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  1. Need help again… as some of you know I’m making a oo model of westbury during the 80s/90s so kind of on topic. Currently working on the station. Anyone know what was in the various offices? Think most of the windows were frosted, but guess I’ll need to make interiors for some. Any responses are much appreciated.
  2. Thanks Guy, how’s the Whatley extension coming on?
  3. 2 years later than planned, but my PHAs finally arrive at Westbury… Did anyone come up with a fix for them uncoupling? I have to watch it like a hawk and keep stopping to reverse and pick up the wagons left behind. Thinking of a bit of black tape under the coupler so it’s semi permanent. Any suggestions?
  4. I’m trying to recreate accurate 80s/90s platform clutter. BRUTE’s, bins, benches, luggage trolleys, vending machines etc are all widely available, but I’ve not seen any wheelchair ramps. Has anyone got any decent pictures so I can try and get some 3d printed? Here’s the only one I have found so far (credit to James AKA mcjlf1). Thanks in advance. Steve
  5. Of all the ships in the world! One good thing, at two years late I’ve had time to squirrel away the odd tenner here and there so the misses doesn’t know what they have cost me!!
  6. Just read the thread start to finish. Brilliant work Jo! Shame we never got to see it in 90s glory with some 50s and NSE colours - maybe on mk2!!.... N gauge had always intrigued me, but I love kit bashing and modifying, unfortunately, I don’t have the patience or skills for N. Keep up the good work. Look forward to seeing your wagon works once exhibitions start again.
  7. Found a couple photos on Flickr, looks like there were regular speedlink trains from Devon and Cornwall hauled by pairs of 37s. Anyone got any more photos or consist/destination details?
  8. Hi Rich, I know it’s an old thread and a long shot.... did you ever find any info on the Powell Duffryn hooded PXAs? I’ve had a look through Barrowmore website but couldn’t find them. Believe they were diagram JS044A and 044B. Steve
  9. Really Rivercider? You might have a gem of info i’m after.... Don’t suppose you can remember the interior? Was it open plan or divided into offices? I want to put some lights in it but means making an interior.
  10. Thanks Paul. I made 18 of these LPG TTAs after studying photos on your website. Regulars passing through Westbury between Furzebrook and Avonmouth. Your website is brilliant for piecing together what I ‘thought’ I saw, to what I ‘actually’ saw!
  11. That makes sense. Dad used to take me to Westbury after work (lived in Frome) or at weekends. It was daylight so probably weekend engineering work. Also remember pairs of railfreight 37s (st blazey?) on speedlink about 8/9 at night. Again can’t find photos as it was dark but remember vans (vda/vca?), China clay in tigers/PAAs, plus TAAs and HEAs, pretty sure there were carticks sometimes too but may be wrong. No idea what the working was. Again any detail/evidence would be much appreciated.
  12. Frome bitumen was nearly always a 37 in late 80s and early 90s from my memory. Photos stolen from Flickr below to prove my memory right on this occasion. Credits to Nic Joynson and Stephen Stubbs for these.
  13. Thanks Stu. Got both those books, but have to admit I’m guilty of just reading the captions under the photos and haven’t read them cover to cover. Thanks rivercider. I was a young spotty teen so my memory might be wrong, but got a clear memory of it going round the back of platform 1 then holding for a while before taking the bank towards Warminster. Have searched the internet and Flickr, only photos I can find of freightliners through Westbury are more modern 66s and green freightliner 47s but nothing from this era (guess it would have been a blue or rail freight distribution 47). Will have to use a dose of rule 1! Plenty of pictures of freightliners around Oxford in the 80s/90s to get the right container liverys for what ‘probably’ happened.
  14. Some great photos (and memories) on this thread. I spent a lot of time at Westbury in the late 80s/early 90s and am now trying to recreate it in OO. I seem to remember an occasional freightliner passing through. Assume it was a diverted Southampton working. Anyone got any info or evidence from their notepad or camera?
  15. Amazing, makes my 9ft westbury sidings seem inadequate now though!! Keep the updates coming, I’m loving watching this develop.
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