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  1. Thanks for the replies, more power seems a good idea, Maybe 2 power supplies, a separateeated one for the Layout LED strip?
  2. Rather than have several wall mounted plugs for my NCE starter control, 12V DC AUX layout power supply and overhead LED layout lighting, I was thinking of using a single power supply. A 25W Single Output Switching Power Supply from RS Online - RS-25-15 provides 15V and 25W and should suffice for NCE (13.8V, 24W) and DC 12V (with a suitable resistor). My layout is small (1 loco running at a time) and without much lighting on the layout, BUT with a strip of LED lighting 3m is 25W sufficient? Any advice most welcome. 25W Single Output Switching Power Supply.pdf
  3. Great; thanks for all these suggestions!!
  4. Can anyone suggest a robust plug to carry the DCC bus between and to boards. In more detail. I have the simple NCE 'starter' DCC control. I have 4 boards: 2 scenic, 1 cassette and 1 storage sidings. I need to connect from the floor where the NCE unit will be positioned to the each board separately (when the layout is in not fully assembled) and between boards (when exhibiting). I have used computer type connectors (MAPLIN) and found them ineffective for frequent assembly/disassembly. I am not sure how robust DIN PLUGS are? Should I use a 4+ pin variety to take a low voltage DC supply for accessories, lighting? Please also recommend a supplier? Many thanks
  5. Thanks, I have had a look and can see that the premium range might be better. I have managed to seal it with Halfords Matt Lacquer. What to do spend more money. I am not keen on self-adhesive/non-aqueous glues so I might go ahead with the current standard grade and coat it. Not really impressed with this product, it should be water-fast whatever the grade! D
  6. I did a small experiment with Halfords Matt Lacquer and it did provide protection against a 'wet finger swipe' after only one coat. I'm surprised no one has found this an issue this as a backscene blemish is easily noticed.
  7. Hi I have noticed that the ID Backscene I have is easily blemish with water and/or slight abrasion when damp. Any ideas on protecting this against? Dullcote? Matt lacquer? Many thanks
  8. I wish to add to my layout an oil depot using PECO's Oil Depot 530 Kit. This would allow for the transfer of oil from tankers to road vehicles for delivery to domestic users in the rural area I am modelling (Suffolk, 1950-70). However I am unsure as to Do you need a pumping house as in the PECO 529 Oil Depot kit? How is the Oil Depot 530 Kit positioned with respect to the rail tracks. Are there any prototypical pictures of such installations? Many thanks in advance.
  9. And Bachmann has replied! Thank you for your recent e-mail, unfortunately, we are unable to supply the coupling rods as a separate part they come pre-fitted to the wheelset. We can supply a wheelset for £21.00 in UK PPH.
  10. I have also noticed the back wheel pair (0-6-0) can be 'adjusted' or independently turned, so the quartering might be off. Does anyone know where to obtain a small spanner or tool for the coupling rod bolts?
  11. Thanks! Yes, I agree, I haven't taken apart coupling rods being a diesel/electric person. Hopefully, Bachmann will reply to the email I just sent them requesting spare parts.
  12. Hi I have attached a picture of the connecting rods from Class J11 BR Black Late Crest 31-320DC. The model is not mine and I am repairing it. Are the coupling rods supposed to look like this or has someone forced them out of shape or indeed broken them? Thanks in advance
  13. Thanks for the ideas! I have ordered two MBRmodel Bartosz i Maciej Radke Sp.j. firs, being quite a bit less expensive than those Model Scene. Regards!
  14. Sorry, looking for commercial options due to time constraints.
  15. Hi, I'm looking for advice on the best Scots Pine available commercially. A picture of the prototype is shown below; the location is Laxfield, Suffolk. And I might be wrong on the species as well. Many thanks
  16. Hi, having looked at the prices for hand held digital controllers cold you outline what is required to employ a 'tablet' and 'sprog'. Or a PC and a sprog. Are these all you require? Cheers
  17. Many thanks - that saves me some time. I did buy it a while ago - I noticed one on eBay recently though..... I have had a look at the NCE starter and at least it looks well built, solid, - which I must say some other offerings do not.
  18. I have a Lenz Compact (Digital Plus) controller. I cannot seem to interrogate any chip sensibly. The latest chip is Bachmann six pin. I press +/- then set to PRO. Then F0, then select the register; for example R5 which corresponds to CV29. I then cannot seem to read any values - all I get is ERR2. I cannot seem to set any bits. I have the manual but this does not seem to help. For example the speed notches facility seems to be absent. I have managed to set the loco address R1 though. Is the LENZ Compact just too old?
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