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  1. That looks great Roy, if any is interested in the brackets that support the post let me know as I can 3D print these for a small cost.
  2. Railex goes way back before 2005 we used that name branding from the mid 1970s when we were just a one day show in the Civic Centre in Aylesbury town centre.
  3. I have a feeling there won't be any shows till the new year at least. Unfortunately until things level out the risks are too high to plan or stage anything. layouts trade and punters will all be wary of going. and if exhibitions are unable to obtain a break even figure then it is unlikely anyone would take the risk of staging a show. Warley and Ally Pally with huge up front costs would be hard hit if they went ahead and the hall was half empty and with a fraction of the visitors. I think the hardest call would be if the venues were reopened and exhibition managers had to make a call on to go ahead or not. If venues remain closed then the decision if made for you. David
  4. I do have that book and it does show how it works although I really need to get close and measure all the bits. David
  5. Hi I have that drawing too. Although the Dart Castings bits don’t tend to fold up and locate that well hence I wanted to do something better. And would rather start from the prototype rather than another model.
  6. I have plenty of pics but mostly the autogear is in the shadows, so really need close up detail views David
  7. Has anyone got close up photos or drawings of the autocoach control gear taken from the driving end and non driving end of GWR autocoches as I plan to do a detail etch, although the lockdown stops me from making a visit to Didcot to do it myself. David
  8. I can make the wheels whatever size you want, just let me know the details or even better a drawing and can get centres printed off.
  9. I probably want something all in one rather than a clip in Dremel type. David
  10. I am looking for a small drill press as I would like something which is not huge on my modelling bench has anyone got any recommendations? It would be for drilling small holes in connecting rods, chassis etc so looking for a chuck that goes down to nothing or at least 0.3mm Something jewellers use would be ideal. David
  11. Probably a simple answer but I wondered why B.R added 30000 to Southern locos, 40000 to LMS types and 60000 to LNER types why not 20000, 30000 and 40000? David
  12. It was in Smiths in Aylesbury this morning.
  13. the Hawksworth autocoaches Diagram A38 plus Thrush and Wren received crimson and cream when new in 1951 although the diagram A43 that were built in 1954 entered service in unlined crimson. The best way to spot the difference between the diagram A38 and A43 is that the A38 had curtains and the A43 did not.
  14. Hi Chris if you PM with the number on your ticket we can sort out a refund or alternately they will be valid for next years show.
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