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    Modelling br green and blue, weathering & detailing and going the gym at ridiculous hours of the morning!!

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  1. We’ll soon be watching your excellent videos again Phil
  2. B/H flexi arrived from Phil at C&L yesterday so I can hopefully start getting the track down over the next week time permitting, I also lightly weathered D1733 so that just needs a couple of subtle touches then that’s all finished. I picked up some timber today so I can also get the flyover and embankment fitted to the main board soon hopefully. Also a new addition is making it’s way across the Pennines to it’s new home and will hopefully arrive soon.
  3. Although I’m still waiting on b/h rail I’ve made a start on the first two points, I normally stain the timbers with Jacobean dark oak but it wasn’t playing ball tonight so I’ve just gave them the first coats of weathered black as it’ll all be weathered in the end anyway.
  4. I normally use weathering powders to weather my locos but I have been using paints with my AC locos, yesterday I lightly weathered my 86 but still wanted to keep the new straight off the production line look
  5. Managed to set both boards up last night to get a feel of things
  6. Still waiting on the track to arrive so no real progress although due to some family issues modelling time hasn’t really happened. I did however do a bit more to the 85, I just need to add a few bits of oil an grease, weather the buffers then tidy a few areas up and then it’ll be all finished apart from the sound chip
  7. Thanks Phil my mojo has definitely returned!!
  8. Thanks again Ray some great photos there
  9. Wow Ray what a cracking Pic, any more?????
  10. Just incase anyone has missed it, I’ve returned to 4mm and I’m currently starting to build Edge Hill in OO here’s a link and a few pics of how it’s coming along
  11. A bit of weathering on the 40 and 85 today (pics later hopefully) and I cut the base of the viaduct and I’m pretty pleased with how it will look hopefully
  12. What a great memory, hopefully I’ll get to crack ok with Dyffryn one day, I’m currently selling all my O gauge locos and returning to 4mm so who knows! I’m currently in the process of building this if you interested Andy, thanks again for your great memories
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