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  1. You can barely tell what it is from the quality of the photo!
  2. Yes I'm still here! Here one I made earlier along side the test etch and build The green version is to go behind a Patriot I'm wrestling with Regards Andy
  3. Wow, that brings back a few memories. In my youth I worked on the ALR on Sunday’s and do appear in the film on the Hunslet. There were two big engineering features on the line, the bridge and the cutting. The bridge steels could be seen early in the video. These were set onto Concrete pads formed on top of wire basket gabions set into each bank of the mill race. The dumper seen early on was transporting bricks to form a ford next to the bridge location. This allowed the dumper and the Ruston excavator to reach the north bank of the mill race. The Ruston excava
  4. Morning Jonathan, Loving the work you are doing on Derwent Spa. Have you seen the way the glass canopy glazing bars have been done on Leeds City, The Midland Side? Regards Andy
  5. Arrived this morning safe and well. Well impressed with moulding, nice job. Andy
  6. Finally taken the brave pill and lined my JE Fowler 3P 2-6-2t Lined using Fox Transfer set intended for the Fowler 4P 2-6-4t. quite a bit of cut, shut and extend required to make it fit the 3P! The observant of you will notice the lack of a smoke box door. This has been with Mike to take a moulding and will hopefully be back with me soon. Then it will be on to final details such as adding a bit of lead, brass work, windows and weathering and then it will be ready for an outing on Herculaneum Dock (whenever that maybe). Regards
  7. I just use the handy table that comes with the Taps
  8. The Tapping drill I use for 10BA is 1.4 mm. When doing a new build I always use a drill press when drilling to ensure squareness of the hole. On a retro fit with the wheels in place on a chassis its a pin chuck and a lot of side views to ensure I'm drilling as square as possible. As long as you are reasonably close the flange on the Romford crankpin will align itself square. Of course this all assumes you have the wiggle room for a screwdriver to enable you to unscrew the old M1 CSK machine screw from the back of the wheel without removing them from the axle .
  9. I use AGW wheels on a regular basis and could never get on with the AGW crankpins A solution I use all the time now is to drill out and tap the crank pin hole in the wheel 10BA and then use a Romford crankpin held in by a thread locking compound. Little trick I picked up from Michael Edge Regards Andy
  10. Seems to be a bit of interest on the Fowler High sided tender. Below is an extract from Model Railways, January 1974 with a table detailing known tender allocations to various Jubilees, Patriots and 4F's over the years Here we have a lined green version which is intended for 45539 Regards Andy
  11. Looking good. Have you seem the Drawing in Model Railway Constructor Plan Book Nr 3? it shows the roof details/grills and removable sections Let me know and and I can send you a picture of the plan if you haven't Regards Andy
  12. I did a similar thing when designing an etch for an LMS Patriot chassis I drew all the component parts and then thought I will double check the geometry against the drawing I had just to make sure I had not done something dumb! Worked out well in the end I also have a Brassmasters 4mm kit to build in EM with the inside motion. Enjoying the discussion on the 4F inside bits, its nudging me to get that box off the shelf for my next project! Best regards Andy
  13. I think I need a laboratory! I will dig my old uni text books out and refresh my memory on how to find the best compromise between number of turns, resistance, current, armature length etc
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