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  1. Hmm. Well, when the Ivatt was made the HD Castle would have only been about 20 years old.
  2. First introduced in 1980 to go with their LBSCR E2. Still listed by Hornby.
  3. On my old Tri-ang train set I used to have the knob face the direction the train would be going on the far side of the layout for each of the two tracks.
  4. Or that could be a 17/something. If the power rating hasn't significantly altered it could just be regarded as a sub-class, much like when they fitted new engines into a few Class 37s to create the 37/9s.
  5. Yes, though those were not being used generically. They used Mk.1s as substitute Stanier, Bullied and Collett/Hawksworth stock rather than as Mk.1s.
  6. 1970 - Mk.1s in LMS, GWR and SR liveries and Thompson sides in a Mk.1 shell*, plus GWR clerestories. Later the old Caledonian coaches (again based on a Mk.1 shell) were added in LMS, GWR and SR liveries (replacing the Mk.1s for GWR & SR) and the clerestories in LNER 'teak'. The new '57 ft' range replaced this hotch-potch in 1977. *In this case meaning underframe/ends, bogies and roof.
  7. That's a shame. The tender is darned useful in its own right.
  8. Good point. Given the Class 29 was a rebuild of the 21, maybe the Paxman 29 would never have happened and this alternative rebuild would be the Class 29. The next lowest unused number would be 32.
  9. Yes. There were two HB Vivas used in the series, but that one was the main one, a 2-door deluxe in Peacock Blue. The other was a 4-door deluxe in Pacific Blue (my notes say) but I don't have a reg. for that one, though I do have a suitable 4-door body shell.
  10. Is that ALF 132 H then? (reflective plates on Bob's 2 door Viva).
  11. You sometimes need to be wary as Cararama models weren't uniformly 1:72, but that particular one actually is 1:72.
  12. JB Models (not BW Models whose kits white metal, I believe). I used to have one, unfortunately don't any more so I can't confirm the scale. Now in the Airfix range. Wheelbase should be a scale 109", of course, or 36⅓mm in 4mm scale, but would be 38.45mm if 1:72.
  13. I concur with that. Both owe a lot in terms of proportion to Gresley's A1, but the loco in question does have a more 'Southern' rather than 'Great Northern' vibe to it with the possible exception of the cab windows that almost look 'North Eastern' with their noticably arched tops.
  14. While some people are quick at building things, there doesn't seem to be very much time there for copying (and modifying on the way) what would be a brand new design, however the Greenly conection does offer the likely reason; a case of parallel development rather than copying.
  15. Given the Pacific is shown on film in 1926 and the RH&DR didn't open until 1927, that doesn't seem likely. I'd say it looks rather like a larger boilered, Pacific variant of a 'King Arthur'.
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