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  1. 18 was frequently used on the Lambourn branch. There is at least one photo of it on the branch hauling an auto-trailer and a clerestory brake.
  2. In a number of ways, it's a simplified version of Swanage
  3. I know an "antique" furniture dealer who appears to spend most of his time french polishing turds
  4. It is, but Ian Allan have been withdrawing from the railway publishing/book distribution/retail sector since selling the publishing arm to Crecy not long after Ian Allan's death. I reckon the Waterloo store will go in due course, although they might own the freehold there. Ian Allan, as a company, no longer have any investment in, or interest in, anything railway related except for the two shops and the Great Cockcrow Railway.
  5. It is reference number 5938 in Ottley's Bibliography of British Railway History, which gives the publication date as circa 1903. Contents described as "fifty three drawings reprinted from the Locomotive Magazine, 1901-3, with marginal lists".
  6. I'm sorry I can't offer any advice, but having previously looked at the Dart Castings bits and pieces, I wonder if they might be the sort of thing that would lend themselves to 3D printing.
  7. It was also quite a late repaint into BR blue as it received its TOPS number while in green
  8. He has been used as the basis for a Booker prize shortlisted novel, "The Underground Man" by Mick Jackson (Faber, 1997, isbn 0571236294)
  9. Yes, December 59 certainly makes sense in terms of the WR take over in 1958, and it's good to be able to identify the loco involved. I still can't remember where I read about it though.
  10. I'm not sure you're wrong. I've read about trialling a 56xx (which was very much a one-off event, if I remember correctly) but I'm sure I've not seen any photographic evidence.
  11. I agree, but arguably the more, the most important point is that "we" tend to believe that, whatever the calendar date, it couldn't, or can't happen "here". If so, then more fool us.
  12. In Kevin McCormack's "The Western Around London" (Ian Allan, isbn 0711030278), there's a photo of a Toad at Chinnor in 1961 on a pick up freight. The van appears to be marked "Princes Risborough RU" and the loco is a 16xx,1638. It wasn't the image I was looking for in response to the OP, which was one of a 61xx on a freight with a Toad somewhere on the main line, possibly at Taplow, in 1963/64. I'll keep looking.
  13. From the Warwickshire Railways web site: https://www.warwickshirerailways.com/gwr/gwrbsh763.htm
  14. Day 6: This secondhand loco I bought of one of your competitors isn't working. What are you going to do about it? Day 7: Hello, I called last week about the new Bachmann stuff... Day 8: Do you take Luncheon vouchers?
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