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  1. At least it’s pale blue and not the yellow stuff I was warned about eating Rich
  2. You’ve got that just right, maybe should have mentioned frequent services to London ? but that’s for the marketing department to worry about. For patterns and typical accessories around the station I’ve found the book “Southern Nouveau “ an invaluable scource for reference. Keep up the good work. Rich
  3. Thank you Jonnie for such an inspirational thread. You have managed all this in the time I have sat and procrastinated over my own half finished layout. I’m ashamed. I do hope we will soon be out of this dreadful situation, and as a supporter of TWERPS. I hope you will soon be back and assisting in the running of the Spa Valley Railway. Rich.
  4. How tall is that kid in the green jumper! Smashing picture though, all those little details you can clutter round a box. I especially like the gable ended models, they can be used on other railway lines to the West Country too. Rich
  5. If you’re not too worried about the mechanics, have it in that space at the “throat” . That way you can have a pathway down from the end of the platform, his bike against the back wall, no need for a privy, etc. Hows your weather looking? they’re talking about 41 in Adelaide Sunday. I’m not jealous. Rich
  6. When you started on about a corner shop doorway at five minutes to midnight , then mentioned an election, I wondered which way the story was going! Rich.
  7. I agree with Tony, the signalman (person) would have an unobstructed view, and you won’t have a nightmare working out the point rodding. Ask me how I know. Rich
  8. It’s yer warm climate, mate. You take the spirit level out of the freezer in the morning and by ten o’clock it’s telling you things you don’t want to know! Rich
  9. You’re right about fun building and weathering Walrii (?) when you look at period photos it’s fun putting all the patches and strengthening plates on they seemed to accumulate. Is that a Falcon Works Shark lurking in the background? They’re fun too, all those little brackets along the sole bar! Rich
  10. I used a set of Mousa sides on an Airfix GW coach, but ended up cutting so much away to get it in “ gauge “ it was virtually a rebuild. Dave at Roxey does Southern bogies but not sure about Ironclads. As long as you get the face and roof right you’re nearly there, although your coach still has the lookouts? Rich.
  11. Mr Duck So pleased to hear you’re doing okay, can’t understand why your bowels should need a companion though. I’ve got a copy of Mike King’s bible on pull-push, can’t let go of it as they are scarce,as you say, but I’m quite willing to do any research for you. Is it the Exmouth Junction sets you’re interested in? Stay safe, Rich
  12. More of a “poof” , but it doesn’t make it a bad person. S.M.Okey
  13. I’m sure followers would be interested in your successful conversion, there’s still lots of uncertainty about such a fairly simple job. I am in envy of the point rodding in this picture! Rich
  14. I think hedonism and growing old disgracefully are the way forward. ( don’t tell my owner and trainer!) Rich
  15. Join the roast of us, growing old disgracefully. Hedonism is the way forward. Rich
  16. Help me out here, people. i was going to quote a little rhyme about decoders: “Red and Black goes to the track, Orange and Grey goes the other way” I’m thinking it’s a mnemonic but I’m sure that’s not the correct word. It’s just one of those aids to the memory like always remembering every line of your times tables because you learnt them by rote, back in the day. Rich
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