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  1. Locos had a the same connection on both ends, which was a a short square mounting. On a autocoach there was a longer articulated square rod that folded up to the luggage end while not in use but connected to the loco. The driving end of the autocoach had the same connection as that on the loco. steam railmotor could not be connected to autocoach at the engine end only the trailing end.
  2. This is a similar type of hut, in the photo of the terrier smoke seems to be coming from the chimney, so my guess there is something more in there.
  3. I have had a go at the hut too, really tricky when you only have one photo to work from looking at other locations I have taken a guess it housed some kind of pump or steam engine to get the water to the tank.
  4. I have changed the sizes slightly and done the tank around eight foot by four feet, I will do a mock up and see how it looks.
  5. I am not too sure to be fair as the only pic I have found so far which shows the bottom of legs does not show anything. My thinking is that these tanks could be taken down and transported up the line a bit as work progressed, so may have not exactly been a standard design but could be craned on to a small wagon, they all seem to be different anyway.
  6. I am trying to reproduce in model form of this photo of a terrier working on the construction of the GW&GC joint the water tank is of a temporary nature but the arrangement of the legs I am having problems with trying to figure out hoe it supported.
  7. Have you seen my thread any wheel any size I use a Gibson tyre, I am now using a harder resin which is giving very good results. Using parametric designs means I can create most wheels by just adjusting the input table, I keep adding more parameters so can even adjust the spoke profile both in cross section and how it changes along its length.
  8. After our trustees meeting last week we have decided to cancel Railex 2021 which should have taken place on the late May bank holiday. with the uncertainty of what restrictions will still be in place next year and the the majority of attendees being in the higher risk groups, it is something we could not risk planning for with an exhibition which is only six months away. We hope to have Railex 2022 depending if the situation improves, obviously we had layouts booked for 2020, 2021 and 2021 once we know we can have a show in 2022 I will contact layouts and see if they still want to
  9. How about Surrey here on the construction of the GW&GC joint line between Northolt Junction and High Wycombe.
  10. I fancy modelling this, I just wonder what the best starting point would be Strouldly livery but no condensing pipes and wooden brake blocks. I see Merton maybe a good start and on the box has no condensing pipes but the model seems to have them.
  11. Other than the southern region I always thought head lamp codes where standard throughout the UK, but the sectional appendix to the working timetable, London division 1960 says there was a unique headcode for freight on the branch of one lamp in centre of buffer beam for the Princes Risborough to Aylesbury branch and photographic evidence seems to back this up, and seemed to be applied to passenger trains as well, even the through Paddington, Maidenhead, Wycombe Aylesbury six coach through trains had it too. did these have a normal headcode and was it changed at Princes Risborough, another th
  12. Yep you will need to get Alan Gibson P4 standard wagon wheels and remove the centres. plus 1/8" axles 21.9mm long which is one of three Alan Gibson standard lengths or cut your own. David
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