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  1. 1 minute ago, Tallpaul69 said:

    Thanks for the comments guys,

    I agree, a two road shed would be best.

    Currently I am trying to establish when Aylesbury shed was altered from a dead end shed to having the Metropolitan/GC road running through?

    I am as yet undecided which to go for, they both have their merits.

    In a day or two I will put up a revised plan showing a two road shed and some details of the Water tower (at shed front!), and coal /ash area.

    Best regards


    1955 the rear of the shed at Aylesbury was knocked through.

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  2. You might be interested in the model my club (Risborough & District MRC) is making of Aylesbury station still plenty to do but I built the engine shed and Tim Peacock built the water tank the coaling stage I still need to construct but it was at two levels one for GWR engines and the other for the other regions.


    Aylesbury 2.jpg

    engine shed april 002.jpg

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  3. “RAILEX 2022 is still on!


    News of Railex 2022’s demise was a premature!


    Although, owing to a double booking, we have lost our traditional venue at the Stoke Mandeville Stadium we are keen to run the show if at all possible. Judging by the comments received that’s what the viewing public want too. Therefore, we are looking at alternative venue options. 


    So keep the date and watch this space.”

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  4. I have just picked up on this thread, fantastic work.


    Just one thing I have picked up on is that the GWR type 5 signal boxes were generally built entirly in blue brick rather than red brick on your model. I had a look at colour photos of Tavistock and yes the box is in blue brick.



  5. After two years of not having a physical show, we are planning Railex 2022. Due to the unavalible of our traditional dates in May we have moved to June 25th & 26th. for Railex 2023 we wil be back to May.


    Railex 2022

    Stoke Mandeville Stadium

    Stadiun Approch



    HP22 9PP


    Saturday 10.00-5.30

    Sunday 10.00-5.00


    Confirmed layouts and traders will be added in due course.

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  6. Just now, Nearholmer said:

    Interface the model to the right VR software, and you probably could.


    "Fly throughs" and "walk throughs" are quite common ways for achitects/designers to allow clients/users to test the layouts and looks of complex buildings these days. And, they use the same base files to feed into the printing of 3D physical models if those  are needed.



    There is an animation section on Fusion so I may give it a go.

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  7. Nearly there just a few more details to add, I have even popped the correct Flint cottage image in the background, and too give it a period look have given it a black and white filter. I feel its quite an attractive station and one of those lost GWR terminus stations, although to be correct it was only a Wycombe railway station although it was run by the GWR from the start. 






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  8. 6 minutes ago, Islesy said:

    How do Dave, thanks for your feedback here - this is one of the issues central to my EP feedback, there is some degree of adjustment needed with planking which will be in place by the arrival of the decoration samples.

    I think there was one the prototype that had doors made up of 3 full width planks and this was copied by Lima the remaining ones seemed to have doors made up of a half plank two full planks and one half plank.


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  9. 13 hours ago, RedgateModels said:



    Next Question, assuming it was a through station where did the line(s) go westwards? - all the buildings around look very old

    It was a terminus from 1854 till 1862 when the line was extended to Thame in 1862 the line bypassed the old station so for two years until a replacement station was built all trains had to reverse in and out of the station.


    The first map shows the proposed extension to Thame and the second an extract from the 1:500 1875 when that shows the old station as a goods shed and a replacement station on the site of the current station.





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  10. Some more progress on the 3D model, plus some photos of the building as is is now or before restoration started. Its quite hard in some cases to figure out exactly how it looked like 167 years ago when first built. 


    It was only a station for 10 years before being replaced by a new station and then used as good shed.  The design was repeated at Thame ten years later in 1862.

    Wycombe 11.PNG

    Wycombe 10.png


    wycombe photos 003.jpg

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  11. After years if not decades of waiting and plenty of false starts model the original High Wycombe broad gauge station in 1854-62 I have now made progress in drawing the model up in Fusion 360 this will then be used to produce drawing for the laser cutter to produce parts. A couple of days and I have got the attached done plenty more do but at least its looking like it should, I hope  to get as much detail in as posible and all brick and flintwork work will be correct as well as all the trusses.





    Wycombe 16.png

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