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    Narrow Gauge North 2020 Saturday March 14th 10:30am to 4:30pm Pudsey Civic Hall Leeds, LS28 5TA Adults: £8.00, accompanied children under 16: £1.00 Hot & Cold refreshments available. Plentiful free parking. Disabled access to all areas except the stage. Proceeds to Sue Ryder Care - Wheatfields, Leeds. Additional information on our website - http://www.narrowgaugenorth.org.uk/ or also on Facebook https://facebook.com/ngnorth Exhibitors - Societies - Traders -
  2. Event Name: Narrow Gauge North 2019 Classification: Exhibition Address: Pudsey Civic Hall, Dawsons Corner, Pudsey, Yorkshire, LS28 5TA Day 1: Saturday Opening times Day 1: TBC - Please see website Prices: TBC - Please see website Disability access: Yes Car parking: Yes Website: www.narrowgaugenorth.org.uk Organising body: Narrow Gauge North Organiser: www.narrowgaugenorth.org.uk Narrow Gauge North 2019 Our 25th Show! will be held on Saturday 9th March at Pudsey Civic Hall, Dawsons Corner, Pudsey, Yorkshire LS28 5TA. Further details can be found on the website www.narrowga
  3. Hello, I was wondering if anyone has any of the following Bemo Post issues - 3 21 27 28 I have managed to fill the other gaps in my collection but am unable to find these editions so far, Would any of you have an odd copy tucked away somewhere that you would be willing to part with? Many thanks, Andrew
  4. Hi, I recently purchased a number of items second hand. All three of them appear to be from the same manufacturer due to the labelling & packaging being similar. The items I can identify are from SOPA, but very old, around 30 years according to the current SOPA company - http://www.mbapiro.ch All three of the items have part numbers on which appear to translate to a modern day part code - Three buffer stops - has the number 8306 stamped on the back, whilst the current description is - Art. Nr. 830 600 Prellbock Beton (H0m). Also has the manufacturer on the back - SOPA R.Solca un
  5. My pre-order of the newly released Bemo 1388 101 - RhB Gmf 287 01 Diesel - D1 arrived the other day. Whilst I don't anything permanent to run it on I tested it on the rolling road to see how it ran and what the Loksound decoder sounded like. I wasn't disappointed - I've placed a couple of videos on Youtube - links below... Example video one - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GZvVSKPcYWM&t Example video two - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8IbYNtOnJS0
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    Event Name: Narrow Gauge North 2018 Classification: Exhibition Address: Pudsey Civic HallDawsons CornerPudseyWest YorkshireLS28 5TA Day 1: Saturday Opening times Day 1: 10:30 - 16:30 Prices: Adults : £8.00Accompanied children under 16 : £1.00 Disability access: Yes Car parking: Yes Website: www.narrowgaugeorth.org.uk Organising body: Narrow Gauge North Organiser: Admin 07040 [email protected] Additional details regarding the exhibition will be posted on our website nearer the time. In addition you can also follow us on facebook - https://www.facebook.com/n
  7. Saw one of the new driving coaches out on trial - full of RhB engineers and laptops...
  8. Hi Kevin, There was always a saying that there is a prototype for everything. There is even a prototype for using a solid rail for the catenary instead of overhead wires - On the new tunnel into Samedan from St.Moritz. It's also used in the first tunnel below Bergün. The RhB appear to be installing it in the new tunnels and when they complete refurbishment of existing ones. I've uploaded some catenary photos to the site if they are of use to you. Andrew
  9. We rode in the new stock when we were staying at Filisur at the end of August. The 'Photo Compartment' is a great place to sit, especially if you are on a train heading away from St Moritz as you will be at the end of the train with a glass door facing up the track - a great place to get some different photos. We also saw the new driving trailers. Initially in the yard at Landquart, however, at the end of the week, one of them was out on a test train, full of RhB engineering staff with their laptops hooked up to various sensors within the train.
  10. I'd forgotten about that list. I was thinking about getting something into a more 'online' style that would allow you to search codes/descriptions etc and also save other notes. Ideally something that could be added to by the community. I'll keep having a play and post updates when I can.
  11. Hi, Is anyone aware of a website that contains the full Bemo product catalogue? Not just the current items but the historical ones too. I'm considering putting something together myself if nothing else exists but just wanted to see if anyone knew of anything already out there? Andrew
  12. Making the change as per my last post has solved the problem. Thanks for all the comments and feedback, Andrew
  13. Thanks to you both I think I may have moved forward on this a little. As per your comments Nigel I realised that I had not read all the values from the decoder so I went back and did a full read on both the working and none working locos. I'm now seeing something that makes a little more sense - Working - <varValue item="User ID #1 (0-255)" value="0" /> <varValue item="User ID #2 (0-255)" value="0" /> <varValue item="Headlight [1] Mode" value="1" /> <varValue item="Function Switch On Delay" value="0" /> <varValue item=
  14. Hi, I've just started working with the LokSound Micro V4.0 decoders in a number of Bemo RhB 4/4 III Locos. Whilst looking to change the volume of the sound the other day in one of the locos (Bemo___GLACIER_on_TOUR.xml) - Loco A, something appears to have happened to the directional headlights in that I now only get the single white light at the back of the loco but no headlights on the front. When changing direction I don't get any lights... I have taken a snapshot of the decoder using decoder pro in order to compare the configuration of one loco with another that is working as expecte
  15. Just spotted one of the new Albula sets at Filisur today - https://goo.gl/OLXu0o - More info on the RhB website - https://goo.gl/UiZcXa A.
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