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  1. I heard that Dapol's 08 appeared on shop shelves today...?
  2. Are you particularly opposed to the idea of using a traverser in your fiddle-yard? You're on a good thing with your design, but I think you could simplify things to the right-hand-side by simulating that last ladder crossover (imagining it off-scene) with the use of a traverser, as the likes of Reely Grate put to good effect. Saving the cost of two turnouts will no-doubt help. I fancy a set of coal staithes in the general location of "Office" would add another nice and logical 'traffic inbound' too...
  3. I like the integrated Modratec frame... would rather like to have one of them in my next layout.
  4. Chris, I'm suitably inspired. So much so that I created a segment of 3 foot radius double-check-railed S7 track this evening to test my re-wheel-rimmed Fowler chassis upon. I'm sold on the ability to maintain S7 standards (with small locos), have realistic and functional check-rails, and have "prototypically" absurd curvature - with careful fettling and testing, of course. The Peckett will be a brilliant companion to my little blue beastie.
  5. Martin, if you were considering making more than one, it might be worth considering finding an appropriate diameter pipe/tubing and rapid-prototyping a "dome" and end-caps (put them in polyurethane if you need multiples). Have to be competitive to buying a whole Slaters kit to hack up. I'd be happy to help you out with drawing said parts up to have printed in exchange for a bit of said requisite tubing, as I'd like to make up a pair of the NSW shorty bogie oil tankers one day for myself. Remaining elements for bolsters/strapping would be straightforward scratchbuilding tasks. I wonder if something like a wooden underframe for an LCH or similar small wagon would be appropriate? At a casual glance, it looks to be a broadly similar construction style and wheelbase.
  6. At a quick squiz, looks close enough for jazz, easy enough to modify to fit.... I like the looks of a project like that.
  7. Waiting patiently for the first excitable chap to post details of the new loco online...! I've grown rather curious....
  8. I once found a very inexpensive Ikea timber table which I constructed an embryonic O-9 narrow gauge layout upon... I wish I'd been able to see that layout through to completion, as I'd made rolling stock and buildings for it! Anyhow - a small rectangular table with an imaginary line down the middle diagonally (or in any way you fancy) may give you half "workbench" space, half scenic display... I'm considering such an option myself for a more advanced S7 test track, as I never have enough work space... Edit: a solution (which I'm interested in) with folding legs is this - http://www.ikea.com/au/en/catalog/products/50259488/; A budget option in a smaller size is this - http://www.ikea.com/au/en/catalog/products/60161797/ Those are links to the Australian Ikea page - I expect the same product names apply over there....
  9. The snap looking through the brick arch is stunning. Wow.
  10. The photo of the Southern livery on the Terrier is very sharp. It looks as though it'll be worth the wait (in my singular opinion)...
  11. Martin, I'm looking very seriously at building up the 10-class in 3D to make up a duo for myself. That, and an extended-smokebox belpaire 25 - very smart little loco! I don't currently possess resin casting skills, but I've been interested in gaining that ability...
  12. Well that's very smart! I shall have one of those in the very near future.
  13. I just looked up the 'bolt making etch' - http://www.phd-design-etchings.co.uk/index.php?route=product/product&path=25_70&product_id=161- is that intended to be pressed into something pliable like filler? Or am I wildly misinterpreting its' application?
  14. Smart move on starting with a lighter shade. We love the harsh Australian sunshine, and it loves attacking paint - if you're imagining your SHG has been in service for more than 10 years, it's all fair game as to how light you take it. You could get away with a grey/brown too, as the fade and rubbed-in grime will be quite uniform. Great looking little train! Quite jealous.
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