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  1. Robert

    Photobucket - What is going on?

    Their download album option is broken (along with pretty much everything else on the site now). I do have backups, but I wanted to download my bucket to prevent having to fish everything out of the archives. Fortunately, I have now managed to achieve that with the help of some Linux shell scripts. Needless to say, I have closed my Photobucket account. I'd happily pay 39 quid a year, but 400 is plain ridiculous. Good riddance Photobucket!
  2. Robert

    Photobucket (or, I will NOT be brow-beaten)

    I do have backups of all the photos that I posted on Photobucket, but I wanted to download my albums to avoid having to retrieve them from my archives. I have managed (at last) to download all my photos from the site, which is now worse than useless. Most of the options don't work properly (like download album) and there are so many adverts the site is rendered unusable. Now, I have closed my account and sent them a message telling them exactly why I have done it - not that I expect they will even read it, but it made me feel better! Good riddance Photobucket - with an attitude to customers like that, they will more than likely go to the wall (I feel sorry for their employees).
  3. What an inspirational thread this is! I've just finished reading it from start to end - which has admittedly taken me several days. Keep up the good work, Jim. It is looking great.
  4. Robert

    No Barrier Level Crossings

    The Dungeness branch has several open level crossings - one of which is on the A259 just west of Brenzett. If my memory serves me correctly, the branch has a 25mph speed limit, and only sees around one nuclear flask train a week down to Dungeness power station.
  5. Robert

    Class 73 visitors to Edinburgh

    That's actually quite amusing - although probably not for the person who has to schedule a replacement. I wonder why? They must have seen their fair share of rain in their days on the Southern. Are these the re-engined variants?
  6. Robert

    Croydon Tram Accident

    Heavens above! 50 taken to hospital and six feared dead.
  7. Robert

    Locomotive Clag

    Thanks to everyone for the answers. I suppose at the end of the day, we are talking about equipment that is over half a century old, and technology has moved on. I always thought that a diesel kicking out that much black smoke must be a sign of something seriously wrong, but as has been said there are reasons for it. I must admit, I have never really understood the benefits of diesel particle filter regeneration. Surely, if you burn off the deposits in the filter, then they are released into the atmosphere, which is exactly what the filter is designed to stop happening.
  8. Robert

    Locomotive Clag

    At the weekend, I was browsing YouTube and came across this film (as one example of many): Now, don't get me wrong I like to see Locomotives working hard as well as the next person but I don't remember Hymeks smoking like this when they were in service. Which makes me wonder what the reason is. I can't believe that it is down to the engines being long in the tooth because firstly, the engineering staff on the preserved railways do an excellent job of maintaining many of the preserved locomotives - plus, having recently seen a V200 here in Germany with engines of a similar type and vintage which was only producing a very light blue haze. "Clag" seems to be popular - so is it down to driving style, or are some locomotives "adjusted" to over fuel? By the way - my intention isn't to start an environmental debate - I am purely interested from a technical point of view!
  9. Robert

    RHDR Accident?

    Very sad news that the RHDR have to go through this yet again. Thank God nobody was killed this time. There are lots of un-gated crossings on the Marsh - not just the RHDR, but also the Dungeness Branch which carries the atomic trains from the power station (including one on the A259 at Brenzett). However, they are all well signposted, have lights and provided you are paying attention, impossible to miss. The report on this one will make interesting reading.
  10. Looking at the pictures in this article: https://uk.news.yahoo.com/rail-chaos-commuters-barrow-upon-083813785.html?nhp=1 It certainly seems to have collapsed good and proper!
  11. Robert

    Jock 67B

    Jock, you are very much missed over on ERs. The courage and determination with which you fought your illness was inspirational. Wherever you are, may you rest in peace. You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers.
  12. Robert

    Hornby's financial updates to the Stock Market

    One thing I am not clear on - How on earth do you come to the position of having to write off £1m worth of stock? This is a genuine question. Many years ago, I worked for a Garden Centre and we had to write off a certain amount of plant stock because, quite simply, it died! Models don't die!
  13. Robert

    German Train Crash

    Not looking good at all - current news is eight dead, 90 injured (40 serious and 15 critical). Apparently, it was a head on collision on a single track section.
  14. Great Photos - Thanks for posting Dom
  15. That was also one of the concerns that I had. The Pi may also be a bit on the slow side, but I haven't got far enough to know one way or another yet. However A standard RS232 interface will also allow a more powerful PC to be connected if necessary.

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