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  1. I wonder how traditional platforms are constructed. I guess the walls are constructed of brick stone but what supports the top surface is the level built up with earth to support slabs etc. David
  2. A bit more working up the 3D model, seems to come to like when I add texture renders.
  3. Some more progress on the 3D model, plus some photos of the building as is is now or before restoration started. Its quite hard in some cases to figure out exactly how it looked like 167 years ago when first built. It was only a station for 10 years before being replaced by a new station and then used as good shed. The design was repeated at Thame ten years later in 1862.
  4. After years if not decades of waiting and plenty of false starts model the original High Wycombe broad gauge station in 1854-62 I have now made progress in drawing the model up in Fusion 360 this will then be used to produce drawing for the laser cutter to produce parts. A couple of days and I have got the attached done plenty more do but at least its looking like it should, I hope to get as much detail in as posible and all brick and flintwork work will be correct as well as all the trusses. David
  5. I was wondering what station had the shortest working life, I was thinking one which had station buildings and was not a temporary one plus had to have been included in a timetable.
  6. Is the mysterious Jago our new Kenton?
  7. I have only just found this www.utube.com/c/JagoHazzard just five minutes per episode on a subject mostly the tube with history by (Jago Hazzard whoever he is as you never see him) in a very distinctive style but quite amusing. David
  8. Yes the autocoach was used to serve the low level platforms, a number of times the steps were left out and were damaged when they hit the normal platform at Risborough a chair was kept on board just in case this happened so passengers could still alight.
  9. I went to this show for the first time yesterday, and it was my first show since covid. I took a mask but didn’t wear it in the end as the vast amount of people were not either. Plus the hall had high ceilings so probably more airflow than a small room. I went to see Johnny Marr a week ago where no one wore masks and it was shoulder to shoulder packed and zero social distancing. But you did have to show proof of two jabs to get in. As for the show probably too many box shifters and very little finescale for me but it seemed busy on the Sunday and heard it was busy on Saturday too. The layout of the show seemed strange with having to go through lots of trade before getting to any layouts. I prefer to have headline layouts as you enter the hall which gives you a wow factor of what the show is about. Strange to be back at a show and see friends etc, a lot of layouts did not have any lighting and lacked and presentation so were lost in the hall. The balconies I nearly missed and would have been better signposted and laid out.
  10. I popped down to see it at Risborough on Saturday, saw my uncle on it who was the guard on the last passenger train in 1957. When open the Watlington Branch was never operated with autotrains the loco ran round at each end as the locos were not auto fitted using 2021, 57xx or 74xx locos. Also the coach is facing the wrong way from when it did when the line was open, as the driving end of the coach faced Watlington.
  11. As with anything you want to sell it is probably best to do something you need yourself rather than looking for something to make money on, I have designed a few parts and then 3D printed them as there was nothing I could get from anywhere else, people then started to ask if they could buy what I produced, so started an after market selling parts. That was last year while I was on furlough now being back at work it is hard to get it all fitted in. I enjoy the design side but the admin, printing, cleaning up and posting the parts out is not enjoyable for me. Another thing is the quality of what you are selling, many 3D prints are rough or the parts could have been better produced in another medium. Add in time for research, the time it takes to design what you are doing and the logistics or making any kind of money disappear. David
  12. 5239 has curved valances over the cylinders while your model has the square ended version.
  13. Aylesbury went maroon and cream in 1950 as the station went to LMR at that date although it was not until 1957 that the LMR took over motive power.
  14. Just preordered mine even the number matches the one I want to model, here is the real one at Aylesbury, just wonder how easy it will be to convert to P4
  15. I did have my doubts that Warley would go ahead there is a lot money that could be lost, until a bigger show does go ahead we really don’t know what the future of shows will be. I hope Railex will go ahead in May but exhibitions are really who will blink first and take a risk.
  16. There was an article about building Pontrilas signal box for the model of Bucks hill in Model Railway Journal issue 132
  17. I think the issue is that we need understand what is matt and what is gloss on a model, if you look at coaches the roofs ends and underfames are Matt and the sides are clean and tend to be gloss. I tend to airbrush the roof, underframes and end in a Matt finish and try to increase the shine on the coach sides and this makes to my mind a much more realistic finish.
  18. he working timetable, London division 1960 says there was a unique headcode for freight on the branch of one lamp in centre of buffer beam for the Princes Risborough to Aylesbury branch and photographic evidence seems to back this up, and seemed to be applied to passenger trains as well including autotrains, I know this after steam railmotors had gone, but it maybe a hangover from previous practice.
  19. Until some smaller shows have taken place I really feel we won't have any idea what the future of shows will be. The large shows Warley and the Warners shows really have a tricky choice to go ahead or not. I am talking about autumn/winter exhibitions where there should be no government restrictions in place. All of these require huge amounts of money to be put upfront in deposits and other costs, which could result in massive losses if people either don't show or the logistics laid down make it impossible to adhere the exhibition to. Venues may enforce their own rules, which could scupper some shows taking place which is why Scaleforum and WycRail have had to cancel as limited time at at exhibits and one way systems where some of the rules laid down which would probably be hard to organise and impossible to police. David
  20. I have just seen this thread, I am sure in Great Western Engine Sheds London Division Wild Swan Publications there is a drawing of I think of a 40 foot the turntable for Aylesbury which was out out use and removed in the 1920s I will check later but this is an under girder GWR type for turning tank engines so would probably suit your requirements. I swill see if I can find the drawing later for you. David
  21. Looks good although I think the pitch on the station building should be less around 40 degrees pitch rather than 45 which it looks like yours is. The windows on the ground floor look slightly wider apart than the prototype the signal boxes on the line were all opened in 1891 and were all built in blue brick although Wheatley does look like it was in yellow or red brick. The window to the left of the open porch on the station building platform side lines up directly with the window to the left of the gable projection on the rear, many years ago I visited Borne End Cookham and Bledlow and measured then, plus did drawings, I will see if I have them if I can find them. I also have drawings of Thame signal box. If you PM me I have drawings of Bourne End if you have the Princes Risborough Thame Oxford Railway by Lingard then look at the original drawing of Princes Risbough station they show the 1880 extentions but the core of it is the original Wycombe Railway station building.
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