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  1. Yes. Basically a slightly shortened AL2 bogie but with the bracket (body mounted on the prototype) shaped like an AL1. AL2-4 actually had a bogie wheelbase of 10 foot, so were shorter than AL1 & AL5 (and later) bogies. The Tri-ang bogie wheelbase was 37mm, or 9' 3", 3mm short of scale.
  2. The protoype HST was in one of the Corporate schemes, that used for Pullmans with the colours reversed. APT was a variation on that with unpainted metal substituting for the grey, but Rail Blue used in near Pullman style. There was a move away from the original schemes by the late '70s (e.g. Large Logo blue) and the APT-P effectively previewed what was to become 1983's Inter-City colours in 1977/8.
  3. There are four different 'generations' of Pullman used on the train: Older K type, originally wood framed bodies on steel underframes, wood since replaced with steel. 1928 all-steel K types 1932 ex-Brighton Belle 1951 Golden Arrow type, again originally wood framed, now rebuilt in steel. plus various support vehicles, mostly from BR Mk.1s. None of the Pullmans look as they did as built: trusses added, bogies changed, rectangular toilet windows replaced; every type is slightly different now.
  4. Or the corrugations in the corrugated iron roof, perhaps.
  5. Same bogies on the O&K open wagons too.
  6. Just checked the date I photographed it: 13th August 1978, at York. It was pretty fresh then. Additional: I photographed two different wagons in two different liveries, both liveries shown here (1st line 3rd photo, 2nd line middle photo).
  7. Yes, because of the never released model I mentioned earlier. Shown as an artist's illustration in the 1964 catalogue, but as a pre-production mock-up, photographed for the 1965 catalogue. Obviously they must have already started on the bogie tooling.
  8. The castle symbol was used on Ribble Cement wagons in the late 1970s.
  9. Just a normal Mk.1 BG on B4 bogies.
  10. Their 1967/8 Catalogue features the Brush type 4 and also lists Mk.2 Pullman coaches, all three types. Odd that Nos.1906 and 1907 appear to be the same type; perhaps they were intending to model the SO as well as the TSO. More likely one of the pictures should have been a brake coach.
  11. These were made and are available, including in versions freelance colours and a matching, though non-prototypical, brake verion.
  12. Just economics - 38 Princess Coronations built, only 12 Princess Royals. They must be working their way towards somebody's 'to do' list by now though, I'd have thought.
  13. Those were probably the old Liliput (also sold as Trix) AL1 bodies. They sold quite a few Trix Trans-Pennine bits too aroud that time.
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