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  1. A little ‘how to’ for the first stages of track weathering, apologies for the voice over!!
  2. Evening mate, unfortunately I didn’t get any further with the layout I jumped up to O gauge so I’m currently building a diesel depot layout based on Edge Hill servicing point. By pure chance I’ve since started working for Transport for Wales although Dyffryn isn’t one of the routes I sign. Your memories seem very similar and happy as mine, opening the gates for the family. I will build this one day though cheers
  3. Evening everyone not much done of late, mojo had disappeared but is slowly coming back, but if I’m not working I’m home schooling so it’s difficult fitting modelling in. I have been working on the derelict hut though which is almost there
  4. Thanks mate very much appreciated
  5. Thanks mate I’ve not stopped as such but either work or family life get in the way snd I have to be honest I keep forgetting to update on here, not sure if your on fb but I’ve got a group covering the layout on there to mate https://www.facebook.com/groups/334484117196459/
  6. Thanks John how you doing mate? Hope everything’s ok in these crazy times
  7. Managed to get what I’m hoping will be the final coat of stain on the sleepers today and did a bit more work on the derelict hut which has be scratch built out of foamex, I’ve also cut each individual roof tile out of thin card
  8. Here’s a video I did with photos etc covering the weathering of D5578
  9. Thanks mate I have to admit I struggled with this one at first, I gave it a faded look then weathered it and it looked awful to point were I thought about giving up. Then after a day or two I came back to it removed everything I’d done and started again and I think it’s one of the best I’ve done, I’m certainly happy with it anyway. many thanks again.
  10. Thanks Paul very much appreciated
  11. Thanks Andy been struggling to get anything done with work and lack of mojo but hopefully I’ll get back into it more soon.
  12. It’s been a while since I posted as I haven’t really got any modelling done on the layout apart from I started staining the sleepers I have however finished weathering the 31, just need to save up the pennies for the sound decoder now
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