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  1. All sections are now basically filled. As/when/if I fill the missing gaps in my collection I will update the pictures.
  2. Yes, those are from the Husky set 1574 'Public officers', I don't have all of that set but I do have the two on the right plus the WPC and traffic warden. From the picture I've seen of an unopened set (they came in a bubble pack) the lollipop man is rather larger than the others. The range will come under the 'Miscellaneous' heading, though only two of the sets will be featured as all the figures in the other two are obviously much too large.
  3. Thanks Malcolm. I have a few issues of that mag somewhere, but by no means all, so I would be interested, here though I'm only intending to cover the possible Master Models/Slater's/Merit connection where some figures appear to be practically identical. In that respect, but on the plastic side only, does anyone know why the Merit 'flatties' (5056 - 5082) are the same as some of the Slater's figures? Was it one copying or did one supply the other? Or did they both independently copy the metal figures? The 'flatties' from 5056 - 5059 are now available as an unpainted set from Modelscene (Peco) ref:5200 but the runner is straight, while Slater's (with mostly the same figures) are still round, so for those available now the injection tools must be different.
  4. I set the titles up for each section so they didn't get separated. There are still more pictures to come though. I'm hoping to add a fair number for Subbuteo over the next couple of days. I need to find out more about Slater's; a more definite start date would be useful. I know they were originally painted and boxed but whether they were also abvailable unpainted originally I don't know. I'm hoping a dig through some old magazines and catalogues might help, but that is for later. The policeman does not look like a Slater's figure. The lady in mustard, the gent in red/brown and the postman are the shared with Merit, but the porter and shepherd could only be Merit.
  5. Our Victorian terrace in London had 13 steps in the main staircase, but then that landing was just for the back bedroom and bathroom. There were another three steps up to the other bedrooms. Meanwhile downstairs, the back room was one step down and the kitchen/scullery another step down from that, so 18 steps from the lowest to highest, but never more than 13 in one go.
  6. Basically, as well as the material change, the later ones had all the panel beating skill and compound curves taken out, becoming much simpler fabrication jobs. The other obvious difference is the protruding horn covers.
  7. Yes. There seem to be four generations of their figures: the 'flatties'; the more full figured but a bit basic; the more naturalistic, with creased clothing; the lost generation with integral bases.
  8. Yes, I have and was going to add links to that for the most useful 'civilan' sets.
  9. Yes, that's the main problem, there's so little been published on them either in print or online. I've saved some pictures from ebay. Obviously can't use them, but they may be a useful reference assuming the figures were actually the ones that should have been in the boxes! The name on the box is actually West's Model Railway Accessories, not Graham Farish. The hope is that by looking at specific items known from sources such as 'Narrow Gauge Adventure' and 'likely' boxed figures it might be possible to see a family resemblance in unknown figures.
  10. Yes, some of the Master Models, but not the whole range of either Merit or Master Models are identical. Unfortunately I don't have a really comprehensive collection of metal figures, but I could possibly have something to contribute to such a thread if someone starts one. I'd agree the Subbuteo supporter figures are a little on the large size, though I have had some sucess cutting them down. Being styrene they're quite god for this. The other possibilty is to use the well detailed head and hands (Igor! Where are you?). Most of their other figures are a more reasonable height.
  11. There does seem to be some kind of connection between the Slater's Huminiatures, early Merit (5056 to 5082) and even earlier diecast figures, but I don't believe Merit ever sold metal figures. If I can find examples I will show these, probably in the Slater's Huminiatures section. I believe you're right that there was a link to Waddingtons for at least the later Hornby Dublo plastic figures. Once the basic photography is done I'll explore that further in the Hornby Dublo section.
  12. Miscellaneous. H R Production Two sets of farm figures and animals, made around maybe mid to late 1950s by Harry Reynolds. Set no.1 - Farm hand and Milk maid Set no.2 - Farmer and Farner's wife (Don't have these, but there's a very good entry at Small Scale World. Husky. Four sets were made but the figures in two of them (1572 Public works employees, a.k.a. road diggers, and 1573 Garage Personnel) were very much over 4mm scale (perhaps suited for S scale or even 1:55?). They were introduced in about 1967 or '68 but discontinued when Husky was rebranded Corgi Junior in 1970. The two sets with more suitably sized figures were: 1571 - Pedestrians All these figures are rather 'lanky' (apart from one other not shown who was the tallest in the set, but of average build, so definitely unsuitable for 4mm scale). Heights of the adults L to R are 26mm, 27mm, 24.5mm, 25.5mm. 1574 - Public officers Ironically the police figures are shorter, though all definitely met the police height requirement of the day. I don't have the car park attendant or lollipop man though the latter is another in the 'too big' category from what I've seen. Heights L to R are: 25mm, 24mm, 23.5mm and 23mm. From the picture posted later in this thread, I would estimate the height of the car park attendant between 23 to 24mm. Heights noted are excluding base.
  13. Airfix (excluding Military). Figures supplied with Trackside series No.20 Scammel Scarab (1963) 03625-2 - Platform figures (1978) 03628-1 - Railway workmen (1980) Both these sets were copied by Dapol, but their versions are not quite the same as the originals. The most obvious difference is the base, but when placed side by side other small differences show too. Apologies for the guy in the bowler hat; that's the Dapol version as I don't have the Airfix one yet. Links to pictures of other useful Airfix figure sets: Guards band Guards colour party Civilians Wagon Train (19th Century dress)
  14. Subbuteo, part 2. C110 - TV tower figures C156 - TV film unit C159 - Police squad C184 - First aid Cricket The cricket figures were introduced between 1966 and 1969 and remained in production until 1983. TC-A - Fielding side set There were three different fielders, the others crouching to different degrees. TC-B - Two batsmen Two versions, one with bat up, one with bat down TC-I - Two umpires Both the same pattern TC-M - Scale bowler TC-P - Two groundsmen with roller Two identical groundsmen pulling roller TC-Q - Spectators Two patterns, in deckchairs, one asleep, the other sitting up. Unfortunately my original reference set was lost when I moved so there I am missing two types of fielders from TC-A and both batsmen TC-B. For those wishing to explore the everything Subbuteo take a look at Peter Upton's comprehensive website.
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