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  1. Latest work on 8N over the last few weeks, track weathering coming on quite nicely now so pretty pleased
  2. Truly excellent work as always mate
  3. Quite a bit of progress on the siding next to the shed over the last week or two. I’ve firstly ballasted the siding using sand and fine granite chippings, I’ve then rubbed in Das clay to give a gunky look, then the first stage of weathering was applied which was rust to the rail. This was then followed by a mix of talc mixed with black an gunmetal blue paint. I’m pretty pleased so far and I’ve set up a new YouTube channel especially for 8N
  4. Quite a bit done over last couple of weeks, all the track is now down on the first board and I’ve started to solder on the droppers, once these are done and it’s all tested I’ll go to work on ballasting the track
  5. In the last week or so the first board has arrived so I’ve cut out the section for the pits and assembled the board itself. To get the rails the correct height as the sleepers an chairs I’ve had to add 1mm of plasticard to the underside of the pits, this I managed to finish this morning so hopefully I’ll get the pits fixed into position in the next day of two. I’ve also glued down the Templot for this board and fixed the sleepers into position, these are just in the process of being stained so hopefully some rails down soon.
  6. That’s worse than any of mine
  7. Slowly been cracking on with the depot office/stores block, starting with the two storey first. I’m using Slaters brick sheeting glued onto 5mm Foamex, I was going to carve the bricks but gave up!
  8. Thanks Andrew been working on the depot office/stores building lately do not much to show but I’ll try an take some pics of the plans once I think they’re good enough
  9. Thanks mate same here I need to convert the garage or at least insulate it but with working in sections a can hopefully work in the house a board at a time. I was going to have 3’ wide boards and just extend the width in certain places but I might see if I can use 2’ wide boards then just add a 1’ board to the back to make things easier etc. Not sure if your on fb but I’ve got a group set up on there covering the build to if your interested. cheers
  10. Thank you Jeff very much appreciated, I’ll try and get back into posting regular updates. maby thanks
  11. Thanks Mervyn don’t suppose you have any pics of 60’s steam cleaners do you
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