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  1. If I'm reading the tables in the GWRJ article correctly, the last 4 were 8466 & 8478, returned in Sep 47 from Severn Tunnel Junction and Oxley respectively, and 8467 (STJ) and 8477 (Old Oak Common) in October 47.
  2. The Jubilee sidings at Weymouth were a kickback, but it also had a goods yard along side the station. Situation there complicated by the junctions for the Quay and Portland branches.
  3. But nothing else, including the foreground, background and middle distance, is remotely similar. Apart from the sea to the left.
  4. 60s Hydraulic Maroon, with "Western Reject" nameplates
  5. As Tom Lehrer said when Henry Kissenger was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize while the Vietnam War was still in progress, "Satire is dead".
  6. Don't know about Cambridge, but there's this... http://simonknott.co.uk/ipswichunderground.htm
  7. The 517s had a slightly greater route availability (uncoloured, mostly) than the Metro tanks (yellow). That might have made some difference if replacing like for like. . Yes, the first 60 or so were built with saddle tanks
  8. These days I think Georgemas Junction works like this for Wick and Thurso. A much larger example is Fort William, with the Mallaig extension forming a trailing junction with the line from Glasgow.
  9. Toller station building in fact dates from 1905 and was built by the GWR a couple of years after they acquired the line. Colours would probably have been a combination of GWR light and dark 'stone' shades. I don't think it ever got repainted by BR.
  10. Given your locational possibilities, why not go for a William Clarke design? I can't link to suitable references right now, but Dymock, Knighton, West Bay, Gara Bridge (?), Abbotsbury would all be good
  11. 1. I appreciate what you're saying, but you've not actually addressed the point I raised. To reverse your anecdote, if the Hornby Peckett hadn't been as good as it was, and had therefore not sold as well, it could still have potentially made more profit that it actually did if the reason for it not being as good a model was the reduced costs involved. This sort of thing gives rise to circular reasoning either pro or anti if no one actually has a grasp of the actual figures involved. Let's face it, we're assuming that Hornby are making a profit on the Peckett... As a similarly anecdotal response (because I can't verify all the facts), I'll offer you the example of New Order's 12" Single release of 'Blue Monday'. At the time, and quite possibly still, the biggest selling 12" vinyl single in UK recording history. Because it was apparently issued to promote the album it came from and wasn't going to be made available in a 7" edit, Tony Wilson (head of Factory Records) pushed the boat out on a complicated and/or expensive picture sleeve. I do not know the exact details, but when all the costs were calculated, Factory Records made a loss on each copy sold. Like with most things, there's probably more to this than a simple anecdote can cover, but it certainly offers an example of where selling more does not necessarily increase profit. There is apparently a similar story attached to the selling of the distribution rights of the file "My Big Fat Greek Wedding". 2. You've not actually 'shown your workings' here. My highlights show the possible irony of inexactitude in a discussion about improving modelling standards. 3. I think @Chris M 's response above is better and more relevant than anything I could offer. But it seems to me that what you are essentially arguing is that if we throw enough time and money and expertise at the issue of pre-production errors in RTR models, we can eliminate the errors, sell/buy more models, and create a virtuous circle where the increasing profitability of each model feeds back in more space/time/money/skill to develop the next model. What people with some degree of personal understanding of one or other area of the whole process of bringing a product to market appear to be saying is that it's not quite as simple as that.
  12. Is the, er, baby Deltic going to be a Racehorse or a Regiment? Shetland Pony or King's Own Light Midget Infantry?
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