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  1. Recently I was looking at getting another resin printer and after looking at the various options I went for the Mono X. I've printed a couple of parts to see how they came out. I've used Chitubox for the slicing and used the standard settings for grey resin. The first part printed was the test cube, people seem to have varying results with this and my cube came out ok but the text in the middle wasn't perfect. Anycubic test print by simon br blue, on Flickr I did couple of other test bits done to see how fine and smooth some parts were, below is print of a
  2. Been a while since the last update. As well as renders shown previously I've done some more similar wagons, just a pity BR didnt have a standard air braked wagon chassis as although similar they are all different. After doing the PNA I modified the OBA to represent the OBA's modified by BR for the Plasmoor traffic with higher ends. 7mm OBA Plasmor render by simon br blue, on Flickr After doing the OBA next up was the OCA and SPA, all of these were designed with an open deck to reduce the cost, I printed decks in PLA for these along with the underfloor air b
  3. Just a following up original question, does anyone make GBRF colours in acrylic or has anyone found a good match?
  4. Hi, The price is less because tax is not applied by shapeways. UPS will ask for the tax payment before delivery.
  5. Hi, I did draw a bogie for the Lima UKF wagon, I got a test print from Shapeways, the cost would be about £14 for a pair. 4mm Gloucester Bogie by simon br blue, on Flickr A little wagon update, a couple of renders of some wagons that I have worked on/modified recently, a OBA wagon, a PNA Plasmor wagon and a POA Blackadder. 7mm OBA wagon render drawn to be printed in Shapeways versatile plastic with PLA printed wagon deck. OBA render by simon br blue, on Flickr 7mm PNA Plasmor wagon render drawn to be printed in Shapeways
  6. Nice conversion, top work on the masking for the stripes, not easy to get them straight and level.
  7. Very interesting document about the STS Polybulk, I think the next one I do will be a weathered pink one. I did re-scale some of the 25 parts to HO for another member on here, I'll have to look for the file but no time scale as not had much modelling time recently and have about 50 other projects on the go. A slightly different update this time I've been adding some 3D parts to a 7mm Skytrex bodyshell. Starting off with the 7mm resin Skytrex 31 bodyshell, original layout with molded discs. 7mm Skytrex 31 1 by simon br blue, on Flickr
  8. A couple of Polybulk wagons for tonight's update. First up is another 7mm PBA Clay Tiger, new version of the wagon printed in 3 parts on my Balco printer with walkways and end details printed in Shapeways PA12. Y25 bogies printed in Versatile Plastic. side Pipework made from wire. Form 2 printed buffers and discharge handles. I tried this to see how it compares to the version available on Shapeways, this just needs the hopper lid painting and Railtec transfers adding. 7mm PBA Clay Tiger by simon br blue, on Flickr 7mm PBA Clay Tiger by simon br blue, on
  9. The wheels I used on the PWA are 2'10" Peartree wheels. Another bit of an update, Following on from the PRA I had a go at making a couple more wagons using my PLA printer for the main body to keep the costs down. The first wagon as a POA scrap wagon, the main body was printed in 2 parts to allow it to fit on the print bed with additional details for the suspension and details being printed in PA12 from Shapeways. Transfer are from Railtec with Dapol coupling and Shapeways printed air pipe. 7mm POA scrap wagon by simon br blue, on Flickr 7mm PO
  10. Yes, as pointed out they are slightly different bogies, Photo below of some of the various 7mm bogies I've made with an unpainted PWA Gloucester bogie in the middle. 7mm Bogies by simon br blue, on Flickr. Had time to fit mesh for the walkway and apply the Precision Labels transfers to PRA wagon at the weekend. 7mm PRA wagon by simon br blue, on Flickr 7mm PRA wagon by simon br blue, on Flickr
  11. Hi Al, I can make the bogies available on Shapeways and I can print the parts and the transfers. I'll work out the costs and send you a message. A small update, another wagon I've been working on finishing is the PRA china clay wagon, this model was made with a with Balco printed body and top sheet, Versatile plastic chassis, PA12 end walkways (mesh walkway not fitted yet) and Form 2 resin top cover wheel. Elastic hood straps made from fine elastic, glued at top before being tensioned and gluing at bottom. 7mm PRA wagon body by simon br blue, on Flickr
  12. Time for another update, first up I've applied homemade transfers to the UKF and VAA vans. The UKF transfers are printed on clear decal paper and the VAA was printed on white decal paper with a red border to the Railfreight logo and grey inner for the TOPS panel. I added the door locking mechanisms from plastic rod after applying the transfers. 7mm UKF PWA by simon br blue, on Flickr 7mm UKF PWA by simon br blue, on Flickr 1:32 VAA by simon br blue, on Flickr I finally got around to weathering and adding transfers to one of the BAA (from Railte
  13. Hi G, I've not made these available yet in 7mm but i'll work through them and check that they are printable. Some wagons I've been working on recently in different scales. Line up of wagons by simon br blue, on Flickr First wagon a 1:32 VAA van, body made in 7 parts from PLA printed on my Balco printer, Shapeways versatile plastic chassis. Slaters wheels with Balco PLA printed brake discs. Door locks printed in grey resin on Form 2. 1:32 VAA van by simon br blue, on Flickr Next up a 7mm UKF PWA fertiliser wagon. Body p
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