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  1. I'm doing one of those that way... slowly! The dimensions work out quite close, though in the spirit of the trains it will run with I won't be flush glazing or anything fancy like that. The toplights still need reshaping.
  2. A Roman five. Perhaps whoever was responsible for that was a keen Latin scholar!
  3. The Class 59 design would have been built here as a joint venture with GEC so they would have still been British built (much like the Hitachi 800 family). The trouble was the Class 59 didn't fit the Railfreight specification that had been produced on the basis of what the Class 59 could do. Brush's submission did.
  4. I think they did use an off-white elastic band (I used to have one, lost in the move).
  5. Back in the mid '70s I did one for a friend from a Triang-Hornby Mk.2 BFK, I'd guess around 1973/4 as the Airfix air-cons were a few years later.
  6. The low sided wagon was also sold with a Dublo Dinky tractor.
  7. I've done something similar to Jo, but used slips of writing paper to insulate the connection to the lights, the advantage being it's completely reversible should I ever sell the model on.
  8. Or perhaps a wide-body Reliant Kitten in TT scale
  9. Build a shopping Centre next to the station, or a multi-story car park, perhaps?
  10. I agree - there's an odd recessed section about 1mm high that seems to serve no purpose and could be removed without affecting any pre-applied livery too. Further work would be needed of course: the end will need a similar height removed and I think the side glazing is part of the roof, so that will need removing from the roof and fixing separately.
  11. Interesting that the photo of the Sheffield 'Roberts' tram is nearly as old as the tramcar was when it was photographed!
  12. Now that gives me a thought - dig two small canals each side of the rails and have a paddle-steamer loco. Now that IS quirky!
  13. That's not a miniMetro, more a maxiMetro!
  14. Yes and the Green Line one should have the twin headlghts too which the Country version wouldn't have needed. Oxford Catalogue online (but perhaps not quite up to date?)
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