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  1. The Western was not 4mm scale; I know I had one of the body shells and rebuilt it into a working (and more realistic) model. It was definitely 1:80 scale.
  2. Like many forms they had some standard underframes. The plastic wagons that had been introduced around 1960 originally had metal underframes, later replaced with plastic ones. Most were 17' 6" at 1:80 scale, but this is more or less the same as 16' 6" in 4mm scale so the 16t Mineral and Pig Iron wagons were as near to 4mm scale as makes no difference.
  3. Though being Trix they would have probably been in either 1:80 or 1:76 by then (like their Flying Scotsman and A4 models).
  4. There were usually several ex-Brigthon Belle cars in the formation too.
  5. Are any of them new build? Are any of them on 'normal' routes? Their forerunner, VSOE ran while the railways were nationalised anyway. Belmond, not Belmont, incidentally.
  6. Doesn't look like it. I don't see today's pivate franchises falling over themselves to provide anything special.
  7. There were other electric Pullman cars on the Southern, one in each of the 6-PUL units.
  8. The wheels would suggest that it might be by Midget Models. The wheels on both the Langley and W&T versions do not have the hole in the middle of the hub.
  9. The TT version quite cleverly had flush glazing on the front windows, I believe.
  10. Apart from the gloss finish (and a more emerald green) one way of telling the '70s green models from the '60s green ones is the missing step (leading up to the recess in the roof) behind the cab door on one side. This was filled in when they made the blue version so the number could be put in the correct place for early BR blue livery.
  11. They did that one in 1:160 scale too. Being plastic it shouldn't be too hard to put a new door on the correct side and fill the other (perhaps modifying in part to a small window?). Caravans came in all kinds of sizes. As long as it is tall enough to actually stand in it could work. If not then maybe convert it into a 'pop-up' type in collasped form.
  12. Is it in plastic? If so it is an old Wiking model.
  13. A more or less front-on view here. It pretty much comes to an angle right under the top lamp bracket.
  14. From memory, the chassis block had two positions for one of the axles giving 8' 6" or 10' options.
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