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  1. Looks good although I think the pitch on the station building should be less around 40 degrees pitch rather than 45 which it looks like yours is. The windows on the ground floor look slightly wider apart than the prototype the signal boxes on the line were all opened in 1891 and were all built in blue brick although Wheatley does look like it was in yellow or red brick. The window to the left of the open porch on the station building platform side lines up directly with the window to the left of the gable projection on the rear, many years ago I visited Borne End Cookham and Bledlo
  2. Here is another photo of Wheatley plus the rear of Wooburn Green although this has the Wycombe Railway crossing keepers house which was on the following stations Cookham, Bourne End, Wooburn Green, Loudwater and Bledlow, the station building without crossing keepers house was at West Wycombe, Risborough and Wheatley. I have also added photos of West Wycombe which has the same design.
  3. You mean this photo of the rear? I picked this and others on ebay a few years ago, although I can recall a chap Jerry Tremaine showing these many years ago and who I think died a while back, so I would think they were his although no idea who took them. The station building was extended I think in the 1920s hence there is an additional windon in the front elevation and on the rear the gable projection was increased in size there was origanally a door here, although as it led into the ticket office I dont think it would have been used for the public, the building is a standard Wyco
  4. Even the railway liveries have moved on Lined marron to blue and grey on the coaches. It is crazy to think the changes in music and fashion that happened from 1962-1970 in those eight years the Beatles were active as a recording group. Shoot me down but music really was a creative force from the late 1950s to mid 1980s thirty years and we are now 40 years on and there is nothing that comes close to those years.
  5. The London station shots are Marylebone, but where is the signal box one I guess its in Somerset somewhere.
  6. Can anyone identify this station that the Beatles are seen at during the filming of A hard Days Night it looks Southern Region which seems strange as the London station shots were filmed at Marylebone David
  7. Although Railex manager for the physical show since 2005 I have not had involvement in the virtual show where a new team is putting it together, just to keep the Railex name out there. I am currently working on Railex 2022 which will be back to normal if everything regarding Covid restrictions are lifted. I am currently trying to juggle layouts that were booked to attend in 2020, 2021 & 2022 as it not a case of shifting everything up two years. Also Anthony who played a massive part in the Railex shows passed away early last year and he was responsible for the majority of publi
  8. A friend of mine wondered if any one had info on this loco, It is out of my personal interest but wonder if anyone can let me know and possible value. David
  9. As I pointed out earlier and several others after me the chimney looks totaly wrong, the front end smokebox door chimney etc are the face of a loco and the Dapol model does not look right at all, Even the old Airfix model the Chimney seemed right although the smokebox door was wrong. The Dapol Chimney looks more like a cast iron chimney on a small prarie, than the wide business type found on a large prairie, it just look wrong, firebox glow or other gimicks I would rather have the proprotions correct.
  10. I think there is something not right about that chimney looks too narrow with a slight taper.
  11. I draw up in 3D Aylesbury station in Fusion 360 you can then create drawings for each elevation, plus at an angle to the roof plan if you know the angle, as in my case there was lots of intersecting roof parts but doing it this way was really simple and I did not have to work anything out. Building Roof Parts Drawing v1.pdf
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