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  1. I have worked as a fitter on the NR 73/9 plus help making them as well. The design team need to see them as individual locos because they are not identical! They are a brilliant concept. The GBRF/BRUSH are very different to the (RVEL)Loram/NR 73/9. The bogies are the same but from there that’s it. One of the NR 73/9 there is 28 tubs of filler to get the body side flat and smooth! That on one side! It might be better to scan the two locos.
  2. I’m looking forward for this wagon, I’m sure KR Model will get it right. Hopefully to buy a pack of 9! Just an idea, could you produce a add on pack to fit the extra equipment to the 9F? Also do these block trains have a dedicated Brake vans to accommodate the air pipe?
  3. I worked on this coach from time to time from September 2005 until January 2018. After her overhaul she was fitted with standard 27 way Multiple working (Blue Star) all of the EP Braking was remove and the 36 way (Southern region multiple working also removed, as long there is a locomotive is fitted with blue star multiple working it will work with Caroline. As for the 47s they have green circle multi working but can be easily converted with a blue star/green circle jumper. The locomotive must have ETH/ETS to provide axillary power which converted by an MG. So 31/4, 33 & 33/1 33/2 37/4, 47
  4. rorz101uk

    Peco OHLE

    Can anyone advise me why this is happening with my Class 71 and why is my class 85 Pantograph Isn’t angled correctly?
  5. So tonight I’ve been busy fitting the OLE on my layout here are a few pictures There are a few issues the Class 85 pantograph doesn’t sit right on the OLE My Class 71 pantograph doesn’t run true because the OHL Catches the support wires! any help out there?
  6. Just few picture to up date guys hope you like!
  7. Just paid 50% of the model but doesn’t tell me when I need to pay for the rest, also will I still be in the prize draw?
  8. From 2005 to 2018 I used to be a fitter at the RTC Yard, Many times I’ve worked on this saloon either working on it doing exams or Mods As fitters we would try maintain this vehicle to a high standard as it was a bit of a pride of the fleet. I will be getting one on these models. I would have like it to have been BR green with the original front end cabs But I will be getting the modified cab end with BR green. Cant wait!
  9. Has anyone done a step by step in how to produce this model?
  10. Tuesday manage to have a go at static grass! Need a have a bit more practice!
  11. Would love one in OO gauge, don’t think Hornby would ever re-release there shark to 1950/60s era L! Would sell like hot cakes!
  12. Would Rails been doing another re run of the 1948 livery Dynamometer Car? Missed my chance!!
  13. Funds are in short supply at the mo! 97301 is rarely used on the ERTMS runs as the Hitachi components have not been passed off!
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