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  1. Thanks both, I found this article; https://www.coastaldcc.co.uk/installnotes/Bachmann/class03/ Fine soldering is OK Thanks
  2. Can anyone recommend a 6pin stay alive decoder for a Bachmann 03? Or do you need to fit these items separately? Many thanks
  3. Hi, I have just built my DCC++ EX command station (Arduino Mega + Motor Shield) and it works fine with JMRI & WiThrottle etc. I want now to start to control my COBALT point motors through the Arduino Mega - can anyone point me to some information on how to do this? Thanks
  4. Despite emails to the secretary I can get no news about Nottingham MRS. The website seems over a year out of date; still advertising the 2020 Spring show? Can anyone tell me what the state of play as as I am interested in joining?
  5. Thanks for all the replies. I have found links to some and they are still on for 2021. Looking at the situation in Germany re. COVID I am sceptical that they will happen this year though. I cannot see any of RMWeb's calendar as yet.
  6. Hi, I'm looking for recommendations for a large German Model Railway show to visit in 2022. Based on your experience what would you recommend? Thanks
  7. Thanks, apparently the issue with the mouse is known, if you select several objects in Layout Editor and then use Shift + Mouse 2 to move behavior is erratic. I have no issue with software and am indeed very proficient with IT, the question is whether I want to invest the time for a small layout. The mouse problem, the overall sprawling construction, poor documentation (or rather lots of it) and the number of people having issues has suggested it might not be worth the time.
  8. Hi - a mimic screen that will enable you to control the layout from a tablet. Looking at iTrain intro rightnow...
  9. I have briefly played with JMRI and found an issue already with the unintuitive use of the mouse to move a selected group of items in the 'Layout Editor'. I joined the users group and was dismayed with the steady stream of problems thrown up. Two questions: 1) Is JMRI a worthwhile investment of time for someone like myself undertaking a complete modestly sized layout build with one train in motion and 7 turnouts to control? 2) Is there a recommended alternative to achieve PC/Tablet layout control? Cheers
  10. Thanks, I didn't realise it was an 'either' or 'both'. Its too bad I've never had a chance to see JMRI work on a layout. Thanks for your time. Still got this mouse problem moving the 'diagram' around in Layout Editor.
  11. Okay thanks, useful. What is a 'panel' - is it what we would call a panel which represents the layout in diagrammatic form which is then used to operate the layout. Is the layout the first place to start? In other words one layout - many panels? No wait have found a clinic
  12. Hi, sorry should have mentioned it. Its a W10 Gaming PC, Windows is up-to-date and Java new installed. I have tried a different mouse also. The issue is that selecting the layout, holding down 'shift' and using Mouse2 does not move the objects in any sensible direction, they can even shoot of the layout.
  13. I'm starting to use JMRI. I have opened the panel editor and grasped the basics of drawing a layout. Only issue is when i select all items or a single item, hold down the 'shift' key and move with Mouse 2 the display does crazy and the component shoots off into the distance even outside the grid. What the hell is going on? How do you reliably move items around. On another point I don't find the help much use as with its confusing use of panel editor and layout editor - I'm missing the bigger picture - any useful tutorials available?
  14. Postage for magazines etc is increased - e.g. VGBahn for a 'special' edition on BR120 - cost Eur15, postage Eur9.95. According to relatives in Germany postage to the UK is in the same class as the US, and very expensive. It might well be cheaper in future to travel to Germany and 'stock-up'.
  15. Thanks Nigel, a considered reply and very helpful, thank you for your time
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