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  1. I'm sure some here will know this railway well but I've just come across two lovely videos of the 78 mile line in winter. this is with steam and this a longer slow film of daily operations in heavy snow with Henschel diesels (with added thrash) There are 4 trains a day the first starting at 2 am!
  2. Just come across this website which has lots of information and photos of the station before and after the rebuild. There's also photos of the splendid curving viaduct after the station. Obviously a lot of character has gone but I hope the bar is there for when I ride the line in summer. http://www.vlakregion.cz/trate/036/dopravny/smrzovka/smrzovka.html
  3. I came across this video of a wonderful layout. I'm not sure if it has been posted before. Art meets modelling - a real work of genius. Wonderful presentation by Vikas Chander. My apologies if this has been posted before.
  4. Reports of problems with the new signals. Aspects changing to red in front of trains etc.
  5. A recent photo found on Goog. https://kurierkolejowy.eu/img/680_400_1/568a2a0648.jpg
  6. Lovely layout with an ingenious backstage. I remember talking to you at Warley a few years ago. A recent Youtube search shows the station layout has been entirely rebuilt during 2015. There is a very model worthy viaduct in the village too. I hope the station bar is still open.
  7. I suspect that 5 cars will not be enough. The LCHS sets capacity doesn't match a 6 car 185 and too many of the trains even after 9 PM are full and standing. 7 Cars would be better. I caught the last train to Hull from Leeds at 2211 (that's the last in the old TT!) and there were at least 250 standing. But this is the UK and we like short trains.
  8. I agree with your point on aesthetics. York used to have round topped signal heads and useful double-sided theatre boxes with large clear figures using lamps. The modern replacements are ugly, lack style and modern theatre boxes use harsh thin white figures. As for those stumpy LED signals with no backboards, I despair.
  9. How many 4 bedroom houses could be built for that? A small street or close of pleasant family homes? Why does everything NR touches cost so much?
  10. It's very convenient to argue over private or public and for Adonis to throw himself into the fray elsewhere but it's a massive distraction from the incompetence and stubbornness at the DfT which is the real story. The anti electrification lunatics who were defeated by Shooter et al are resurgent once more. Meanwhile Network Rail gets away with monumental failures.
  11. Why wait till 2040? A rolling programme of electrification would massively reduce diesel use within 10 years. Oh hang on. Perhaps he could tell us about 2020? That would be a challenge..... All those nice new DMUs in production with a book life of 30 years just got more expensive Mr Johnson. Who is spending £360M on new Diesel engines to bolt onto Japanese electric trains for 27.5 years? Is that your department Mr Johnson? The media could have field day with all this. Where are they?
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