlled access to Chapel, its time to finish some new stock for the next outing. Every since I started building kits in my late teens, I always wanted to scratch build a loco and the choice for me was a LNWR coal tank or a Fowler Patriot (no complicated multi plain curves!). Well, I have finally built one of them, although I decided to go down the design an etch route. I give you 45539 “EC Trench” I forgot to put the other smoke deflector on for the photo Tender is my own etched sides on a comet chassis. After an hour test running on Chapel this afternoon she (or is it he?) is ready for a good scrub and possibly a coat of primer tomorrow Andy
  9. If you would like a nice etched brass cab to try instead of the cast one, let me know and I will sort out a set of parts via Barry. just finished mine today. Plenty of spare etched bits including steps Andy
  10. Hi Khris, Looks like the website isn't there any more. Either he hasn't renewed the lease on the web address or he has ceased trading. I know the link worked when I first posted it. Sorry Regards Andy
  11. Yours is 4325 Baz when I can deliver it to you
  12. Very sad news. Enjoyed operating a couple of Dave’s Highland layouts as a junior member of the Leeds MRS. Very talented modeller. RIP Dave
  13. You feeling OK Baz, looks like you may have been cutting wood. Not your usual medium
  14. Looking good Andy. Can I ask what those two large pipes are to the left hand side of the door?
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