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  1. Well I have just ordered a printer, so now waiting for it to turn up! If I order some extra resin what is the best type and where is best to get it, also do I need anything else while I pop an order in? David
  2. The named auto coach Wren never seems to have never been lined so was probably unlined crimson till the end or maybe unlined maroon.
  3. Part 1 from Baker street.
  4. If you skip to 6 minutes in to this film then you will pass under the bridge you where standing on and arrive at Aylesbury station in 1910. the GWR line comes in from the left and you will see Edwardian GWR trains and even a steam railmotor or autotrailer at the end of the film. David
  5. An email was sent out to all layouts demos and trade with an invite to the Saturday night social all at the same time so I have no idea why it didn't get to you. It did get fully booked up within 24 hours of my email and as I only had a limited number of places, and had to disappoint a few people who wanted to come but were too late responding but decided to go somewhere else and join us for a few drinks after. To find a venue that can cater for 50-60 people in the town is impossible, and as it was The chief at the Hop Pole was on melt down just dealing with 42 of us, but did really well. David
  6. As per my previous post the lighting was poor due to the lights not working not being dimmed, in previous years all lights seemed to be working and the place was very bright. We will take the issue up with the stadium when we have a post RAILEX meeting with them. David
  7. Thanks for all the kind comments about the show, I am now recovering and still in bed after three days of Railex, as by last night I was totally knackered probably more so than in previous years. Looking at the steps I walked over the three days setting up on Friday and when the show was open I covered around twenty miles! it is strange I can work on the floor plan for ages to get what I think works best only when the show opens to find out why didn’t I do that, as it would have been better to pop Arun Quay to the right of Sherton Abbas rather than to the side. Also as GRA models wanted a corner stand had to move them to the other side of the hall which worked ok, I tend leave a bit of shuffle space to allow for on the day changes. i will probably just chill out for a bit before I start to look at next year, but all the layouts are now booked. The lighting was a bit crap this year after the hall being so bright in the past many tubes seemed to be out when we arrived on Friday to set up, I think the stadium needs to get these changed. David
  8. Just a final bump from me before I head to the stadium to start setting up in a bit. A few last minute issues to sort out but we are good to go. I have even arranged the Mr. Wippy ice cream can outside the stadium, Say hello to Nicolina if you visit her and get one. David
  9. RAILEX is this weekend, I am just off to set up in a few hours for a full on weekend. Come along and say hello. David
  10. When you see Gordon Gravett at Railex ask why he has a rabbit sitting on the tank top of his terrier!
  11. Due to unforeseen issues Taff Vale Models have had to withdraw from Railex, although Minerva Models who is in the adjacent stand has increased his stand to fill the space. David
  12. Maybe the publicity over the press and radio may get more people to find out more about the hobby and visiting shows or joining clubs. David
  13. I have just returned from Expo EM but echo the sentiments of comments on here. Being an exhibition manager I put on the layout details form please don’t under estimate the insurance value of layout or stock, also we ask for a list of any single item over £1000. Money does not cover the real value of models or layouts but should be high enough for replacement cost. I was a bit shocked at Expo this weekend I was able to walk through the rear loading doors on Friday setting up totally unchallenged when I first arrived, nobody was there either to sign me in or give me a pack or exhibitors badge. I could have easily lifted things off trade stands or layouts and walked out and no one would have noticed, in fact this happens most years at this show, I raised my concern later in the weekend with one of the organisers. We can’t stop people doing things if they are determined enough to carry something out but there are things that can be done to deter people and making a crime less easy to do. David
  14. I am using Masokits etched heads and square shank on Hornby coaches but I am using the Hornby moulding for the body.
  15. I tend to pop layouts of the same scale or gauge in groups. Don't worry Dave Sherton Abbas is the first layout visitors see when they enter the hall!
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