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  1. Yep you will need to get Alan Gibson P4 standard wagon wheels and remove the centres. plus 1/8" axles 21.9mm long which is one of three Alan Gibson standard lengths or cut your own. David
  2. At the moment the colour is blue but I do need to order some more resin in so will see what other colours it is available, so maybe blue but it maybe green but generally it will be my choice of colour, black I think will be a no no as I am aware this is not the best colour to use on resins. David
  3. Yep the axle is a standard 1/8" while the length needs to be 21.9mm in P4 which is one of Alan Gibson standard lengths
  4. I have slightly revised the 3D Peckett wheels they will now be printed in a different resin which is much crisper than standard resin and has a different cure process as it is baked in the oven at 50 degrees, also I have made the wheels a good fit into the tyre so there should be no need to loctite or glue the centres into the tyre. I will only make these wheels to fit standard Alan Gibson 3'1" wagon wheels as these although slightly under scale have a much thinner tyre face and look much finer than using a Alan Gibson bogie wheel which looks too chunky. For P4 the axl
  5. its eSun https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B07XRKHMHL/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  6. Maybe not outstanding but pretty dam good, they are now tight on the tyres and axle and run true. I am happy with the spoke shape etc. taken a while to get them to what I think they should be and unless you are making your own then it does offer a way to get the wheels that are not available through other suppliers.
  7. More development on the J15 this time with balance weights and a harder resin, and they come in Great Eastern blue.
  8. I have now been using a different resin which is cured under water with UV then baked in the oven at 50c for 20 minutes and the results are outstanding these are for a J15
  9. I have just fitted my wheels to Gibson tyres and axles and they look good to go, although I am still playing around with different resins to find the best. David
  10. This is the back of Loudwater box a similar GWR type box, I think all these boxes had a proper fireplace rater than a stove and pipe through the roof. Also in most cases the brickwork was totally blue brick.
  11. I have just test printed the first J15 wheel centre in a new resin, I also did the same STL file in a general resin and the new hard stuff is much crisper in detail, I think in future I will go for the hard resin as the results are Superior. once I know the centres fit well on a Gibson tyre and press fit on a 1/8" axle I will make these available for others if you want the correct P4 or EM wheels
  12. I have been designing 3D printed J15 centres for Alan Gibson tyres as these have the correct 15 spokes, the nearest Gibson wheel is 16 spoke 4'10" I have test printed a few centres and have some new resin that is hard and tough, and plan to use these wheels on the Brassmasters Easichas.
  13. I think when shows do get back to being run the whole aspect of organizing them will probably have to be done from scratch, I can see layouts and trade who where due to attend having to be contacted again and all the booking form adjusted for new requirements etc. At the moment I really can't see many if any shows taking place in 2021, until someone puts on a show I think many exhibition manager will just sit tight, it, once shows prove to be viable there will be a lag while layouts and traders are re booked. Our small Risex show vin February will not take place although may happ
  14. Here is Hinton crossing signal box which was located between Bledlow and Thame station. Both buildings still exist although the crossing keepers house is much altered, and the signal box itself is now preserved at Chinnor. It does state signal box rather than ground frame on the name board.
  15. You may have seen this on another thread but I am now producing a 3D print for the autogear for the front and rear of the Hawksworth autocoaches it will also fit the Hornby Airfix model but will require packing slightly. price is £7.50 for the front driving end and £6.50 for the luggage end plus £1.50 P&P
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