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  1. Having looked at loads of photos of THRUSH at a life of only 13 years there was plenty of livery changes, The photo was taken at Aylesbury on the last auto service, I will need to check the date but probably around 1960-62, after this it ended up in Tiverton where overhead live wire flashes were added to the end. Also the position of the numbers on the A43 trailers seemed to vary slightly too some are central to the right hand window and other to the right hand edge of the same window. David
  2. Yes I plan to release these as kits, I have written the instructions and diagrams for THRUSH and need to do the same for WREN & the A43 trailers, I also need to work out the prices post etc. There are a number of people who have expressed an interest in these kits. Also I plan to do an etch for the missing underframe details for those who want to upgrade both the Bachmann models and the earlier Hornby types. I guess I will also need to do the auto bits that fit under the bufferbeams of auto fitted locos too. David
  3. I have now done a test build on the interior parts for the A43 trailer and everything fits as it should, this one will become W236W in Crimson although I think I may respray the Bachmann colour to get a brighter red. Finally i I will do WREN in unlined maroon. David
  4. 9400 went in to the old Swindon museum with the incorrect Great Western lettering https://www.steampicturelibrary.com/planes-trains-automobiles/locomotives-steam-standard-gauge-locomotives/pannier-tank-locomotive-9400-892563.html
  5. There was also a sign opposite our trade stand that said save money and get next years Warley tickets for this years price, so I guess the cost of admission will go up. Spirit of Swindon was nice, many layouts were spoilt by being poorly presented. David
  6. The Barrowmore layout was nice plus there were a few others I liked but generally I thought the show was lacking. I know as the national show it has to encompass everything from 2mm finescale to largescale clockwork but something was missing this year. A view shared by a number of other people I spoke to. As I have been to most of the NEC shows but this year it did not do it for me. David
  7. I have been every year probably for about twenty years and the last few working on a trade stand but I felt this year was lacking, most years there is normally a wow layout or two but this year nothing. A lot of what is at Warley does not interest me but normally there would be a few stand out layouts, but this year even though there was a few I liked there were not really show stoppers. Also the specialist trade seemed to be getting less each year, and I have heard the parking next year will go up to £20 so if I was a paying punter I would probably think twice if I was deciding to go. in the past even the continental section would have something which even not my personal interest would have Something they blew me away but this year even that was missing. David
  8. If you hold fire someone may add the correct wheel to their range!
  9. Proposed names in part 2 of John Lewis Autotrailers lists Blackbird Bullfinch Chaffinch Goldfinich Jackdaw Kingfisher Lapwing Skylark Starling Thrush Wren Interesting that there are 9 new names and 10 trailers of the A43 diagram! So it would seem that only the 1954 A43 batch where to be named and not the A38 below a couple of photos of THRUSH at Aylesbury.
  10. THRUSH & WREN are the only named examples CHAFFINCH is a preservation thing although there is a list of names that were proposed but never applied but it does not give which numbers these would have applied to.
  11. Another photo of THRUSH more work will have to wait till after Warley now.
  12. My autocoach Thrush with John's CCT transfers and my 3D printed seats and laser cut interior plus laser cut curtains. I have also sprayed the roof with Phoenix roof dirt. Next is to add the missing underframe details couplings vacuum pipes etc.
  13. Something to note is the number was nine inch high to the left of the coach but in 1951 numbers were six inches tall and to the right hand end.
  14. Thanks for doing these John, I plan to do an etch for the missing underframe bits including the Vee hangers under each end and some brake bits.
  15. I finally got round to test building the inside seating and partitions for Thrush it fits nicely within the Backmann body too, I didn't think it would be too visible but it does show well through the windows, I need to laser cut some curtains, and then do a test build on Wren and the A43 diagram trailer. David
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